Yesenia and Jose at Californias First Church

what i am about to say may label me as a nerd, but mocking be darned, i love learning about history. i also love photography. when the two get to mingle in my viewfinder david is a happy camper. yesenia and jose chose to get married in california’s first church, Mission Basilica San Diego De Alcala. if you have never been there, go. even if you don’t get married there, it is a beautiful place to see and learn about. as you scroll through these images try to imagine you are in old california, circa 1769. get lost in time. never mind the rolls royce, just pretend it’s a horse and carriage.
here is yesenia and jose’s chapter in the book of california history.

can you hear the bells ringing through the san diego river valley? they call out to family and friends to come join together and witness this most blessed union.

jose has gathered his closest compadres…

the youngest of which shall bear a ring for jose’s beautiful bride.

carved by hand and assembled with care, these doors, like yesenia and jose’s love, will protect them from any storm that may come and will stand the test of time.

please take your seats friends. the brides maids are entering.

yesenia entered on a ray of sunlight.

and the two shall be as one.
(how funny would it have been if they yelled out “wonder twin powers activate!” as they lit the unity candle? just a thought.)

being in this church was so humbling. it was neat thinking of how many couples have been married here through time. this church has been witness to so much history. sorry, i geeked out for a minute there.

yesenia and jose could not have picked a better day to get married. it was a perfect san diego day…

for a perfect couple.

a quick toast and off they went to the reception.

with the guests distracted, we tip toed away to get a few more shots at the reception site, the Rancho Bernardo Courtyard.

yesenia looked too bonita to pass up a closeup.

a little dancing. a little night life.

muchas gracias yesenia and jose. sharing this day with you was an incredible experience for me. i can not thank you enough. congratulations to you both. may you share a lifetime of blessings together.


Beautiful images! I actually just moved 3 weeks ago and now I live right across the street from the mission. I have yet to check it out but it’s on my list of places to explore.

These are so beautiful :) You captured the Mission so well. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!

wow…just wow. these are absolutely gorgeous! how is it possible that your work just keeps getting better?

Awesome Possum! You rocked it hard on this. PP’s so fitting. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a happy week!

I am still rolling over the comment wonder twin powers activate! That’s why I keep coming back. You crack me up when you remember all those lines. I used to love that show. The pictures are amazing as always. What a beautiful bride and the Mission is incredible. Have a blessed day!

What a great day-this place looks amazing. Beautiful job!

What a gorgeous couple. I love all your detail shots of this event. I remember going to church here every Easter. I loved it when the bells would ring. They bring you back in time. I love the shot of them with the bells in the background.

I am so diggin the new blog and these photos! Boy you are just rockin it!

Love all the pictures in front of the concrete wall. They are a beautiful couple. I always love how different your pictures are of each event!

ahahahaha I’m laughing so hard at that wonder twins comment. Hey I’m still not married…maybe when I do get married I’ll yell that! hah!

Oh btw, amazing job as usual! ;)

Awesome job! I love all the Spanish words you threw into the mix :p

What a beautiful, young couple. The mission was a perfect wedding spot…love the historical and romantic feel. Muy Bueno, indeed.

And now you’re poetic too!? There’s no stopping you! : )

Awesome stuff as usual and a very entertaining story.

All I can say is WOW!! Great job!

What a gorgeous location. You did an amazing job capturing it… I especially love the shot of the bride entering the church… so beautiful! Way to rock this wedding!

I’ve shot at the Mission a couple of times and it’s absolutely gorgeous! You did a rockin’ job capturing the details of the surroundings. I even had the pleasure of being IN a wedding there back in April of this year.

Nice work as always, DB.

Oh wow…stunning images! Your work just gets better and better. Love the bell, the shoes, the details…great exposure and razor sharp subjects. David, you rock!

WOW! My Mom takes my daughter to church there every Saturday and I have to admit that I have lived here all my life and have only been there a few times. I definitely see where my next session will be! Congratulations on the amazing job! and as always…the writing is fabulous!!

Wonder twin powers activate?!? Bwahahahaha…hilarious!!! On a more serious note, these images are money! Awesome portraits and details :)

thanks A LOT everyone!! it means a lot coming from all you super talented photographers! the mission is incredible.

I stumbled upon your blog from a post and after seeing Yesenia and Jose’s wedding I’m going cover my camera in wax, stick a wick in it, light it and call it a candle.

I’ve always had a passion for Spanish art but you have actually moved me. Your image of the Bride and Father walking to Jose is stunning, so many shooters are afraid to use slow shutter because they think it makes them look amature, but fashion shooters have been doing it for a 100 years.

and the image of Christ on wall at the church and you can see the bumps of plaster, just WOW!

btw… I’ve never seen a blogspot blog with such big pictures that also loads fast, how do you do that?


I think Wayne and Garth said it best:
“we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!!!”
(image of jeremy and ashley bowing down to the baxter superpowers.)

Man your work rocks dude! Great shots here.
All of them are my favorites

donna~ the mission is incredible. so much history. my wife went to that church every Easter and on special sunday masses. brought back a lot of great memories for her as a kid.

ran~ that is such an awesome thing for you to say. i’m blown away by your comment. thank you. as far as the blog goes,i’m not sure why it loads fast. rudy is the master behind my blog.

ashley & jeremy ~ you guys always leave the funniest and undeserved comments! thank you!

ricki~ thanks man, ditto to you!

What an awesome job you did!!! These images are beautiful! Love the new blog, btw!

Love the new blog guys!!! Your created images are always stunning and this last wedding doesn’t disappoint!!! So how do you do it…raising the bar on each and every shoot? Slow down and let me catch up will ya?!

You guys need to start a fan club or something so that I can be first in line!! ;-)

Absolutely stunning! I especially love the bell image….gorgeous!

WOW! I love the detail shots…and the inside of the Church…AMAZING! You guys did an AWESOME job capturing the Mission. Just beautiful.

Oh my! These remind me so much of my trip to Mexico (that you ever so lovingly commented on – thanks)… beautiful!

These were incredible.

OH MY GOSH. When I looked closer at the courtyard, it looked familiar…. and then I read that it was at the Rancho Bernardo????
That’s where Aaron and I stayed for our honeymoon!! There was a wedding reception there one night too… it was a gorgeous place to have a reception! I wish we could have outdoor receptions in MN! You guys don’t even know how lucky you are not to have mosquitoes!! Our first night there, we had dinner at the Rancho Bernardo outdoor restuarant. I said, “…Did you realize we’re sititng out here, and there are NO BUGS????” We enjoyed every minute of that… you have no idea.

Just had to share that:)

Hey these are really great, really impressive set!