valley girls (and guys)

every year elizabeth and her really really ridiculously good looking friends get together and throw the party of the year. trust me, when i say this party was rad, i am not even kidding. elizabeth had her home plushed out in a yellow and green motif that was just fabulous. the guest list was filled with beautiful people that knew how to have fun. everywhere i turned i saw smiling faces. such an awesome group. of course, there were guys there too, but you’ll have to watch the slideshow below to get an eyeful of them.
thank you so much elizabeth for choosing me to be your party paparazzo for the evening. you and all of your friends were such a pleasure to work with.


You’re right these girls are gaw-geous!!! I want to go to a party like that.
The party looked like a blast! Loved all the fun pics!!!

That’s a lot of goodlooking chicks there man.

WOW!! What a crazy fun party with tons of beautiful girls!! Oh and i think the girl in the green looks like Cristina Aquillera.
Love the shot of that ice sculpture with the daisies.

Wow, what a fun party! Tons of hotties

That is a lot of stunning women in one place. The dancing shots are so fun!! What a fun group of girls!

WILD!!!! :) My kind of party! Can I come next year?! :) I don’t know if it was your amazing photography skills or what, but did every one of the women have the most beautiful eyes?! Fun and beautiful pics!

HOT!!! HOT!! HOT!!

hey thats not fair…images and slideshow aren’t working for me. :)

hey everyone, it appears our web site company did some file moving and lost quite a few web sites. it appears ours may be one of them. once i get a chance i will contact them and see what’s up. i apologize to all who can’t see anything. this is so frustrating.
don’t give up on us guys :O) !!!!

ok evidentally they are working on it as we speak. it appears there are a huge number of other poor souls in this situation. please be patient with us, hopefully they’ll get it taken care of asap.

have an incredible and blessed weekend friends!!!!

Thanks, David….these photos are fantastic. Yes, I do have a gorgeous group of friends…..and they’re incredibly fun, too!


oh my goodnesss!!!! what an amazing party! details details. i love how much time and thought went into preparing this party for all her friends. that is all evident through the photos. as always, it was rocked for the baxter.

The photos are incredible. It’s like a movie-star party with some famous photographer. Nice job Baxter!

Hey David these are super fab. Everyone of those ladies are georgeous. Now I have a question for you. I am going to shoot a party somewhat like this for a friend and since I am a beginner can I ask if they were all taken natural light or did you use flash as well. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. Thanks G

Congratulations Eddie and Kellye!! Great job Davo! :)

I just love the fun you got in these pics! You guys have the most fun out there! The women are hawt on your side of the world! Brilliant work as usual!

SEXY TIME!! Great pics man!

Hot party, hot women, hot shots! What’s not to like :) That “Toilet #1” is just awesome, LOLOL!

Yabba Dabba Doo hot mamasitas in the house!!

Can I buy that slideshow?!HA-HA! Seriously ;]

Great job on the party man!

Wow great party, nice colors, pretty people.

Great job Ohana. Way to capture the event!

oh my crap you used a Young MC song. Thats it Im a fan of yours forever!