the Ahn family portrait session in San Diego

recently our golden state was made a little bit more beautiful when the Ahn family paid us a visit from the empire state. they flew out here in their private jet (false) just to see us (false). we headed out to some rolling hills in vista ca (true) to do a little family portrait session with them (true). it was a sweet spot for a super sweet family (true).
from left to right they are warren, zachary, johanna, nichole, felice, sunday, sang, sophia, and grandma!?! donna. wait, that can’t be right. there’s no such thing as a woman over 30. i thought these beautiful ladies were all sisters. maybe that’s why i got fired as the guess-your-age guy at the carnival. :) can you believe donna is a grandma? i can’t.
warren, you and donna started one beautiful family. nichole, felice, and sang just kept your labor of love going. :) you all look amazing.

doesn’t johanna have the cutest face on the planet?

zachary busted out his gq look. ouch! his eyes just pierced me. :)

sophia, well… sophia was not havin it. :)
i know a lot of people would probably throw this kind of photo out, but we think they’re keepers because it shows the child’s personality, how they really were on that day, not just how they said cheese.
this photo is on our blog to show that we are not some kind of magical beings. we work with real kids, not mannequins. one of the things we love about doing family sessions is that we never know what we are going to get. sometimes the kids just aren’t having a stellar day. we’re ok with that. the kids definitely run the show. we have all the patience in the world. besides, we love the challenge of catching the little moments in between the sad faces, or in this case, capturing a sad face or two. they make for some good laughs down the road. :)

delicious ritz crackers make everything better.

baby Sunday was all smiles. isn’t she precious?

april caught johanna sharing a quiet moment with grandpa warren.

here’s one of those quick in-between moments of sophia. she’s so beautiful.

some of our favorite photos are of moms with their children. for the next few we got Felice in to have a little mother – daughter fun in the field.

babies love to fly air mom :)

sophia of the ninja sisterhood.

her secret identity has been revealed :)

there’s sophia’s smile. yes! no child can beat me! :) or kim in this case.

baby Sunday wanted to hop on pop so we got Sang in the frame along with Felice and Sophia. now that is one beautiful ohana. felice and sang, thank you for sharing a day with us. we absolutely love your family! hopefully we can meet up again soon to do a family portrait session in new york city.

there’s no better place than in the arms of someone who loves you. sleep tight Sunday.


what a beautiful family, beautiful location, and of course I can't forget to say – beautiful photos!!

Love the way you catch the light!

BAAAXXXTTEEERRRRRSSS!!!! Beautiful! So many gorgeous shots. Love them all :)

I love the crying picture! You too soon forget their personalities as children as they get older. Absolutely beautiful family and pictures! My favorite is the momma holding her baby in the field, such precious and beautiful moment!

Wow love the bright orange colors and that beautiful shot of baby Sophia! What a beautiful family shoot and amazing light!

GAHHH. That last one is just perfect. I love these shots and that field! I also love colors in the ritz cracker shot!


Love the orange flower shot!

omg!!! this session is so full of personality! the field of orange thingies, the ritz cracker, chillin with grandpa, sleeping baby, ohana togs!!!!! LOVE it!

ummm hello! OBESSED with this field!!!! Love the little legs in the dry grass, so perfect!

First off I just adore this family session! You captured all the personalities so perfectly! I love "real" shots and interactions. So incredible! My absolute favorite is #2,4,6,9 and the last one with daddy melts my heart! okay I love them all!

Really? They look like child models! Cannot say how much I LOVE these fabulous shots! Good work!

What a fun little family session! I'm loving the golden light.

Holy beautiful family Batman! I have to say I love the little girl crying, it reminds me of mine. Yes, it can drive you bonkers at times, but looking back you can't help but smile. Incredible photos!

great pictures, great family!!

Oh WOW… LOVE this session, that picture with Sophia holding the scarf around her little head is so absolutely lovely. Beautiful as always Ohana!

Awesoome! I LOVE the photo of Sophie crying! Those are sometime my favorites!! They are of my own kids too! Ahhhh, the memories!

i am in love with that shot in the orange field. yowza!!

