the so-cal finer things club

on rare occasions the planets align and small groups of us have the same time off. that’s when the call goes out.
here’s some shots from our latest rare occasion.
kim’s favorite shot of mine from the whole day was this first shot of alyssa. aren’t her eyes just dreamy? she’s like a tall cool glass of water.

i know what you’re thinking. yes, alyssa is a natural blue.

since i promised to stick to the brethren code of the photographers i shall not post some of the sweetest pictures ever taken of melissa, so here she is… looking fierce. if only i had enough requests to break said code, i would post my favorites.
if only.

senorita emilita,

smokin hot,

model ferocia,

queen of the jungle.

thanks be to emily for getting us all together.

kim calls this one “babes in the woods.”

sure, jamie is blogless, but with a face as pretty as this…she can get away with it. until the next time we bug her. :)

Squeaky, uh, squeak, sqeaker, squeakin’.
Are you talking to that squirrel?
I was a junior chipmunk, uh, and I had to be versed in all the woodland creatures.

if you look up ally in a dictionary she doesn’t sound nearly as hot as she actually is. stick with picture books people.

we love her smile to pieces.

princess jasmine… she’s smart, fun. the hair, the eyes. anything. pick a feature.
we love her dimples.

we love ann-ime eyes.
kim didn’t get it. it’s pronounced anime.
when are my writers coming back? i thought the strike was over.

melissa and tim shared a nice intimate moment…

with about 12 photographers.

it’s all good. we’re ohana.

My, what beautiful blossoms we have this year.

susan is the most beautiful blossom of them all.

when the lights go down in the city
and the sun shines on the bay
i want to be there in my city
eating nachos.
bang, we hit the city baby, dead on! for a little drinks, a little night-life, dancing.
the following is based on actual events. only the names, locations and events have been changed.

i’ll have three fingers of glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper… and some cheese.

i spy with ally’s eye…aaron, samantha, and tim. :)

julia and brandon were all hugged up enjoying the sweet sweet sounds of karaoke journey.

what do you love?
i love poetry, and a glass of scotch, and, of course, my friend Baxter here.

i love scotch. scotchy, scotch, scotch. here it goes down, down into my belly.


everycarlie was kung-fu fighting.

those kids were fast as lightning.

the kick is up… and it is GOOD!

let’s go over the groundrules. rule number 1: no touching of the hair or face… AND THAT’S IT!

a song came on during karaoke that carlie had never heard before. “who sings this” she asked.
try as he might, gabriel could not stop the words “ACE OF BASE!” from coming out.

if you missed this one, we hope to see you for the next get together. fyi, nobody got trashed (that we know of), but here’s our p.s.a. in case any of you want to try this at home.
all kidding aside for a minute, we like to have fun as much as anyone, but if you know you’re going to be drinking, make sure you have a designated driver that’s as bright eyed as gabriel here. if you don’t have someone as cool as gabriel by your side, please don’t drive. sleep it off, or if you’re in san diego give us a call. i’m usually up late.

here’s looking at you. stay safe out there.
to everyone that made it out with us, thank you for the fun and fellowship. kim and i really enjoyed spending the day with you all. we hope to be able to do it again really soon.


wow. these are incredible. i love EVERY single one of them. and who knew that i knew so many people in southern california… thanks for bringing them all together :) you’re amazing.

alyssa, helloooooo soultry eyes! stunning!

melissa, are you KIDDING me with that hotness?!

emilita, work it out with that red hair :)

jamie, you have the eyes of an angel. beautiful.

ally, jasmine & ann, WOWZERS you’re gorgeous! i’d love to meet you all… you guys look so kind! let’s be friends :)

melissa & tim, i can’t stand the cuteness factor with you two! OH SO IN LOVE!

susan, i adored you from the moment i met you… and these photos show exactly why :) speechless.

David & Kimi…. I miss you guys :( Where are the photos of you two? Oh I see… you don’t have any professional photographer friends? I’m just a phone call away :D



I just love all the pictures!! Love the flare with Emily and the one of Alyssa is GAWGEOUS!! Those eyes! I just love how much fun ya’ll always have. the pics of ya’ll dancing and having fun are so cool. I wanna hang out with ya’ll :=)

dude, break the code:)

awesome shots!

You guys looked like you had sooooo much fun!! I wanna go! I wanna go! Why does Ohio have to be so far away??!!! Don’t answer that Kim! :) Speaking of Kim…why aren’t there any pictures of her???? Love you!

Man, I wish I lived there!! You seem just as fun in person as you seem on your blog! These came out beautiful. All the girls are so beautiful. I think Emily’s, Alyssa’s are my favs, but Susan’s is also just so stunning!!!

Dude, you totally crack me up. Good times my friend.

ha ha ha ha so much fun!!!! as my 3 year old would say “AWESHUM”


By the beard of Zeus I look great in the first pics, but sooooo retarded in the last ones. I know you could have posted some “better” ones and I appreciate you not

You guys are so awesome!!

