yes we can-vas!

after seeing all the beautiful canvases everyone else was getting i thought it was high time i got a couple of my own. it was trial by fire for the first one. i wanted to put my awesome canvas vendor to the test by giving them a scanned image of kim and i from our post-wedding session. my simpleton logic behind the challenge was this. if i sent a scanned image and they could make it look awesome on canvas then surely an image taken with my 5d would make for an insane looking canvas. if it all worked out, kim would be getting a sweet gift and my vendor would be getting more orders.

i was home when the first canvas arrived, stalking the UPS truck while “hungry like the wolf” played in my head. i snatched the rather large box from the all too feeble grip of the delivery man and ran back to my fortress of solitude to open my prize.

when i pulled back the layers of packing bubbles unveiling the canvasy image of my beautiful bride, i smiled a hugantic smile. kim looked just as amazing as the day we got married.

as for the canvas…

the canvas looked pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

for the 2nd one i used a newer image. a fun shot of rain and april, poster size. :)

no, it’s not a green screen. that’s our kitchen (after the great lumpia fire of 07). thanks for helping casa de ohana look a whole lot cooler roxy.



Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.
The wedding photo with the archway bleeding off the edge is heaven! It’s all heaven.


ps what company did you use. i saw a few good options in vegas.

You crack me up with your Hungry Like A Wolf song, I loved that song. Thanks for all the blog love lately. You are an inspiring photographer to me. I LOVE your work. That canvas looks #3-d in the first shot, I had to take a secong glance at it. Hot Canvas and a Hot wife, what else could you ask for??

D. That is sick! the 1st one looks almost 3D’ish. Crazy! Just adding to your arsenal of products. the one of the girls is gorgeous as well.

Kim looks sooooo beautiful!!! You have convinced me, I am definitely going to get the canvas.

Oh my goodness I LOVE that shot of you and Kimi! It’s so awesome! The other shot of April and Rain is great too! Yeah for canvases!

hey everyone! thanks for all your lovin!!

we heart our vendor roxy of pixel2canvas!!!! their customer service is crazy insane awesome, quality, and you get them at *nerd alert* wally west speed!! they are off the hook!!


These look SO good! How fun!

Hungry Like The Wolf!! BWAAHAHAA!! I love it! I love 80’s music even tho’ I was just a wee girl when it came out :)Still love it. I love to read your blog! Keep the hilarity comin! I’ve had a LOT of coffee this morning. he-he =O)

WOWWEEE!!! I Love your wife’s dress!!!! How cool is that, so saaaaxy! I’m getting me a canvas of me and my sweetie. Who did you use? Your post wedding foto totally looks 3-D.

Wow! Those are so rad! I gotta get me some of those! =) You guys looked AWESOME on your wedding day by the way! Holy Moly!!
And…your daughters are beautiful as always!

Oh, your canvases are beautiful. I’m waiting for my first from Roxanne at Pixel2Canvas…can’t wait.

I’m going to have to tell my lil bro about your lumpia fire. He also had a 2007 lumpia fire; I’m sure he’ll find comfort knowing he wasn’t the only one! LOL

Thanks for sharing!

How exciting! They look great!

Good looking people make for good looking canvases (or is it canvii?). You guys are, of course, the good looking people I am referring to.

Really, really, ridiculously good looking.


Daaaang look at you miss hottie Kim!! I guess David’s not so bad either but holy cow you are one hot mama!

Hey bro…we love our Can-vas as well. Glad yours turned out to your liking. The best part…they come ready to hang!!


I love canvases (sp??) and all of these look AWESOME… I wanted to know which vendor you go through for these =) also… great lumpia fire!? uh oh…

I just LOVE that picture of your daughters…its soooo fun!

Uh, they look so good!! I can’t believe how great they look!! Kim looks so BEAutiful!!!!That picture of April and Rain is awesome!! :)

I’m wowed by the canvas but even more so with you two! Posers! Total hotness!

That wedding dress is freaking cool! That picture of your daugters is so fun! Are those pictures painted on the canvas? Sorry if that’s a dumb question.

Check you guys out! Ya’ll totally rocked that pose!

The canvas’ look awesome! I need to order a few :)

Those canvases rock bro! Love ’em both… lumpia fire of 07? As in filipino lumpia?

sexy is officially back.

I do love me some canvas… so fun that you got a print from your own wedding but I do love the one of the daughters too!

love the photos you got for your canvases… they look cool!

Congrats. I totally dig the pillars going around the edge. Yer the man!

WOW…what a kick ass wedding photo of you guys! Definitely makes for a beautiful canvas! Love the one of the girls too. OMG…the great lumpia fire of 07…I don’t wanna laugh about the fire and all but that sounds soooo funny!!

Wow this is stunning! Love how the colums on the church fold at the corners of the canvas! Gorgeous!

Awesome! I love the images and the green wall rocks too!

It looks great! What a great wedding photo and the one of April and Rain on the green wall is insane!! It looks fantastic! I’m loving the green wall too!

Spectacular! I was considering a canvas and now I really really want one. Now. Right now.

It’s such a beautiful wedding picture! Love the green wall and pic of A & R too.

Your post was hilarious~
I love me some canvas too! Have 4 big ones hanging in the formal LR.

The wedding one is insane. Love it.
And the sisters can’t get any cuter.

WOW… Awesome David… They look amazing

I think the canvas bug has been running around since WPPI because I came home and ordered one too!! I love the choice of images you picked, I especially love the image of April and Rain. :)

I know you have got to be happy with these they rock! Love the shot of you and Kim. and the one of April and Rain is awesome.

Hey Dawg,
I read sumtin about lumpia…How do you know lumpia?!?!? =b Nice big prints man, should be getting mine by this weekend…check ya later!


I’ve also already ordered a couple canvas prints because I got too excited too. I LOVE what you ordered. They look great, and that green wall rocks.

Scanned image!!! WOW! I just love the images you chose for these! I want to get some pictures of my children done now. That green wall is rockin!

Props to my buddy David! I loved this post so much that it inspired me to do a post on a recent project I did with a client and 4 canvases. Keep up the great work Ohana!

These are SO beautiful you guys!! SO sweet to do your own wedding picture! I know I love my Roxy canvases too. Way to take the plunge!!!

The first one is amazing! I love the depth in the B&W….

WOW! That photo from your wedding is AMAZING! And that canvas makes the picture look 3-D … maybe it is just the awesome pic you took of the canvas :)

Love it. I only have one canvas up on my wall right now – but you may have just inspired me to order more!

I love that one of April & Rain. So carefree and fun. They look gorgeous!

You guys rock. You make me laugh so much every time I get the chance to hang out with you two. :)

See you Thursday!

Your daughter’s name is awesome! Rain… that is so unique in such a cute way

Roxy is the bomb and so are their canvas prints!!!!! These look super and I am digging the green wall.


BABY!!!! How’s come I didn’t know about this blog until now???

I’m blushing big time – thank you SO much for the love – and that wedding one just SO TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

I’m SO glad that you’re shooting my sister’s wedding in Sept. – are you sure you’re not gonna wear that dress???


AWESOME IMAGES! I Dig your processing! WOOHOO!

just lovely :) I love that photo of the girls!