"well hello beautiful…"


You guys are sooooo goooooood!

I can’t begin to even say how much I love your formals! Yes, that bridal party is for sure haut and your pics are so perfect! That first picture is unbelievable! I wished I had you guys for my wedding :[

soooo cool! i love how you worked the depth of field! more! more!

UHMAZING! Return to your regularly scheduled programming ;]

good lawd thats the hotness! “I’m too sexy for my wedding… too sexy for my wedding…” (did I really just say that.. oh my!)

Ok so everything about that photo on the top reminds me of 300 that movie!
The processing, the guy~
Very awesome!!
All of the shots are FANTASTIC!!
I hope you two got massages in Hawaii!!

Hotness overload! Glad you are back. Mai tai’s without me :)

Ummm…yeah I love these. Awesome pp and composition on these. Beautiful!


More Tilt-Shift!!! …I want a tilt-shift :(

Stunners for sure! Really loving the way they look in that last image! Rock on wit yo bad selves!

Holy Moly! Hello Beautiful is right!!! That first shot is smokin! And seriously I LOOOVVEE these bridal party shots! YaYYY tilt-shift! Dang, they’re so cool :) Glad you’re back to blogging now;)

Seriously, AYKM, Yeah Right, Dude, You cant buy talent that insane.. And is that your Wifey doin all the editing??? She got some skills too!!! Next time you two love birds decide to go to Salton Sea Hollla at me, I’ll bring the cocktails…Mai Tai anyone???

WOW!! These are SMOKIN!!!!!!! Love them all!

I LOVE these formals, they are so different! How hot do Agnes and Paul look!

Give me more……

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! That’s me screaming. :) These are HOT! I can’t wait for our session! I just hope I’m not as big as a house! The check is in the mail tomorrow. Literally. I’m probably the worst client – especially when I know how they should be on the ball and get their deposit in, huh?! :/-


Wow on that first shot! Looks like a Calvin Klein ad.

Wow, that’s a good teaser! Hot! Can’t wait for more!

I cannot even begin to say how much I love how different your wedding photography is from the norm! These bridal party shots are incredible!

Love that first image!!

Those bridal party shots are RIDIC! Now, where’s the rest of the wedding, stop teasing me…and go see the Dark Night again:)

OOOH how we missed you guys! What a teaser! The engagement picture is stunning! The wedding is gorgeous! And yes they all do look super fabuloso! Gorgeous people!

ME-OW! ow ow ow!!

man those are sweet…

All the guys look so GQ in the last one especially the groom , woo hot!

Holy crap, that first image is a straight up Estee Lauder ad!! Ridiculously awesome!!!

I’d have to agree with everyone and say OMG wow! these are fantastic… truly an inspiration you guys. Can’t wait to see what you can do for me and my family.


i know im way down the list but damn, so intense is that first photo. and I remember that that was the one with the yellow shoes!

great stuff as always =)


Wow! Ok, really did you hire models for this shoot!?:) These are gorgeous! LOVE your depth of field.

Helloo beautiful… I’ll take ownership of that! hehe. I think sipping cool drinks btp IS doing something!
Can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding picts!

what awesome shots – i love the perspective! can’t wait to see the rest!!

I remeber seeing the pictures of their engagement session before…awesome! Love seeing some shots from the wedding! When do I get to see some more? Really gorgeous couple!

thanks guys!!!!

and wowserz… killer bridal party shots!!!

What a great first shot. All of them are great; but that first one…………………

wtf! these are so sick! i loooove them. i want to go to the salton sea so bad, i’ve never been. and p.s. every groom out there shoudl know that a beard on your wedding day is the greatest thing in the world. well at least to me. but then again you wouldnt be my groom if you were reading this, so just disregard that last comment everyone. my beard obsession gets out of hand sometimes- i should just grow my own again

AMAZING first shot. And I love the tilt shift shots. You guys have some great ideas!

you guys crack me up! :D so happy to hear you have been living it up on your vaca!! i looove the teasers…can’t wait to see more!

that first shot is hott! I love it! You guys rock it out every-time!

hey guys & welcome back to the real world & work…ha.ha. That first picture is sooooo sweeeeeeeet! What awesome colors in the bridal party outfits. LOVIN these shots.

Cuz! I love the fall off in these… Awesome as allways.
Your friend.

That first image is amazing! I love it!

Nice, very nice… Love the first one and the rest are excellent.

That’s one LARGE bridal party…

Luv em! :)

First-time blogger from Japan. I must say, your photos are nothing short of captivating and mesmorising. You make anyone and anything look like art. Can’t wait to look through your other work!

Congrats on your feature on Trash the Dress! You guys desreve it!

Ohhh Hot Sauce! You guys rock ALL the time. Mucho love for your work – love the teaser //enoch

They should do that for a living. Be really good looking.

It gets better as I scroll down! This first image = perfection!

Love that processing. Great image!

These are siggity sick! Always dig your take on wedding photos. So edgy and rippin rad! Oh that first shot, is effin ridiculous! Keep inspirin us guys!