so long sweet summer

aloha & welcome to our new blog! we turned to our new friend rudy arpia & asked for a bigger better blog. he worked his magic & ta dah! here it is. it’s a little barren right now, but we’ll be adding more all the time, so be sure to keep checking back. as always, we love hearing from everyone that drops in, so please leave a comment & let us know you stopped by.
conveniently (as if i planned it this way) we’re kickin off this new blog right where we left off on the old blog…bidding farewell to summer. as we wave good bye to summer, we also bid a fond farewell to our old blog. and as we usher in autumn, so do we usher in a new season of blogging. thanks for being with us. we wish you all a safe & happy holiday season (more on that coming soon).



oh sweet summer how i long for your return… goodbye good friend

wow!! awesome new blog! LOVE THE BIG PICTURES! that was in that movie guys voice. ha :)can’t wait to see what is coming up next. the slideshow rocked!


The new blog looks great! Can’t wait to see more posted on it!

It looks awesome! I LOVE it! Big pictures rock!

Is that life-size of Rain? She’s too cute!

Yay for RSS feeds! Straight into Google Reader, baby! And blogger won’t cut off my comments! lol!

it’s life size alright! kinda scary :) no more cut off comments! yay! although it was always so funny to read people notice it and say….as i was saying after being so rudely cut off…. :O)

I love, love, love the new blog!!! It looks awesomely delicious!

lovin the new blog…keep on stepping it up guys!!!



*chokin up feeling too much emotion can’t. go. on.* first my birthday post now this?! i can die now nate :O), but i won’t cuz who would annoy you with their crazy stalking?!

you guys are so rad…oceanside today, the moon tomorrow!

jasmine* ~ i can’t even begin to say how awesome you are! if we get to the moon God willing, we’ll see you there!!

nataly ~ you rock! now i feel like eating lucky charms :0)

marta ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH! (movie guy voice)

angel ~ move back! xoxoxo

nely girl~ KABOOOOOM!

last but not least ….
nate ~ you know how we feel about you, master jedi!! you are a HUGE part of why we are where we are today. grazie, grazie!

Awesome it it here to stay!! It looks really great and a really wonderful slideshow by the way!

This is beautiful :)

I feel so satiated with the big images! :)

well done my friend. well done.

New Blog looks great guys! Bigger is always Better….That’s what she said.

Cool slideshow!
Great photos and music, thanks for sharing!!!

susie, connor & nick

K,D,A,R,P,N….I love you guys more than you know!!!! This summer rocked because I got to spend it with you guys “my family”. Now time freshed baked cookies and hot chocolate!!!! Yummmy! Let’s head to my Dad’s house in the mountains again!!

It’s looking great and I’m excited to see what you and your family have to share. Cheers to your new blog!

Dude these are amazing. That first shot really nice. New blog looks great I can’t wait to see your on it.

LOVE, LOVE that slideshow! That picture of the guy jumping off the roof is INSANE!! Thanks for sharing, your family and friends look like fun!


Ahhhh, I love this slideshow! Makes me miss San Diego and summer :) Thanks so much for sharing your lives. You seem like great people.

Ah, summer you will be missed….what can I say, this video was beautiful! You all are amazing! PS love the new blog!

Yay for the new blog… I go out of town and come back to a fabulous treat of a new pretty blog to stalk :) And the photos are giganta-licious. Love it!

WOW! I loved the slideshow! What an awesome way to recap…although now, I’m all choked up. It’s the music thing…it really brings on the emotion, doesn’t it?
Your girls are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful…you really captured their fun spirit! =)

amber dawn ~ i know huh. these slideshows have been my gifts for family and friends lately and have been much better received than material stuff. you should check out the birthday slideshow i made for my wife for her birthday. she’s not an overly weepy girl, but i hit this one out the park! she pulled the ole’ “i have something in my eye”
it’s on our old blog “happy birthday kim” post.