What’s up with April?

april has been pretty busy lately. she’s going to school full time and doing some independent artsy work. we all know that she has many talents. she’s a solid photographer, a very good illustrator, a primo etch-a-sketcher, and a street-chalk artisan. Now added to the long list of talents is…
makeup artist.
april recently conned, er um, talked rain into doing a fun little session where april had full creative control. for all you perspective brides, students, photographers, and everday women looking to stand out from the crowd, april is available and accepting appointments. you too could look like krusty the clown for your important event. give her a call today. appointments are booking fast. :)

all kidding aside…call her today. appointments are booking fast. :)

seriously, call now. lines are open. hey hey!

hmm. why isn’t the phone ringing? someone call just to make sure it’s working. i’ll wait.

here’s another session she did with her uncle glenn. she did her best to make him look cool. i think she missed her mark on this one. :)

i kid. i kid. we love the fact that april is trying stuff on her own. what kind of parents would we be if we weren’t discouraging her from chasing her dreams? i mean, were discouraging her. that’s a pretty crucial conjunction.
good yob aboo.


April, you are AMAAAAAAZING! Rock it out with that lighting!

You can take my photo anytime!


PS. WOWZA to that GORGEOUS model :)

Those photos of Rain are AWESOME! April, I think you found your calling! Ha ha! =)

Awwww, Rain looks so pretty with her rosy cheeks :P Way to go, April! Are you still available this year ;)

It was such a pleasure to finally meet you two.

Can I second shoot for April? ;)

These are incredibly cool shots! All of them! How cool is Uncle Glenn?! He’s a natural in front of the camera!

It must be SO MUCH FUN to be in your family!

P.S. The bike image (in the foreground) rocks!!

How cool is Rain!!! She is going to look back on these one day and be the coolest kid in high school!

April is Rockin! Love the urban punk look!

APRIL!!!!! Girl you have some seriously photographic/art/creative/ HA! SKEEELZ at 18!!

Keep it up. I may be calling for some makeup tips.

April, you continue to amaze me with all your talent! Really! You are so creative! I LOVE the black/white picture of Glenn!!! Great job girl!

Different and very cool… Great job

April ruuuullllessss! :)


so dramatic… love it!

Those shots with your uncle are totally awesome!!! What an awesome model him and Rain! I totally love the way these all look. My favorite is the shots in front of that blue door and the one with the old camera looking up. Very cool.


WOW! Does the talent in this family ever end??? I LOVE the moody lighting. Great work. Great seeing you two last night.

You are way too sweet! :)

(And it was my friend Daniel that I came with last night, not Adam. But they do look similar!)

See you next “week” too! ;) hehe.

Those are incredible!! What kind of lens is she using?

aloha ann!

for the shots with rain she was using the 50 1.2

the shots with her uncle glenn she used the
24 1.4

hope that helps :O)

thanks for stopping by ann and we’ll see you on the 4th!! have a killer weekend!

Those are so moody! Love it!

Sweeeeet shots!!

i was cracking up at the line “you too can look like crusty the clown”! i love the last one of raine. you have some crazy, talented girls.

These are great shots April! Very dark and moody :) Rain rocked it out!!
You can take my photo anytime :)

BAAHAHAHAHA. Crusty the clown. I seriously laughed OUT LOUD at that one. haha. still laughing. not calling. ;)
And april, maybe you could give me a similar look when we come out there in june – I think it would definitely suit me. you rock the house, as if you don’t already know that. ;)

Love them all! Especially Rain with the old camera. Killer! You are rockin it April! XOXO

ps David and Kimi – had a blast with you two last night…long islands soon??

Love them all, very creative!

Rain is a trooper and April is my hero! Uncle Glenn is too cool…those cigar shots are killer. Kudos to you April! Oh, and I want that 24 lens!

Wow. These images are SAHWEET!! April is fantastic! If I lived nearby, I would totally book a session with her. ~Airika

These are AMAZING!!! Love the one with the cigar. I would love to have you take my photo, YOU ROCK!!

April. You’re a super star. And the shades/bike/stogey shot above the solar flair image is A-mazing!

Moooove over, April in da house!!!! Keep on rockin’ girl!

Maddie would have volunteered for April in a heartbeat!

OK guys, you seriously need to tone down the cool factor to your images. I can’t get any work done!!! :-)

WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! So good!!!!

Ditto to what everyone else has said!! These are awesome!!

18!!!!! She’s only 18!!?? Wowza she is going to take over the photography world!! Love those shots of Rain in that funky makeup.

Reminiscient of another photo shoot some months back somewhere in the snowy mountains of northern california also using artistic makeup ;) keep up the good work April!

Wow I am impressed with April’s work~ Cool stuff! I called to book an appt but no one answered the phone. ;)

WOW April you rocked the session! Keep it up.

Check it!
Love the shots of your uncle.

Your daughter has some sick talent!! YAY April!!!

Oh my!! These are Gorgeous!!! she is obviously very gifted. She has great things coming on her way

How sick am I?! What crazy talent your daughter has! I love following your blog. I don’t know how I missed this one. Great job April!

You have mad-crazy-skills! You amaze me with your talent girl. Love checking out your blog:) ~T

she’s so cute :)