the larsen ohana – a san diego portrait session

when we are not shooting a wedding in san diego, we are often shooting a family portrait session in san diego. sometimes we do a portrait session in balboa park. other times we go where the turf meets the surf for fun family photos on the beach. this session however, was different for us on many levels. sure, it was a family, and it was in san diego, but it was so much more than that. it was shot in a quiet home. a home with a lot of family memories, old and new.
these are the very first professional photos of our good friends masen and jen with their freshly hatched first child elliott (that were not taken by masen himself). they were taken in the home masen grew up in. the same home elliott will grow up in. being there, i couldn’t help but to think of all the family history this home holds, and is still to witness. i’m just corny like that. i guess it just stirred up happy memories of my grandparents house. but i digress :)
to this day we are still completely humbled when awesome wedding photographers, like ma5en, hire us to do portrait sessions for them. we are even more blown away when they ask us to take photos of their family. this… this was just a whole new kind of honor. being asked to take masen and jen’s first family photos with baby elliott was just awesome. we are so happy for them, and so proud to have been a part of this.
please join us in congratulating masen and jen as we introduce you to their ohana.
on a side note masen and jen, i hope you don’t ever plan on trying to say “NO” to these big beautiful puppy-dog eyes. we wish you the best of luck.
she is going to play you like mario bros :)

haaaave you met elliott?

masen and jen, we can not possibly thank you enough for hiring us to do this for you. it was a HUGE honor.
elliott is a beautiful beginning to your ohana. that’s right, i said beginning. not end. i believe i speak for everyone that loves you when i say…
get crackin on making more beautiful children like elliott! :)
we are going to love watching her grow with you, and seeing lots more pictures!

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Oh my goodness so darn cute!!!! Love her eyes and the one over the shoulder.

man those eyes!!!

I love the way the baby's eyes pop. What a cutie.

Awwww man, aren't these the most adorable? I love every single one of them! She is one gorgeous baby, surrounded by love.

Such a fun baby session…I really love the one with her curious big ol blue eyes in the bottom of the frame.

The eyes… the eyes!!! I love them! She is adorable!

LOVE that first one….These are all so natural and not over proccessed…Awesom work guys….I' sure the fab-tabulous Larsens love them!

BAAAAXXXXXTTTEEERRRSSS! Awesomeness as always :) Love the Larsen's! :)

I think my fave is the one with each of them in the 3 little windows :) SO cute…..and the "what in holy hell" look on Elliot's face is priceless! :)

Job well done! :)

What a beautiful family, and I am in love with that baby and her adorable big blue eyes!
There is so much personality and love in these photographs. My favorite is the one of baby and daddy looking over mom's shoulder and the 3rd one.

I love 4,5,10,11,16 and 18! With 11 and 16 my ulitmate favorites. Although being a daddy's girl myself I love all the ones with daddy.
I loved reading your writing as always David your stories always make me gooey inside =)

8,12,13 and 14 and 2nd to last are my favs! What a beautiful and happy family! Love those eyes!

12-15 had better get framed PRONTO! So adorable!!!

Whoops-that last "anonymous" comment was me :)

Man, these rock! Love how you brought out her eyes… amazing! The one where she is in the foreground, the image of her and dad against black, and the image of them in the windows are DAMNNN… I love how you constantly celebrate life and variety in your images, friend. Congrats to the happy mom & pops!!

What a beautiful family!!! Pure happiness is all I can see! I LOVE the picture of them in the windows! So cute!!!!

Weddings, Fashion and Families! What is next? Sign me up =]
I can't choose a favorite, they're all awesome, but if I had to I'd say all the one's with the baby in them =]

Oh the baby..soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Oh my gosh what an adorable child! Love #8!

The baby. OHMYGOSH THE BABY. The first picture just kills me.

oh my … that is one cute baby!
love the way you captured this family!!!

Oooooh!!! that's soooo cool!!! It's so great to see Mason on the other side of the camera! You guys did a fantastic job for them…they will treasure these forever! Us next, us next!!! :)

What an adorable baby! I love the yellow one where she is just peeking up out of the bottom of the photo. PERFECT. I would make that huge and hang it over my couch. At least until other children were born. :D

My goodness I love each and everyone of these! Such an adorable ohana. :)

Adorable family! First shot's got it scattered smothered and covered! I want baby pictures like these… wait I aint got no baby. Dangit!

What a fun session! Very sweet……great job on these!!

What a beautiful family! Your writing always makes me tear up with happy everytime. There is so much personality and love in these!
That precious and adorable little girl is making me want one!

The first shot totally sucked me in. What beautiful eyes! #15 though is an instant classic in my book. What I wouldn't give to have an image like that with my father.

oh my gosh! she is so dang cute! you did such a fabulous job! i love the one where you are shooting down on her between mom and dad! love it!!

I'm in love with this family and these pics!

I want a baby now! She is precious!
I adore the 4th 11th and 12th ones!

She's got… Betty Davis Eyeeeees…
Awesome session you guys. //e

geeeeeeeeeeez these are some flippin cuteness all over!!!!!!!!!!!

love that cute family!

Very cute and fun pictures. The 5th picture displays that perfectly!

That is one adorable baby, I totally want to go in and just pinch her chubby cheeks! What a sweet family.

Oh wow! She is SO CUTE!! Those eyes are to die for!!

I love the one on the bed where she's looking up at you past Mom and Dad. If she were mine, I'd get that one big. Lovely family, such fun shots!

so adorable…and her eyes!!!

I soooo loved this session when you posted some on facebook, and I love it even more NOW!!!! Great job as usual you guys!!!

How damn cute is this kid! The first photo is amazing.

SSOOO adorable! What beautiful eyes! The expressions are great!!

Oh I just love the shot from above, and the keyhole one with her daddy. Very creative composition all around. She is such a cutey patootey too!

Oh my gosh! What a face! She is the cutest thing ever. :) Totally wonderful creative shots guys! Love them!

These are absolutely fantastic! Great job you guys!!!!!

Awesome work – as always. And I"m just talking about Masen making a baby! Congratulations to you guys! Completely love this post.

Oh dear goodness, these are dripping with adorable-ness! :)

pure awesomeness!!!! what an adorable baby girl & family. LOVE her eyes & the moments you guys captured. that up close 'have you met Elliott' pic is the keep on rockin' it!!!!

This family is so stinking cute, that I am beside myself! How I would love to have photos like these when I have children. So precious!