summertime by the pool

aloha everyone! while we are here on oahu (our home away from home) san diego is still on our minds. when we are home in s.d. we like to spend as much time as possible in our pool. it is by far the best investment we ever made for our home. sometimes i can’t tell if rain is related to Bruce Banner or if she’s just been in the pool every day, but rain’s hair turns green every summer.

i’m open! i’m open! i got it!

i don’t got it.

rain needs to work on her water polo skills.

what’d you say?!


here’s our old buddy DeNiro (and kim’s brother glenn). DeNiro is happy. DeNiro doesn’t know he’s about to get a bath.

DeNiro doesn’t like water.

Not at all.

DeNiro’s version of jowling.

here’s Kona. Kona does not know she’s next in line for a bath.

kona doesn’t like water either.

doggie jowling looked like so much fun that kona thought she’d give it a go.

she showed DeNiro how it’s really done.

back in the pool rain and noah decided to join forces to try to take me down.

i let them have their fun.

and then…

it’s clobberin’ time!

noah came at me like a spider monkey, but…

he was no match for my pool-ninja skills.

after a thrashing like that, noah had to cool off under the waterfall.

contemplating their failure.

water is the essence of wetness.
wetness is the essence of beauty.

mer-man. MER-MAN!

hit the showers kids.

time for a little B B Q.

insert your own humorous sausage / man-meat reference here.

thanks for stopping by san diego.
but mostly, stay classy.
see you soon!


These pics are so much fun!

“Insert your own humorous sausage / man-meat reference here.”

Nice weiners.

Oh my Lord these are some amazing images you got! you make me want to jump in a pool lol.

You guys kill me! Is every day really that much fun over there?

still in hawaii?! lucky lucky!!!!

Love the mer man and the shower image under it. I swear you all never stop having fun

these action shots are so amazing!!! I can feel the wetness on my side of the monitor :)))

I love love love these pictures. It makes me want to go out in the sun and swim. The one with the boys contemplating their failure is so tender and beautiful I love it. O and the one with the boy with the green eyes… stunning.

These photos made me laugh and smile :) Beautiful.

your pictures are always fabulous but the ones with the sausage and your comments are cracking me up.

merman is hilarious too.

cool pics!

what a splash of photos (haha, pun intended lol)

great shots, can’t wait to see more from the islands too ;)

Love love love these!
Looks like you guys are having the time of your lives!

I’m so jealous…


Oh man, am I Jonesing for some Hawaiian pineapple…..and some new Lost episodes! You have awakened an unquenchable thirst!

It looks like you all are having crazy fun.. I ove that first shot. WOW!

LOVE the merman shot and the shot after it with the kid in the shower. Gorgeous composition as always

Oh I want to come play ;) Looks like a blast – awesome action shots and yummy looking grub :)

These pictures are hilarious! Love the dog shaking pictures and the picture of rain and the ball! Thanks for the laugh!

Mmmmmmmm…hot dogs on the grill!!! Love it! I really need to come and check that pool out in person! It looks like so much fun!!

totally AWESOME shots & i love the side notes/captions — you guys make me laugh outloud! seriously, what a great post… i can see why your pool has been a great investment. hope you are having the time of your lives in Oahu!!!! can't wait to see those images. :D

I LOVE these shots! I feel like I know you guys, you guys, ya know?! :)

Looks like so much fun! Pool time with my kids has always been a favorite thing for me too.

The expressions on the dogs are unreal! Great images as always!

These are SO fun! Are you guys coming to PPA in Phoenix in January???

I love the commentary for the dogs, lol.

Hey Kimi and Mer-man,lol. These are the coolest pool shots I’ve seen! The shot with nicholas is so sweet. LOVE the doggy shots! Thanks for calling me out on blog slacking, lol. I just got back from a PUG retreat and I listed it on my goals to keep up with my blog. I am going to make it a point to post before laying my head on a pillow tonight :-P

I have missed checking your blog for a few weeks! You guys are too much fun! Lovin all the new pics.

Just ‘discovered’ your blog. I’m half Fillipina and far away from family, but your site makes me feel like home.

These are freakin’ hillarious! Loooove, loooove them! Thanks for sharing your life with us! Good times!

love love love all the pics! The dog ones are some of my favorites, i love it when dogs do the shake and you definitely caught a perfect shot of that!!

Love these pictures! You have such a beautiful family! I absolutely love the pictures of David tossing the kids in the air- those are priceless!! :) Aloha!!

Looks like you guys are having such an awesome time in Paradise! The photos are such awesome action shots, totally getting us in the mood too…we leave for Kauai in a few days…yay!!

Aloha & continue the fun in the sun!

SUPER amazing pics. I LOVE LOVE the doggie shots of course, although a few could pass for scary cujo pics…ha.ha. so funny those action shots. And the photos in the pool are out of this world. that water looks like it is dancing. have fun…

That first photo is crazy! It’s like she has a bubble suit on or something! (Do you see what I mean?)

So thanks… now I want to go jump in the pool I don’t have anymore, and it’s wicked hot outside! :-P

bwahahahzoolander ..classic

ha ha, you’re captions are so funny. looks like a fun time!

That 1st shot is insanely awesome! Well…they all are really!

WOOOOW!!!!!!;-) booom baby these water fotogs r off the hooook. u da man;-) u can take a pic of air and make it look like

haha these are awesome! I felt like I was getting splashed just looking at them :) You guys amaze me!

WOW! I’m LOVING those shots! You all look like you are having soooo much fun! So Cool!

Ah these shots are so fun and summery! Love that first one!

Hope you’re having an awesome time in Oahu!
DeNiro is the coolest name for a dog!!

Love these pic, and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! But when-oh-when are you coming home so we can live vicariously through your vacation? ;-)….

j/k, hope you are having a wonderful time!!

Amazing shots!! David’s commentaries always crack me up!!

Dude, I’m out blog stocking. Great shots! Thanks alot, you had to bring the grill at the end! Now I’m hungry!

Welcome back home by the way!

Pool Parties are the Best, summer time can’t be beat! Looks like such a FUN time was had by ALL!!!

I see you had to get me back with the sausage/meat shots didn’t cha! Looks like you guys are having a great summer. I’m almost crazy, lol! As usual…great shots!

Mer-man….to funny! just overall a super-fun family set!

All your family/Hawaii/vacation/action images were so cool to see! Great posts all around!

Great shots! Looks like you guys are having an awesome time!

Welcome home, guys! Love this post! Awesomeness as always! That first pic of Rain, I had to stare b/c it looked like she had a Mermaid Fin for a sec! LOL!! I thought there was some mad editing going on there for a minute! LOL.. These are awesome and its always nice to see the personal side of you guys! Stay classy, as you guys always are!

Hello Miss Rain, I think YOU’RE pretty!

How fun! Looks like you guys know how to have a pool party/bbq!