tracie and mike at the prado

it was a perfect evening in san diego (as always), the weather was nice, the sky was clear, and the stars were shining beautifully at the prado in balboa park where tracie and mike were married. they’re a beautiful couple and you could see how in love they were, it was an honor to capture their day.

thanks so much miguel, i had a blast shooting with you!


I love the feel of these! So elegant… =)

the window shot is fantabulous.
i love the color coming through the curtains. gorgeous photos as always!

The detail on her dress is just divine, and with the light shinning through, perfect shot. This whole set just looks elegant!

She is such a classic beauty. You captured her beautifully here. 7 & 9 are my favorites! Great work as always!

siiiiiiiiiiigh….. ya’ll are so EDGY!!!! i have an idea – start a workshop and bring it to georgia!!! i would SO love to learn some of your awesome techniques! ever had boiled peanuts? they’re yum! come to ga and see for yourself! ;)

Art. I love your style! I adore her face in the 4th one and I love how the groom is looking at her in the 16th shot. That’s love right there. Great stuff!

Beautiful. Very artsy, moody style. Love the bridals. Groom reminded me of Seal. You could feel the deep love. God Bless, deb :)

I adore the shot of her at the window! Rad!

Love, Love Love these, especially the 5th one down of just the bride! Stunning!


When I find a man, you guys are it! wowza wowza!

Congratulations for you great work!

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Thank you!

i looove #5. the light and her positioning is so moody! love it! great set, david!

love the dress shot!

These are beautiful! Love the sheer dress in that yummy light!

The lighting in this set is outstanding! Spectacular window shots!

OMG Those shoes! So gorgeous! And awesome capture. Wah? Where is the ring shot? I love your ring shots!! :D

Whoa. Seriously gorgeous & glorious images. I'm salivating…

Love the shot of the dress, the pattern is so interesting and the light really highlights it! The images are great, they have an old Hollywood classic feel to them. Great use of lighting!

Whoo hoo! 5 and 7 are absolute favorites! Awesome, awesome, awesome!! The shoe shot is adorable too! Love the dress shot too – heck, I love them all! LOL

That is the most beautiful, most edible photo of challa I have EVAA seen! Every one of these photos carry an allure and mystery. What a hot couple! Loooooove them! Wish I had taken them, but then the challa, as well as the couple, wouldn’t look so damn edible!

Keep rockin’ it peeps!

Gorgeous as always!!

Oh these so evoke romance – love love love ’em!

i love the vintage look and feel of these images. The bride is gorgeous!

The bridal ones of this wedding are stunning. Such an old fashion feel to her. I love it!

Love that sexy window shot. Very smooth.

I think that is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous pics! What an elegant and beautiful couple!

That dress and that bride are just gorgeous.
I can ‘feel’ the love between them. You captured it well.

The shots of the bride alone were striking & dramatic!

i love, love everything about this wedding. her dress, her shoes, ALL the details — the first four shots are absolutely killer! what a cute couple. :)

These are all so yummy, I just want to eat them all up. Window shot is especially killer!

Wow she is such a beauty! Very old fashiony!

That bride is “Old-Style” HOLLYWOOD GLAMOROUS. Such a timeless beauty these shots are. WOW, I can feel the elegance from them.

Such elegant photos! I love the third shot with the bride twirling her hair.