Hot pot of coffee I actually like these pictures of myself. lol You ruuuuuuullllleeee. I guess Kim’s idea was pretty good after all wasn’t it? =D

PS-Tell my buddy Rain I thoroughly enjoyed her comment. :)

GREAT photos! I want a headshot done by Ohana Photography!!! Pleeeeaaase! :)

A big LOL for the “babes in the woods” caption!!!! I absolutely love the shot!!!! These look awesome!!!!! Love love love them.
Hope to see you both on Thursday.

Wowzers! How lucky to have photographer friends! That pic of Emily standing by that tree is insane! I also love the babes in the woods. That one vintage looking one with Susan is stunning, so romantic and serene.

Your writing is so funny! That’s why I always come by. I really love your pictures of the couple in the tall grass too, they look so happy!

baahahaaaa!!!!! these are ridiculously funny. good times indeed!! thanks for rubbing in the ace of base moment.. i guess i am not as cool as i was trying to be. my cover is lifted. you guys are so awesome. had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again. this time it’s gonna be on you!

Dude, you knocked another one out of the park, or should I say field.. This post was woth that 3 or 4 day wait.. Love your work guys

what’s a guy supposed to do when you run out of toothpicks… oh well… such a blast! there were too many hot/sexy/”normal” photos of my wife on the internet anyway. i’m glad you snapped a couple of the ‘real’ carlie renee. watch out.

“bang, we hit the city baby, dead on! for a little drinks, a little night-life…” Loving the Weird Science reference. These are great. I wish we had a gang here in Ohio that could get together and have 1/2 the fun of the So Cal gang.

these are sooo great! i wish i was there! can you take a pic of me too!!! =)

WOW…you guys know how to do it!!

Great portraits!!
Looks like you guys all had a blast!

Oh. my. gosh. where to even begin with this post – first of all the title. finer things. I SOOOOO have to find a way to get me and jim – ahem – I mean, Jeremy into it. :) ok, so the shoot – the images are absolutely lovely. alyssa is stunning. regarding melissa – BREAK SAID CODE, BREAK SAID CODE!!!! textured image of susan is off the hook. carlie looks like she is doing the elaine dance (seinfeld) with the thumbs and the kicks, and all of these ALL OF THESE, make us even more excited to have mad fun with you and the ryans very very very very soon!!! not soon enough..but soon. :) much love!

I Love Lamp!

of course we’ve gotta see the best ones!

Love the portraits!!!! You guys always rock. The dinner looks like it was so much fun, too.

Those are so great! I’m so bummed I missed out…AGAIN! ;) The ones of Susan are fantastic. Looks like you guys had such a blast!

Those shots of Susan and Alyssa are so HOT!!!! How fun was your dinner party!! You guys are always so fun!! I missed a great time :=(

Awesome!!! Love all the portraits…are there some of Melissa that are missing from the post? ;) Man…seems like you Californians have all the fun!!

That third shot of Emily is awesome! Fun post…it sure was worth the wait. Tall glass of water?? That was funny!

hahaha! Looks like a blast. Wish we lived closer!

OMG!!! I wish I lived closer!!! I would love to come with :)

Maybe you could send me the invitation if you ever do this again, just so I can feel ‘included’.

I would love you meet you two. Your personalities are so vibrant and I just know I’d love you guys! Wanna go to Roots with me?

They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time.

awesome shots… love the story telling!

Wowie big time! Everyone looked so good. Where are your picts?

Looks like you all had a fun filled day … Great images also… all of them are spot on…

Those were some fun shots!!

I least Trevor didn’t blow this game.

I wish so badly that I lived there!! You guys really know how to have fun. What a bunch of hotties too. I love that pic of Alyssa, and Emily’s hair is so awesome!!! Every shot is so flattering to everyone! I can’t stop laughing from the club pics!! So fun to be around such a open and silly bunch who aren’t afraid to look silly!! Love it! Hopefully I’ll get to meet you all!!

wow! there are so many good ones in this set!!! It looks like so much fun!! I wish I was there… See you thursday though!

Your comments are hilarious. I’m sitting reading each one and giggling…ha!

To say that I’m not in the least bit jealous of your get together would be a lie!

You guys have way too much fun, haha!
You really know how to create and capture the action!

I guess it’s true, you Californians just have way more fun than us East coasters! Nice images by the way, lovin the textures too!

omigosh!! looks like soooo much fun!! We’re gonna have to come out some time and hang with you guys!


Oh wow… fun!!! Darn it, we’re traveling to the wrong part of Cali this weekend. *sniff* The picture of susan (with the texture) is my favorite….GORGEOUS! Looks like a fantastic time. =)

Your a great story teller! These are fun, wish I was still in SD so I could hang with you guys.

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Maybe a little too much fun, lol! Great shot if Alyssa & Melissa!

Love the portraits! Looks like such a fun day!!

3 runs should be enough for Trevor!

WOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH!! it has been way too long since i have seen your blog! J/K though, it has been about a week and a half (we bought a house!!!!) dude these pictures are off the hook!!!!! We so wish that we could have come down to hang at the fiesta, but we had a photo-shoot. NEXT TIME!

oohhh… I love it! I wish I couldn’t have gone! Next time :)