thirst relief mentor auction is ON NOW!!

give me a break
give me a break
break me off a piece of that…
…fan-cy feast? no
…foot-ball cream? no
…claude-van-damme? no, it’s gotta rhyme with piece.
…thirst re-lief! :)
it’s about saving lives. nailed it! the thirst relief mentor auction is going on right now! February 16th & 17th only! there are a grip of awesome photographers to bid on, so what are you waiting for ;)

what’s it all about you ask?

it’s about you growing as a photographer while saving lives!

i am so stoked to have been nominated to be a mentor for the 2010 Thirst Relief Mentor Auction! what an honor.

Thirst Relief International is responding to the worldwide water crisis by helping thousands of families each year gain access to safe water through simple, low-cost means. A locally manufactured biosand filter or a well repaired by nationals has the power to radically improve the health and well-being of an individual, a family, a community.
more than 1.1 billion people in our world lack access to safe drinking water. (UNICEF) living without this precious resource results in a host of preventable illnesses and even death. each year 2.5 million people die from diarrheal diseases, many of them caused by contaminated water. ninety percent of those deaths are children under age five. (World Health Organization)

Thirst Relief’s vision is simple yet profound—to save lives and change the world.

help me help you help them :)
bid on a mentoring session with your favorite photographer.

100% of the proceeds directly benefit Thirst Relief. add to that the incredible wisdom and talent that is being shared in the one-on-one mentor sessions and you have better and more successful photographers! it’s truly a win win for everyone involved!

click the link here to go see all the mentors that are up for grabs.
************THIRST RELIEF MENTOR AUCTION****************
my head is spinning after looking at the company i’m keeping on the mentor list this year. so many insanely good photographers to choose from. help us all make a positive difference in the world.

along with getting that warm feeling inside that lets you know you did something good,
you’ll get a 90 minute one-on-one mentor session with me, but wait, there’s more!
just to sweeten the pot a little, the winning bidder of my auction also gets a tiny huge bonus pack of goodies.
for starters, if you are able to meet up with me in las vegas during wppi, i can arrange your mentor session to be a photo shoot in vegas with an uber fun and hot couple as our models.
if you like that sort of thing :)
and that’s not all!
you’ll also get the following insanely sweet swag from my awesome sponsors…
chris and jen at flipside album designs are hookin you up with a set of album design templates!
those will work perfectly to help you fill the 15 spreads in your
very own 10×10 or 9×12 album from vision art!
when you’re done with all that fun send your favorite image to roxy at pixel 2 canvas and she’ll send you a beautiful 20×24 canvas to hang on your wall!
there was one other thing. let me see. what was it? oh yeah…
you get 1/2 off the price of a crazy rad customized blog, HALF OFF! from ross at flosites!!
what are you waiting for people?!
get out your schrute bucks and…

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Glad to help you out man!! Im excited to see how well you do.

Burger Lounge is calling my name is it yours? Love this!!

awesome David!!! So stoked for you …. well deserved!

This really is an awesome thing you are involved with. Cans for comments, Soles for Souls, Does your generosity know no bounds? Hopefully God blesses you with half as much as you've blessed others. Keep on rockin' Ohana.

It's a great thing that you guys are doing this! Big hugs!

So cool that you are involved with this this year! I know you have tons of amazing knowledge to share & totally admire your generosity. Hope to see you at WPPI!

I am SOOO bummed I didn't get to bid on you! I missed it by 10 minutes!!! Argh, if only your last name was later in the alphabet!!! :(