what do san diego wedding photographers know about fashion in las vegas? this!

every year about this time we join thousands of other wedding photographers from around the world and head to the WPPI convention in Las Vegas to see what’s new in our industry, share and learn with other professional photographers, see old friends, meet new friends, and, if there’s still time left, have a little fun.
this year I decided to add some fun right into our itenerary. i thought to myself, we know all these talented photographers and we’re all going to be in the same place at the same time… why not put a photo shoot together?!
that’s just what i did.
i assembled a group of beautiful models, invited a handful of wonderful photographers to join us, and away we all went, out into the nevada desert.
the following images are what i intend to be the first of many. we enjoyed ourselves so much that i plan to include photo shoots like this into our plans every year from here out.
i want to sincerely thank everyone that came out and helped make this shoot a success. this was my first attempt at organizing something like this. i did hit a few speed bumps, but overall had a terrific experience. thank you all so much!
i especially want to thank the hair and makeup artists that came out.
Briana (Artistry by Briana), Amelia (Amelia Cline), and our good friend Carlie. i could not have even come close to making the models look as beautiful as you did. :)
well, that’s enough of my jibba jabba.
these are all my shots (except for one) from our 1st annual fashion in the desert photo shoot. enjoy!
first up is ashley. her hair started out the day in victory rolls, but the wind on location took care of that in a hurry.

this is one of my favorite shots of the day

from the comic pages to real life, watch for the ashley action figure coming soon to stores near you :)

crystal jumped in and had a little fun with ashley, a la bettie page.

crystal also joined us the following day for an awesome theme shoot. (more on that soon)

dailazsae might have been one of the youngest models on location, but she is already well on her way to being america’s next top model.

dailazsae definitely gave raquel welch a run for her money with this raquel-esque shot a la One Million Years B.C.

dailazsae gets our gamer of the day award. you can’t tell from these pictures, but it was just above 40 degrees at this location. the wind chill had to be down into the 30’s. yes, that is snow on the mountains in the background. dailazsae was a complete professional and despite our offers to let her take a break and warm up a bit, she stayed out in the freezing wind. we heart dailazsae!

as we got into the afternoon hours amber joined dailazsae for a little fun with light.

we couldn’t decide which version of this shot to put, so we put em both. kim likes a little heavier processing like the version above, and i like a little less like the version below.
bonus for you!
you get to pick which one you like :)

one thing is for certain, amber’s look can ONLY be described as… fierce!

leslie was rockin her red hair and her wedding dress. this was a little bridal fashion we could get very used to. awesomeness!

as if the wedding dress wasn’t enough, leslie brought out this rad black tutu. who says 40 degrees is cold? :)

here’s the one shot that i can not claim as my own. april took this one of michelle. how awesome is michelle in this shot? off the charts awesome! she definitely won our most awesome hair do of the day award. if you’d like to see more of april’s shots click here.

the super fun rylee had lots of different wardrobes and one terrific smile. she’s just starting out in modeling and after this session she’ll have lots of looks for her new portfolio. we wish you the best of luck rylee!

this shot pretty much sums up how much fun we all had. everyone was so awesome to work with. thank you friends! we hope to see you all again soon.


OMeffingG – you guys are blowing me away lately! Frackin awesome! Especially love the 3rd shot down and the first shot of dailazsae. But then I lost count :-) Awesome.

You guys definitely rocked the border. These are superb! Great job with getting it set up, too. I can’t wait to do a shoot with you guys. I think the images are fantastic, but the last two have great feeling and wonderful color. Awesome!

Hot stuff in the hot desert! Looks like you got a lot of models to go out. That’s awesome.

Is there anything else to say other than WOW!

OMG WOW!! I have to make WPPI next yr. you guys rock! The shoot is insane!

Fierce! These are all so hot. I love the styling.

v cool shoot! i’m so sorry i wasn’t able to make it. do it next year…i’ll be there.

Um… looks like you know a lot!! This desert session just rocks my socks off. And my toes are cold now… So thank you!!

These shots are spectacular!! Thank you so much for inviting Scott and I along! It’s one thing to get to see your awesome shots on the blog, but another to see you in action, and then see the killer results! Love them all!

HOLY HELLBATMAN!!!! Umm these are freekin off the hookie!!!! my gosh i think this is my fav session/shoot to date for you guys. The detail and angles and colors and flash and, and, and…………….i think i am gooing to fall over with just so much good stuff here. You guys are straight up now tell me fab!!!!!

Fantastic. Every one. Wish I coulda joined you. Awesome job, guys!

Wish we could have tagged along! Totally worked it!

omg super wow! super bummin that i missed all this!