I have to agree with Meredith! Sophia holding the scarf is perfecto and Zachary getting all GQ es muy bueno!

Beautiful! Baby and momma in the field and the "secret identity" ones are absolute favorites for me! So beautiful!! You guys rock every session!!

I LOVE these. The orange flowers look awesome in the second photo! The in-between of Sophia is simply divine, a piece of art. And the light you've captured in the grass shots, is magical! As for the crying shot, I love it – I always take photos of kids having a little tanty, one day I'll make a "book of tears" hehehehehehehe

8,9,10, 11 and the last daddy moment are perfect! I love your style of shooting, it's just like a day out with paparazzi, so raw and real =] I would love you to shoot us in New York! I'm only in Ohio you must make your way out here!

These are super cute. I love Sophie and Sunday and I think Sunday is like the best name ever.

awesome! so many favorites. but i really like the one of mom and baby in field…that light is beautiful. love how you captured this image.

Wowwww!! These photos are so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love them :) Beautiful light and composition.

Dude! What's mine say? Sweet! What's mine say? DUDE! SWEET! Yep, that's all I have to say about that…

I love the way you make life…. art! my favorite kind of photography. These are amazing!

How beautiful is this whole family? What awesome emotions and love you all captured here. I have to say it the tears is my favorite too, my mother has a picture of me like this and it's her favorite, go figure. I really love the in between shot of sophia too, just big wall sized print or canvas right there.

Adorable. That last one melts my heart. And I love that you posted the crying baby shot. We feel the same way!

These are awesome… love these guys

SO many AMAZING shots!!! But the fave for me, the one I can't stop looking at…Johanna and the orange flowers! BIG BIG CANVAS!

NUMBER 9!! That shot is just Jaw dropping Gaw-geous! Love the naturalness of these!

Wow, Ohana's this is a beautiful Family Session. Love the all the pictures captured…espeically the one's the candids…it tells more of the story…

I love how you guys captured the entire spirit of this family. Really great stuff :)

Wow, what a beautiful family session… you guys are awesome!!

Loving that first shot and the field shot with the mom – captured motherhood beautifully!

I heart the crying one best! I wish I had more of those kinds of pics of my kiddos! I have all the smiles, buy I wanna remember those alligator tears!

What an awesome family shoot guys! I love the tall grass shots! And of course that sleeping baby shot too!

Um…LOVE! My favorite is the on in the field with the orange flowers. This light was so amazing. Thanks for doing what you do and rockin'!

Woah – woah. So beautiful!

WOW! These are so great. You really worked the light. Great field location, too. Awesome photos!

I adore your family sessions! Such a gorgeous family! If I can get my family outta Ohio for just a day we are hiring you guys! These are so natural and real!

I've been lax in my blog stalking, but yours is always SO worth the wait. Man, the moments you capture are so precious — child with grandpa, cradled by dad, hoisted by mom — just pure magic. And your honesty about kid's shoots is refreshing… let kids be kids. Crying shots can be the best!

perfect family shots! I love that they are all being so natural even though you are shooting them!

omg. the angles, post-processing & overall feeling in this session is outta control beautyFULL. love, love LOVE them all!

wow. So many beautiful shots of joy, love, happiness..They were all captured perfectly.

I am in love with the second to last family picture! I hate to sound like everyone else, but it has such a natural and real feel to it. Like you just walked up on them and took a photo. I adore everyone of these!

P.S Their children are absolutely precious!

Simply beautiful!

I love these type of sessions where the children just run and play and be themselves, crying or not. Our children grow up so fast we tend to forget what they were like as children. All of these family pictures are beautiful.

10,11 and 12!!! Oh how I wished I had pictures of me and my kids like those! They remind me of a coca cola commercial ad. I'm in love with the sweetness and love in those!
Beautiful family photos, just beautiful!

OH how I adore that first family photo! I want one like that with all my family. I just wish I could get everyone in one place.
I'm in awe of the raw and beautiful emotion you captured here. These are my favorite type of family photos.
I cannot stop looking at the mommy and baby in the field and the last picture with daddy, sweet and simple perfection.