Tatiana Zaykovskaya fashion line from the Art Institute of San Diego

i guess it all started the first time i went through the second grade. when i caught my reflection in a spoon while i was eating my cereal, and i remember thinking, “wow, you’re ridiculously good looking, maybe you could do that for a career”.

that’s what i would be saying if i was as ridiculously good looking as these girls. we had the pleasure of shooting some drop dead gorgeous models here in san diego. this is a little preview from one of our shoots :)
first up is the extremely stunning irmina ragauskaite. if you think you’ve seen her before, you probably have. i don’t know how to say this, but she’s kind of a big deal. seriously.

the beautiful lauren.

other people i’d like to thank for helping on this shoot are as follows:
creative director / stylist / super cool person – laura latour
make-up artist – lainey walker
all clothing by the fashion design students at the Art Institute of San Diego

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Great shoot! I really like the 3rd, 4th and 5th shot. Especially the one of the 2 of them laying on the ground.

Wow, you guys seriously rocked this one out. I love all of them! Especially the few with the lady in the red and purple jacket. Rawrrrr.


really, really, ridiculously effin’ awesome!

These are seriously cool images.

these are so kick ass!-Aaron

what a great fashion shoot! I love all the stylish outfits…and the models expressions are perfect.

man you guys just always blow me away!! I felt like I was looking through InStyle just now…..

Soooooooo awesome!!!

um. umm. can we say OUT of CONTROLLLLL?! i think this is some of your best work yet… which is insane because your work is already the BOMB diggity! i LOVE them alllllll… if i had to pick a top top TOP fave, it would be the second to last image on the chair. composition, model position, post-processing awesomeness!

Hello hello beautiful models! My goodness…if I could just grab a bit of their beauty! And how to do you guys manage to make them look even more amazing!!!??? :)

These are amazing guys. WoW…everything is fabulous! these are some very creative shots. LOVE them ALL!!!!

LOVE their outfits!! KILLER!

oh my crap this just knocks my socks off!!! you killed it! Well done!!


Um, hello, awesome… These are so well done!! Fashion shoot? Model shoot? What’s the scoop? Regardless, fantastic work!!!!

They are really good looking, I love # 3!

These are amazing!! Straight out of a magazine! Better than a magazine!! Really digging the lighting!

You guys!!! These are fantastic!! Where did you go for this shoot and what was it for? Seriously gorgeous work!!!

Drop dead beautiful models! As always you guys ROCKED it! My favs are #3,8 and 10 wowzzeeerrr.

i have no words. simply speechless. =) wow. BEAUTIFUL (okay i guess that was a word!)…lol

Magazine perfect – all of them! Love love love love! My favs are the ones of the model in the b and w spandex hahaha love the outfit!!!

I love love love the 3rd, 4th and 5th photos!
– Brianna

Wow, these are money!! Awesomeness guys!

man your fashion stuff is always so out of the park

love love love love love love love love love love love love love love!!!

Total KICK A** SHOTS!!!! Awesome job!

Gorgeous! What was this for? I love the location!

This session is so good it makes me wanna say POOP!!!!! As in HOLY POOP HOTNESS! Number 5 is my FAVOR-ITE! Followed by number 8… that is if I have to choose favorites and apparently I have self imposed this rule. You guys rocked the party for real. Another thing… I hate you darn California folks and your safe grassy areas. Every time I find grassy areas here someone gets poked by some dangerous plant or bitten by some equally evil microscopic bug. The location jealousy runs deep. This was a really long comment. I could have just said… great job huh?

Does Applecare cover drool on my keyboard? These are just so crazy silly awesome I couldn’t help but admire them with mouth open wonder. Seriously, love the risks you take and the killer payoff every time.

wow great stuff! Nice lighting! Ridiculously good looking :p.

These images are so fabulous!!! I love the 3rd one down from the top!

Flippin’ SWEET! I wish I was behind the camera, these girls are rad!

wow! love love! these girls are flippin gorgeous too…and I have total wardrobe envy :)

these r d type of shots i want to get during my portrait sessions…sweet…

The models – Gorgeous!
The lighting – Fabolous!
You guys- Crack me up!

Love these! :)

Can I come and be part of your family? I love all of these – seriously. I need more people around me that are willing to model for shoots like this because it’s the kind of work I love and want a chance to do more of.

The lighting is perfect.

The setting is perfect – just my kind of enviromment for a shoot.

The models look great in the shots.


WOW OWOW OWOWO. So funky and fun! I love it. What fun models to shoot. Super good job guys!

P.S. Sorry I dont post more..your blog goes SO slow on my computer when I try to comment!


some super diggity awesomeness going on here!!

Beautiful images! Love your comps and use of light here! Fabulous work and definitely has magazine written all over these!

gorgeous! cool lighting!

Love the 4th one. Great mood there. :D

Oh my fantastica! These are simply supberb! And yes they are gorgeous! I love EVERYTHING about it!!

Aaaaaamazing, once again!

fashion perfect.. love the striped tight shots… wonderful work…

OMG…I HEART these! Total hotness with delicious colors. Hot, Hot, Hot!

#3 is my favorite!
I like this!

super cool! love the shots with the red plaid jacket. gorgeous style!

absolutely gorgeous!!!

i love the two laying in the grass.

and her jacket!

all are pure hotness.

These are just WOW.