Thank You Veterans!

today i just want to thank all the veterans from america and our allies. you have all given us so much to be thankful for. we appreciate your courage, commitment, and honor.
here’s a picture of my veteran after he came back from a training mission. i love men in uniform! especially this one :) if i could have him walk around in his flight suit every day i would. just sayin.
both our dads were in the military too. i am so proud of all of you. if you get a chance today, please thank a veteran. our freedom is not free.

this post brought to you by kimi :)

please also read this post about our veterans called the 11th hour from

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My friend, thank you so much for serving our country. I had a grandfather that was in the army as a medic and was in world war 1 and 2. He served our country proud as well as you too. From myself, to you man, I salute you and the many others that serve this country.

Who's that handsome fellow? I thank all the brave men and women who serve our country.

i too come from a large military family… david, thank you for your selfless service. you rock! :)

Thank you buddy!

Love it Kimi!! Thanks to David and your fathers for their service~

Great Post.. great photo.. and a special THANK YOU DAVID.. for your service to our country, and all the other brave men and woman too.

I always get a little goosbumpy at 11 am on the 11th of November. So many lives lost so many lives forever changed. Service men and women from around the world – Thank You!

Thanks to David and all the other men and women who are serving our country, past and present!

So glad to have people like you serving and protecting our great country!

nice pic dav!

On the 11 month, On the 11th day at the 11th hour, we shall remember.

holllaaa to all the men and women serving our country – brave. brave. brave. xoxoxoxo

He's a cutie!! God bless all our brave men and women serving this country!

So much respect and gratitude for those who serve our country! Thank you for this powerful blog post! (And awesome photo! :)

just saying, it would be okay to wear it daily
very thoughtful post.

Yes, i completely agree. Thank God for our vets as they proudly served our country.

i'm late to the party, but AWESOME!!!!! and thanks!!!!!!!!

Kimi..GREAT POST!!! love that pic of David. He looks 12. ha ha. God Bless all the veterans AND their families.