this is what it takes to get featured on ESPN Sports Nation

april and rain’s brother from another mother (and father) has been perfecting his shots from “a little outside the paint” and someone at ESPN noticed him and decided to feature him on espn sports nation. here’s a short clip of the awesomeness.

and here’s a shot of connor getting our bucket of victory during our last visit to the hottest place on earth, phoenix.
congratulations con-man! when do you sign up for the NBA draft? we love you!


That is FU**KING WICKED! What a talented kid, I can't wait to see what his future holds. Wow!

BTW, sorry for swearing but I'm blown away by his awsomness!

OMG, that is so awesome! LOVE it! How exciting for him!

Woah. He is awesome. (Still shocked.)

Crazy! Then again, amazing things DO come out of Phoenix :)

That is so cool!

That's crazy talented!

That is so awesome!!!! Way to go!

con we are SO PROUD OF YOU!!! we'll be back to visit once Phoenix get's below 1000' ;) or you can move back home to San Diego!!

keep rockin con! we LOVE YOU man!

Haha, nice!! Some pretty crazy shots.

THose are frickin awesome!! Sick!!!

Swwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! Love it! Made me miss Phx too, just a lil' ;D

just an absolute bonkers clip, I'm jealous! I could never hit ONE of those shots in my life, let alone all of them! :)

That's some sweet stuff there man!!!!!!! Love his cape dance in the intro! :)

I was telling everyone at school today saying I'm gonna be on ESPN Sports Nation. One of my teachers didn't believe me. Everyone in the class started arguing with him about it. I found it halarious. Then everyone wanted to watch the video again and he wouldnt let us.
who cares… IM GONNA BE ON ESPN SPORTS NATION!!!! Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

Freakin' awesome! The cape is RAD and holy smokes back to how awesome those shots were. Congrats to Connor the Amazing Basketball Shots Kid! You're a badass fo' sho!


Those are some crazy skills!! P.S. I could use a splash of water like that on some of these sizzlin' summer shoots!

So cool! I pays to practice!! Congrats to Connor on getting on ESPN!

Everyone! I will be on ESPN 2 tonight at 12 Eastern time! PLEASE GO WATCH!!!

whhhaaaaaaatttttt? Im just a little impressed – not much, you know, just a little. No, WOW! IM BLOWN AWAY! Holy crap!

1st one, the skateboard one, was my fav!! awesome!

conman those basketball shots are RAD!

hahaha that shot is hilarious!! Awesome shot!