LOST photos from Hawaii

here are some shots we took, while on vacation, of the LOST set on oahu before the first season of LOST aired. being good photographers, we “didn’t see” the signs someone posted all around the set that said “no pictures.” you know how we feel about signs. especially signs that say “no.” the set was right off the side of the road. coincidentally, and in no way related, right about the time we saw the set was about the same time we became “hopelessly lost” and had to do several u-turns and make numerous passes by the LOST set before we found our way back to the right direction. luckily we were on the only road in that entire area of the island, and it only had 1 lane in each direction. :)

when we got home we told our friends and co-workers that we had a rough landing when we flew to oahu and showed them these pictures. we added this next picture to seal the deal. everyone flipped out. then they realized…”wait a minute…how did you not only survive a gnarly accident like that, but still have your camera in-hand snapping shots of the carnage.” there were a few of our friends that didn’t realize we had them on a hook and were reeling them in, but we let em off…eventually. :)

here’s rain’s first attempt at making a scared face. not quite what we were looking for.


Congrats, bro. And welcome back to blog land! : )

Lucky duck!

LOL, that’s so awesome, great shots of the set. Kinda reminds me of the automobile world of “spy shots” :) My brother actually met “Ben” at Atlanta Int’l airport. I think I’ll post it on my blog shortly :)

Looks like fun! Glad you found your way…:)
We are also counting the minutes to the LOST premiere, so cool to see the set.

I LOVE LOST!!!!!!!!! Lost your way, uh huh. I’ve been “lost” before too in a no picture zone. So funny! I have to say that Rain scared face is too hilarious! Were there security or any actors out there?

That is freaking AWESOME!!! I used to watch that show when it was on before Alias (loved Alias). I haven’t watched it in a while.
I think it is so cool that you got those shots of the set!
Loving Rain’s face. :)

eddie ~ i know right, i’ve been laggin.

jeanette ~ i seriously am lucky in a lot of things. i win stuff on the radio and drawings a lot. it’s our running joke that i win everything, but the lotto..hmmm…maybe i need to start buying tickets.

armin ~ i wonder if “ben” is as creepy as he is on the show. i have to admit his character is pretty cool.

shii ~ it was super cool to see the set, we’ve never seen anything like that before. we must of looked ridiculous to security drivin back and forth.

stephanie ~ yah, there was actually 1 security guy that popped his head out after our 4th pass. kim was sitting outside the car window snapping while we were driving and i think he got suspicious. as amateur paparazzi at the time we fled :) after a couple more passes of course!

melissa ~ if that IS your REAL name.or should we start calling you SYDNEY!?

AHHHHHHH! i can’t freaking wait!!!! i am so so so excited (if you can’t tell) that had to have been so cool to be on the set like that!

Nice! I very seldom win anything…lol. OMG…I got crazy hooked on Lost after watching the first season, but then I started watching 24 and got crazy hooked on that. I’ve been meaning to go back and watch the rest of Lost, but never had time. That video summary is awesome!!! Awesome set shots…soooo funny some folks actually thought you crashed!!!

My husband and I are addicted to this show…counting the days til the season starts back. While in Hawaii we wanted so badly to see the set but we never made it to Oahu. Needless to say, Im so jealous!!

LOL, great story! Adorable picture of Rain! Looks like you guys had a total blast!

That trick is hysterically funny, yet borderline evil:) Am I going to get chastised for saying I don’t watch LOST?

The Lost pramk is too funny! I can’t wait for the new season to start!!

brace yourselves, friends, because I’m not feeling comical tonight so this comment will be the first dull comment you’ve ever received from us.
wowie – a gift card to itunes how exciting! There’s some music we’ve been wanting so I’ll send you a list ;)
we heart lost, and we heart your pics of the lost beach – how insane that you guys have been there!!!!!!!!
oh, and congrats to all of us on a new kaiser being born – now we have another human being to worship. hahahaha.

This is really cool seeing these pictures from the Lost set me and my wife went to see my sister in Hawaii right when Lost first came out we ran up on the set and thought we had ran up on a plane crash. I took a lot of photos but let them with my sister in Hawaii.
Great post

I just got around to watching the whole LOST video. Now I’m REALLY not sure if I’m glad that I never saw the show. Looks awesome, but I know I’d be addicted. The narrator’s hilarious. As is the story you told your friends. Jacked up! : D

I can’t wait for LOST to start again!!!! Thanks for the catch-up video. :) Glad you were your non-law abiding selves and got the cool pictures. :) Miss you! I want to go to Hawaii with you!!!

Long time stalker :=}first time commenter. Just been chicken. hehe. I felt the need to comment here, I LOVE LOST!!! I’m an addict, and I love that video! I must admit the “scared” face of Rain’s just cracked me up! So jealous of you getting to see the set. It looks as real as it does on tv! Great post! Keep up the fun posts and BEAUTIFUL photos!

waaay cool!

did you guys really get lost on kam hwy?

nely ~ nah, we jooos keeeeding about getting LOST! we know our way around that beautiful island pretty good. even some places haoles aren’t supposed to be :0)but as long as my cousin is there we good!

How fun!!! Great photos!! I think you would have got me if you would have told me that story!

Dave & Kimi – I have never seen Lost. Here is a link to a fellow photographer’s site from Ohio. Her and her husband visited the Lost site in Hawaii on their honeymoon and she got some great shots.


That’s awesome!
Thanks for the congrats by the way :)
Hope you all are having a great evening!

Hey guys!!! I am not a huge fan of the show, but I KNOW OTHER PEOPLE WHO really wanted to be where you were taking these pictures! haha SO YOU ROCK!!!!
-Melissa E Earle

mark ~ i know!

cj ~ i guess our pics were believable. it looked real when we came across it.

shannon ~ we almost sent pics from our laptop and were gonna put them on the hook then. now that would’ve been bad :)

amy,rachel, michelle, angel, nataly ~ law abiding..yah that’s the ticket! we had lots of fun and didn’t realize how real the pics seemed to some:)they have tours to see the sets now.

sherri ~ thanks for stopping by no need to be chicken,we won’t bite we love to hear from you all! we heart you guys! yah rain missed it on the scared face. haha.

eddie and melissa ~ come on you guys join the masses :)

ricki ~ i’d love to see your photos!!

mark ~ those were cool! i didn’t realize they had tours now. thanks for the link.

Tomorrow is the big night. I am so excited!!!

aaron ~ dude, tonight is the night!! wait…that sounded weird.

did you post these set pics later, some how i missed these. very cool!

oh yeah, baby – tonight is the night that this tease will finally get SATISFACTION!!!! and thanks for the ridiculous blog love. ;)

dawn ~ you didn’t SCROLL DOWN!!! you cut me dawn, you cut me reeeeal deep!

ash & jeremy ~ it’s on! ridiculous blog love to rival my ridiculous love for your guys!!! the sap is on sister!!

Was Lost everything you were hoping it would be? (I was on my way back to SD from hawaii when it was on, so I missed it!)
About the set thing… isn’t sneak-peeking at sets so much fun? My dad builds them, so i’ve been around sets all my life… but I still think its magical the way that they can look so real!

alright… so the premiere was a total let down! can’t wait for this week’s episode!