yadira and brian’s sunny san diego wedding at cuvier park in la jolla

yadira and brian took full advantage of america’s finest city (aka san diego) and had their wedding at cuvier park in la jolla ca with friends and family enjoying the view from the lawn atop the sandstone cliffs overlooking the big blue pacific ocean. it could not have been a more perfect place for brian and yadira to say their i do’s. here’s how it all went down.

although their ceremony for beautiful, some guests were already thinking about the reception :)

feeling hot, hot, hot, hot!

looking goodfellas

if 3 super hot bridesmaids and 1 smokin hot bride…

find 5 coronas on a railing and promptly drink 1 corona each…

how many coronas are left for 4 manly men with 4 powerful thirsts?
the answer…

who does math at a reception? it’s ladies night and the feelin’s right!

yadira and her dad almost made me cry when they shared a dance. i said almost :)

brian and yadira then had their first dance as husband and wife.

and then… the dj opened up the dance floor. literally.

the kids were… intrigued.

don’t forget to tip your bartenders.

yadira looked absolutely stunning. i had to put her in the spotlight.

and now, the main event.
in the corner of the room, hailing from san diego california and wearing the white frosting…
let’s get ready to rumble!!!!

brian leads with a left swipe!
yadira counters with a right open-hand smash!
it’s too close to call!

it’s a draw! we’ll have to crown two champions. brian and yadira, you are both amazing! we had so much fun at your wedding. this picture is just a sample. you had frosting on your faces, and we all had smiles on ours. congratulations you two!

domo arigato for choosing us to share your day yadira and brian!


That Domo ring shot is sooooo funny. =)

I hope cool is a good enough word for this wedding!!! Love the vibe to these…


Looks like an fun wedding party! Beautiful bridal party and that shot of the "ladies night" girls is hilarious!

Loving the light and crazy flare shots!

Love the ring shots and #7 and #8! And the bride in the spotlight is so cool!

What a fabulous location! LOVE the Corona shots, and the rings of course! ;o)

DJ Lance Rock??? LOL

Love all the fun, per usual!!!

What a beautiful bride and her bridesmaids are just gorgeous too! I must say the corona shot and the cake serious just make me laugh! Super fun shots!

Ahhh the father daughter dance is so touching and I just adore the shot of the bride, that one is just wow!

Love that first shot! You guys always seem to shoot at amazing locations. Or is it San Diego is just that beautiful everywhere?

Lurrve the flare shot of the girls and the domo ring shot – that is boss!

My fav is the girl with the sunflowers and the beer!

haha the cake shots are hilarious!

I LOVE OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS!! I'm looking through your blog in tears… Happy tears!!

DJ brought it! I think the cake won! :) Awesome as always!

What a fun wedding! LOVE that last ring shot. LOL

Gorgeous Pictures! Beautiful girls, cake fights, and Corona. Can't beat that!

beautiful! I wish they have Corona's in my weddings too. =)


These are wonderful.. looks like so much fun

The cake in face shot is just perfect! What a fun bridal party.

Well, Ohana's you guys did it again, another GREAT Wedding. Although, this one, you guys looked like you had ALOT of FUN!!! Love the CORONA shot and the Domo shot very much. So creative!!!!

Holy cake face batman!!!! Thats some serious cake action. Love love love the first shot by the way. Gorgeous view!

So obviously they have seen your wedding photos and wanted the same cake smashing hilarity as you and Kimi. Love it ;)

I know I won't be the first, but I have to comment on Yadira against black shot. Wow!

OMG AWESOME!!! The cake ALLLL over the faces … that's just great. LOL What a fun wedding this was! :)

OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!!! The cake smashing is classic. And the ring shot …yummy!

what a fun wedding!!! love the cake smashing and the cute kids.

I love these pictures! I can't say enough good things about Ohana Photography! What a great wedding!!!!

Great Blog guys! I have spent ages reading all your posts… and I just LOVE the way you write. So much fun, and so refreshing. I love this wedding so much, I wish I was there. NOBODY makes Coronas look this good! Damn. Now I want one. Now!

The girls are all so gorgeous!! I love the shot of the bride alone, wow that one is beautiful!

LOL @ the cake smashing. What a riot! I love this set, you guys! You never disappoint.

Hello amazing! The Domo shot made me laugh out loud :)

love them all!! i think my favorite is the bartenders shot

Beautiful location!!! Love how you guys totally worked the light! That ring shot? AWESOME and full of personality!!!

Beautiful pictures! The view from the first shot is amazing. The corona shots are hilarious and very creative. Love your work!!

You can so feel the fun everyone had at this wedding through these photos and what a bunch of hotties!!! Awesome stuff as usual guys. I never expect any less :)

Love the Corona shots, the cake cutting, and that ring shot…..LOL…so much personality!!!!

Oops you did it again! Love them ALL!!

Your ring shots always take the cake, and when that cake gets smashed into faces, you always capture that like a champ, too! A wonderful wedding, and I love all the fun you had with the bridal party!

great great photos, Love the location. What can I say, you are so awesome, my friend!

The creativity you all bust out amazes me every time!!

A) Your ring shots rock my world.

B) Your post-processing is so uniquely Ohana. I love it!!!

Now that's the way to eat cake! awesome stuff as usual.

wow to the first one and the ring shots! ohana on fiiiii-yuhhhhh……. takin care of biz as usual!!

verry nice,, i like the ring and the chocolate. :)

Now THAT'S a cake smash! Love it!!! :-) These make me wish I was a guest at this wedding. Look at all the fun they're having!!!

Love the shot of the guys with the lines. Such a great session you guys.

Wow! Your work is amazing. I love your post processing. These wedding images rock! The ring shot cracks me up! So creative!!!

Once again you guys ROCK a ring shot. Also love the first shot overlooking the wedding, AWESOME venue.