wedding fiesta with maria and jose

everyone has a story.
every life has a path.
sometimes the stories and paths intertwine and amazing things happen.
jose and maria’s paths crossed while they were both attending california western school of law in san diego, but jose’s amazing story started well before that. when maria told me about it i was so inspired that i had to share it with everyone. please take a moment to read about jose in this link to the san diego union tribune. here’s an excerpt – The journey to law school for Jose Orozco began at a Jack in the Box when he was plotting his promotion from cashier to shift leader.

If he worked hard, he could make the move in six months, he was told. And why not? His job kept him off the streets of Logan Heights, where he was teetering on being “jumped into” one of the gangs that controlled the neighborhood.

The fast-food joint is also where he met Kevin LaChapelle, a former police officer who frequented the restaurant. LaChapelle, a youth mentor, saw in Orozco what he didn’t and helped him turn his life around.

“I had that strong, strong feeling that this guy wanted to change,” LaChapelle said. “When I worked with gang members, we would have to beg them to change. Jose was different.”

Today the high school dropout is incoming president of the Student Bar Association at California Western School of Law in San Diego and is planning a career as an employment lawyer.

Law school wasn’t always an option for Orozco.

He had already been beaten into a tagging crew. Joining a gang was the natural next step – if he could only make time.

Fortunately for Orozco, 27, the fast-food restaurant consumed his time, and his buddies began to disappear.

“Every time I went back to hang out, they were locked up,” he said.

That shift-leader job was looking better all the time.

Orozco was orphaned early in life. He was 8 when his mother died of skin cancer. Five years later, his father died of prostate cancer. For a year he bounced around between his grandmother’s home in Nayarit, Mexico, and his stepsister’s place in National City. Eventually, Orozco settled with his aunt in Sherman Heights, where he grew up. .
jose and maria graduated from california western school of law, got married, and will soon be taking their bar exam. they don’t like sleep. :) maria once told me that they don’t have a life, but i think they have a wonderful life that is only going to get better.

maria had so many incredible details that i have to share them with you.
her beautiful wedding dress was by Rosa Clara,
shoes by alfani,
and the pretty pretty flowers were done by manuel chavez in chula vista,

isn’t maria THE most stunning bride you have ever seen? muy bonita!

maria and jose had a beautiful wedding at our lady of angels catholic church in san diego.

jose and maria looked amazing! what a beautiful couple.

after their ceremony, jose and maria emerged from the church and were greeted by their family, friends, and the ice cream guy. mmmm, ice cream.

after the ceremony we made a stop for some wedding portraits at balboa park.

the only thing better than the san diego skyline is maria and jose in front of the san diego skyline.

with the delicioso cake by sumi’s oven in place, it was time to get the reception at the san diego hilton harbor island going.

two bands turned the reception into a fiesta: kanari and vientos del sur.
the corona played a minor supporting role.

congratulations maria and jose! we are so happy for you. good luck on your upcoming california bar exam. we know after you clear that last hurdle you are both going to do great things.

L.T. and the chargers are working toward getting a super bowl ring, but i don’t think it will be as amazing as maria’s beautiful ring.

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