Holy awesomeness!! There are way too many favorites for me to name them all! GREAT, great job! P.S. I like the heavier processed image if I had to choose – but both are great…if I hadn’t seen the heavier processed one, I would have liked the other one just as much! Awesome work!

Wow! Spicy spicy hot!! I love every single one of these!!!!

um can we say SO FRIGGIN AWESOME?! looks like you all had a blast… and that one by April is out of control! love love love it all!

Who knew could be so cold in Vegas! You guys rocked this fashionista shoot out the park! And the model dailazsae.. wow…. smokin’! I NEED HER BOOTS! So.. uhh if anyone asked where she got them.. please let me know!!!!

(whistle whistle) sooo fun!! Sorry I couldn’t make it this year but next year for shiz… great shots guys and thanks for putting that fabulous day together!!!! Loving you guys! Can’t wait to see you in a week or so!! :) enjoy life till then!

seriously?! these are so so SOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have like 47 faves, so i won’t name them, but OMGGGGGGGGGGG. stop getting amazinger every dang day and let the rest of us catch up, okay?! :D

It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO killing me that I couldn’t make the shoot! These are incredible and those models are SMOKIN’ Hot!!! I can’t even choose a favorite, they are all so AWESOME!!!!

Holey Shmoley! These are ridiculous! I wish I could have gone too! You guys never cease to amaze me :) When are you going on tour???

Wow, what a stunning set. The models, the lighting, the location, the composition! I am glad I found your site!

these are all fantastic.. obviously you know quite a bit about fashion.. :) great work I bet you all had a blast.

FIERCE! I love Dailazsae. Love her!

Smokes- did not want my husband looking.

I have shot a lot, but I will never forget shooting with you, and your team. This was one of the coolest shoots I’ve ever done. Your family is very sweet, you guys were all great! I loved working with you, and the pictures :) Thanks again!

WOW! these are awesome! if you do another one of these next year, let me know!

Absolutely amazing! Breathtaking!

Fantastic! I must have spent 20 minutes checking these out :) Insane work — love the compositions, processing, the models! Humbling and inspiring as always, man. Wish I could tag along sometime!

WOW!!! ok, I’m speechless :)

damn!! soooo HOT and I am not talkin about the Vegas desert… these pics are smokin you guys… wish I could’ve joined at WPPI this year… next year I am determined!! :P

OFF. THE. HOOK. Awesome fantastic work, you guys! Way to rock the desert! PS: I totally want in next year ;-)

Wow…so many amazing shots!!! I love the intensely dark b&w post work…super awesome!!

I think my eyes are on fire. These are ridiculous!

truly awesome fashion work!

Smokin man… Complete heat once again. I’m sayin it – ya’ll got a ‘high-fashion’ style ese. I love it – seriously love it.

I have only one word – WOW!!!!!!!!

Superb!!!! Stunning!!!! Amazing!!!! Beautiful!!! Outsdanding work my friends!

WOW!!! These are seriously amazing! I love everything about these photos, especially the second and third shots of ashley. Looks like you did a great job of setting it all up and making it a huge success.

SEXY! Great job. These are SO fierce!!!

Out of all of them, and they all rock you guys!, my favs are the last too. That model with the rainbow socks is just amazing and you totally captured her in the best light.

Yummy! You guys rock my world!

This images rock big time. I wish Sofie and i was in Vegas this year, hopefully we’ll get together next year, keep up the good work

Know that is so serious SASS!!!! Are you sure you aren’t moonlighting for Vogue….

Ohana Ohana Ohana,, you guys rocked this shoot fo sho!! Lovin all the goodness that you have bestowed upon us. Keep on rockin!!!


it’s a shame there are a bajillion awesome shots in there. too bad… seriously, frickin’ A, so much good stuff! Saucy doesn’t do it justice, but Saucy Burrito does. Uber Saucy Burrito, all amazing!

Amazing!! You guys just plain rock!! I can only image how much fun you all had- I’m so jealous! :)

Very Nice, I think I like three and four the best! The shadows from the veil in number three are sweet! Good job you guys.

Wow, wow, wow, hot, hot, hot!! I especially love the ones with you guys using flash or some sort of lighting during the broad daylight session!! Super hotness!! Great job :)

PS–is my comment the 100th message to this blog post? :)

Hi, you just found your newest blog stalker! :) I have been looking for shots from this Vegas trip. I knew there were some mad model sessions going on but I have only seen a few posts of them. It is amazing to me to see the different shots each photographer gets.

Great photos!

WOW!!! These are amazing. Good Stuff!