the maxfield ohana in oceanside california

if you’re looking at this post you probably already know that ohana means family. what you may not know (until now) is that kim and i both come from ohanas with lots of people in them. another bit of kim and david trivia: we traced our ancestors from both families back to the same area of scotland. further proof that fate has bought me to kim. enough about us.
we’d like you to meet a small part of kim’s ohana, the maxfields. they came from the frozen tundra of utah, and as far away as asia, to share some sweet sweet san diego sunshine. fyi, there are 48 images in this post and that’s not even all of the maxfields. sadly, some couldn’t make the trip to so cal.
kim and i were really happy to see everyone. it had been several years since the last time we saw them, so it was nice to catch up a bit. but i digress.
everyone, meet neil, jeannine, and their ohana.
maxfield trivia: maxfield’s chocolates is neil and jeannine’s family business. (and they’re gooood)

oh, one more thing before we get going too far. you are about to see some of the cutest kids on the planet, so tell whoever else is in the room with you to not be alarmed when they hear you say “awww” repeatedly. in fact, tell them to “awww” along with you. it’s ok. there’s no other dudes around.
i’ll get you started.
awwww isn’t she precious? yes!

i haven’t seen any pictures of bobbi when she was a kid, but i bet she looked a lot like this. love the red hair!

fishy kiss!

fact: if your dad throws you high enough, your hair will stay like this forever. true story.

fun with gif

we actually got all the kids to sit still for a second. one second.

brothers and sisters are so fun to take pictures of.

it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eyebrow.

we couldn’t end this session without getting a shot of jeannine with her brother don (my father-in-law). they don’t get to see each other very often, so it was really nice to spend a little time catching up and take some family photos. we miss you already and we hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season.
God bless you. hope to see you again really soon.


what a beautiful ohana! rocked it as usual mi friend!

Oh my goodness! Gorgeous redheads and the one of the little red head in her dress looking out at the sea is awesome! I hope they order a big wall canvas of that one! Rocked it again Baxter Ohana!!
Hope you had a wonderful THanksgiving!

Sooo cute!! What a fun family!!! Great captures!!


I said aww several times, and I’m not prone to saying aww!

Holy Shiz I hope you had all day to shoot that many people and I hope they order a grip from you! These are pretty dang awesome family shots!
Isn’t is great when family appreciates your talent and the time and work it goes into producing images like these!

Wow! So many images and they are all great!

great shots, so fun!

Fun stuff guys! But you only posted 152 images in this post. That’s more of a “teaser” post for you guys, right? ;)

“fact: if your dad throws you high enough, your hair will stay like this forever. true story.”

Best line in a blog- EVER.
LOL love it! and its my fave picture of the bunch! :)

Seriously you guys have such a fun and more important, real style to your pictures! How I wish I had pictures like these of my childhood! I’d cherish these photos for a lifetime! Awesome as always guys!

Loved that 5th shot with the Mom and the 3 girls. Great work as always my friends!

So much fun! You captured so much life and light in these pictures!

I adore lifestyle photography! Your style is always inspiring!
I love all the pictures with the surfers in the background, I wish I lived where there was a beach,=? you guys are so lucky!

I love shots 7 & 8!!! Great job you guys! I hope you had a good T-day and everything is going well.

Oh my old stomping ground – I used to go to the Oceanside Peir all the time in High School. I grew up in Carlsbad. Oh the ocean…sigh. Makes me miss it. Love these images!! You guys seriously ROCK!!

love the sun flare ones with the brother and sister! so cute!

UGH!! I finally figured out what’s wrong with my hair. I’m calling my dad. :) LOVE those redheads!!! Beautiful Ohana. I’m glad to see your Thanksgiving was beautiful. We had our San Diego college kids home and all was good in this Ohana. God Bless you guys! deb :)

omigosh those ARE the cutest kids EVER!! Love them all!

That story about both of your families coming from the same small area of Scotland….chills!! What an AMAZING story!

You seriously are the master of family sessions! I love how the children are interacting with each other! My favorite is the brother and sister goofin off ones and all the kiddos on the rocks with that warm light, so yummy! Rocked my socks once again guys!

So so beautiful!! I just love how light, airy and fun these images feel. I’d be so happy to have family portraits like these!!

A beautiful Ohana! And I love the danceing shot!

I cannot choose a favorite! I do love #4 though! I love how clean and fresh these all are too. These would all be blown up if these were my kids! They all are such beeee-autiful children! The toe heads and the red heads and I can’t get over their cute little freckles!
Bravo on another wonderful session :o*

Gorgeous children indeed! You got some really fun pics here! Would love pictures like these of my family. Maybe next year when we hope to visit your beautiful city! Disneyland perhaps?

WOW! Hello! I had to come over here and see:) what a bunch of amazing photos of such gorgeous families:) I thank you for your visit and comment. That was wonderful to see* !

These are perfect in so many ways!!! love them as always!
The lighting, the energy is incredible!

Wow, Every time I stop by here I’m just floored by your work. The composition, the exposures, the post work, the vision that it took to create it all and the awesome telling expressions you pull from your subjects are nothing short of mind-bending.

Please, NEVER stop shooting and sharing with the world!

You guys rock. I love that you got all the kids together. It just proves that you are, in fact, super heroes.

wow. these are stunning! can i be you when i grow up?

Those beach images are gorgeous! Looks like the kiddos had some fun!

Oh this looks like such a FUN shoot. WOW. I love the individual portraits of the kids…awesome. The light in these is yummy. These kids are adorable. GREAT SHOTS!

Looks like the funnest family ever! All the kids are too adorable (I definitely “awww”-ed my fair share of times) and everyone just seems so joyful! Wonderful work!!

these are soooo good!!! I mean soooooooooooo good!!! you guys rock!

Your family portraits are always so ridiculously good!!

omg … the red hair! this family is beautiful! i’m inspired by your work, once again.

These so so fun – what gorgeous families! :)

I love your family portraits!You always capture the pure love and fun! Making beautiful memories – ya!!!

could you two stop being so ridiculously good…. (looking).


Thanks for the blog love! Your blog is rockin’ and those red heads especially melt my heart! All time favorite is the one of the daughter grabbing daddy’s face…oh I love those kind of pictures!

I am a long time lurker and first time commenting. I just had too. I am always in awe of your natural family photo sessions. I just love the way you shoot families! These families are amazingly cute! The fact that your own family hired you says something about your work! You rock the san diego family photography sessions! I’ve seen your wedding pictures too and they are equally fabulous!

what an absolutely glorious day, beautiful family, beautiful shoot! you never seize to amaze. :D

These are all so lovely. And of course I am biased about the red headed children… they are so cute!! (And the other kids are too, of course! :)).

BEAUTIFUL!! Your work is outstanding (as usual)!

Look what I have been missing out on! What beautiful families. Man I miss sunny CA beaches!

Oh man! Firery red heads! LOVE EM!

I want Christmas cards of me and my family on a beach! Gorgeous red heads!!

I want Christmas cards of me and my family on a beach! Gorgeous red heads!!

You both are like masters of Beach Photography – never a dull picture or one that’s so so … they’re always of the Hooozooook. Take care you two. Be blessed. //enoch

you guys ROCK as always!!! S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G images!!!

lol that dancing mix is just too funny lol hahaha

Lovin’ the freckles and firey red heads – way rad photographs! :) #24 is by far a definite fave!