you’re just a freak… like me!


na na na nana na *cue wicked witch of the west song*

batgirl, joker, scarecrow

jake kept complaining that there were a bunch of costumes like his. ummm… hello. you’re a clone.

we hit disneyland a day before to get in the spirit. kitty want’s some candy.

alyssa came with us for some halloween fun. we love you alyssaaaaaa

hurrryyy baaaaack. hurrryyyyy baaaaaack.



we had fun biking with knives and taking candy from strangers. hope you did too!


I’m going to have nightmares tonight, I just know it! How good were those costumes???? Amazing, really amazing. I’m so jealous of you guys going to Disneyland when ever you like, I must go when I come over :)

I’m officially freaked out! :)


Awesome costumes, and awesome shots!
Holy smokes, I might have pooped my pants if you guys showed up at my house like that. Creeeeeepy….yet totally rad.

I freakin LOVE your family! For real. Great costumes. P.S. Your daughters…wowza…growin up, drop dead gorgeous!! :)

wow! i wasn’t prepared as i ventured into your blog tonight — fanfriggintabulousness!!!!!! my goodness. i don’t even know where to start. ridiculously amazing costumes, make-up, all-in-all FAMILY! you guys rock like it’s going out of style. ;)

Man you guys look SPOOKY-fantastic! I’m a freak with scary movies…so I’d run the other way if I saw Michael. Guess that’s why my husband liked to take me to thrillers when we were dating. I’d cling to him like there’s no tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love C+L’s photography, now I’m a fan of yours! Your work is…WOW! Something to aspire to! Aloha!

SCARY!!! :) These are awesome! Looks like you’re family had a great time together!

You guys must seriously be the funnest photography family ever! Awesome costumes!!

These are frickin’ awesome!! Love the costumes!

Great costumes! Next year, I’m painting my face all scary!!! :)

jake and his cloned outfit, too freakin funny and your girls are a blast.

these are awesome and i cracked up at the commentary along with each photo.

that last picture of the giant candy corn? a man designed that thing.

Sccccaaaaary! Love the costumes! Glad you had a fun Halloween! Halloween at Disneyland looks like so much fun!

OMG…I would have screamed at you guys if you were the trick or treaters in my neighborhood!!! Super scary….perfect costumes..:)

I have seen a TON of Halloween photos recently and yours take the cake! Those are awesome costumes!

The picture of Rain is super scary and awesome at the same time!!!

Your kid kinda freaked me out!

Oh My Gosh.. those are some seriously freaky scary costumes.. my kids arent into scary deranged..quite yet.. these are awesome photos.

Vewy, vewy scary Halloween pics. Love’em! I always love all the pics you take at Disneyland.

wow!! you guys rocked the halloween costumes! i cracked up with the “hello. you’re a clone” comment. #3 is a favorite.

These are freakin’ great! Michael on the bike — pure genius! :) I’m trick-or-treatin’ in your hood next year!

oh my gosh, a 20 foot candy corn?! that is the most glorious thing i've ever seen

i <3 your family too :)

hahaha! i love the halloween costumes! lol

1, 2, and 3… whoa, whoa, WHOA!! awesome costumes!!!!

WOW!!!! These are totally awesome. The Michael Meyer’s with the texture gave me chills! I guess that’s what happens when you watch that movie and you are way too young! :)

Wow, these are frighteningly good. Those were some extreme Halloween costumes, and now I am ubber jealous.

Those are some awesome costumes!! And great halloweeny processing on them all!!

Joker, Batman, Giant Mickey Pumpkin, Candy Corn, and a quote from the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror. Best post ever! //enoch

Best costumes ever!!!

I am Rain and all your comments are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you joker fans! I love you Alyssa buddy!

I love you too Rain!! :) (Oh and I guess the rest of you guys aren’t so bad either ;) )

Oh my gosh… You guys look so scary!

man!! LOVE the joker nurse… seriously… that was my favorite part of the movie! i tried to get my hubby to do it for halloween, but he insisted on being a box of wheaties… :)

I seriously cannot get over how scary the joker costume is! Amazing costume, amazing pictures. You guys are officially on my daily reading list :)

WOW! Your costumes were so realistic, they scared me! You guys seem to have a lot of fun, I want to be adopted! :)

WOW those costumes are awesome…and SCARY! i love that photo of … Michael Myers?? on the bike? I am not a scary movie person, I’m chicken I know =) But that’s creepy! Can we be part of your family too? Awesome shots1!!!

wow..seems like u guys had a blast…cant wait to see more pictures for next year…

I am VERY impressed with your costumes! I confess that my creativity is stunted when trying to come up with Halloween costumes :)

You guys REALLY know how to party! Love the costumes of course but it is your awesome photography that brings them to LIFE!

Scary! Dang. I’m glad I didn’t encounter you guys that night…would’ve peed my pants for sure!

We were totally there (Disney Halloween) on the 28th! I love that you guys go all-out!!!

Love the costumes! You guys look great. :) We just got back from Disneyland! Had the best time ever! Looks like you guys did too.

holy cow.. BATGIRL… those are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet and spookey…

Why can’t you fly bitches just adopt me, love me, teach me all you know and let me burrow my butt into your sweet little family?

You guys rock your photos, rock your time, and rock my world as I watch it all unfold. Waaa! Keep it groovy and real!

these are awesome! what cool places to hang out at! Love the giant pumpkins. But come on…that Michael Myers on the bike is creeeeeepy :)

You guys crack me up…You are sooooo FUNNY!!!! You must be the “coolest parents” around your neighborhood.

I love your family, and hope to meet them all in January :)

These are killer!! Love them.

Wow!! I love those costumes….especially Rains!

How fun, Your killing me over here….I miss CA!

Those are the most amazing costume’s I have ever seen! Why so serious?