joann and dan happily ever aftermath pt1

Kaanapali wedding photographers on Maui and Oahu

it’s cold tonight.

maybe if i keep thinking i’m in hawaii i’ll warm up.


maybe a quick sneak peek at some shots from dan and joann’s aftermath session in maui?

ahhh. they’re toasty hot!

i gotta say, we absolutely love this couple!

Black Rock wedding on the beach at Sheraton Maui by Ohana Photographers

Kaanapali wedding photographers on Maui and Oahu

trash the dress session in Maui Hawaii by Ohana Photographers

trash the dress session in Maui Hawaii by Ohana Photographers

check back soon. we’ll definitely be posting more of dan and joann’s maui aftermath session as well as their sheraton maui wedding at black rock. it was like them… pretty awesome.


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Your couples always bring the hotness factor! These are amazing! I’ve seen the few you’ve put on facebook from this session, every single one is so hot!

These are just spectacular, but the thing I love most is they don’t really look like they’re in Hawaii, if that makes sense? I guess I’m saying they aren’t the “typical” beach type pictures. Either way, they are stunning!
P.S I was lost in your blog for an hour. Amazing portfolio :)

Ridiculously gorgeous images!

oooh…. LOVE the last shot. The b&w. It made my heart flutter a bit =) That second shot is too hot for it’s own good!

This couple is so hot! Wow. I wish I could go back and redo my wedding photos and have you take them. Always 100% blown away.

Thanks, Ohana. You’ve made our Maui wedding “Larger than Life!”

HOT! sending warm vibes to you all! =)

I can feel the heat! Can’t wait to see the rest, especially the ones from the junk yard!!!

Ohana—these photos are breathtaking! You have captured our real life storybook romance and put them into pictures. Dan and I are absolutely over the moon excited every time we get to see more. Love Love Love you guys and your creative vision!!

LOVE your work!!!

Holy gorg!!! Does anyone else think the groom is Daniel Craig??? Either way, these are hot!

These are awesome! This wedding is just beautiful! Phenomenal job capturing guys leave boring wedding photography in the dust : )

Simply stunning in every way! Their wedding album will look amazing! I also think he looks like Daniel Craig!

These images are like drugs, I’m addicted! My goodness these would look amazing blown up on their wall! Just gorgeous!

Holy wow these are incredible!

Incredible! Love the last shot…I’m speechless! Yes, he does indeed resemble Daniel Craig. Joanne, you are stunning! Best wishes for an awesome life together!

Ho-lee shitballs awesome.

Wow. The photographs you have taken of this stunning couple are the most gorgeous modelesque pictures I’ve ever seen! Wow. Yep, wow twice.

Just ridiculous! I can’t stop looking at these!