Shannon & Anthony’s Wedding in San Diego

it seems like it was just last week when we did shannon and tony’s engagement session. actually, that session was way back in november. this year is flying by. it was so nice seeing shannon and tony again. they are such a sweet couple and two of the nicest people on the planet.
i love their smiles here. they show just how truly in love they are.

lets back up a little to a time known as pre-ceremony.

love the shoes!

after seeing shannon at her engagement session i didn’t think she could be any happier. then i saw her in her wedding dress.

shannon and tony have surrounded themselves with wonderful, gorgeous people. everyone in these next two shots made us all feel like family. thank you all.

honestly, i could not have asked for a nicer group. as an added bonus, these hilarious guys had us laughing all day. i love laughing while i work. it makes work less worky.

i’m not sure whether to file this under something old or borrowed or just plain awesome. shannon had this old prayer book to offer her blessings on her wedding day.

i love the fact that every time i saw tony and shannon looking at each other that had ear to ear smiles.


The Thursday Club was decorated to the nines and Events by Christopher served up some delicious catering.

shannon and tony put a little spin on the traditional wedding cake. different flavor cakes were spread out, one per table, and guests were encouraged to visit other tables to sample them all.

when shannon and tony ducked into the booth by PhotoBoothNOW to serve up some CHEESE I couldn’t help but to take a shot of my own.

insert your own caption here.

luckily we had our backpacks with us because shannon took us to school.

is this just the cutest smile ever? she was so adorable.

Disco Friend Daniel was on the ones and twos and did an awesome job at keeping the floor packed all night. tony tried to sit one out, but shannon wasn’t havin’ that.

happily in each others arms, shannon and tony stole the spotlight in all it’s yellow majesty. THAT’S AMORE!

you didn’t hink we’d forget the rings did you?
we had a little help from the fab four on this one. thanks lads.

shield your eyes kids.
kim had this idea and asked me to take this shot for the ladies.
i may have looked a little funny taking it up close with my macro, but are those some good looking balls or what.

mahalo shannon and tony for being one of the sweetest couples we have ever worked with. we are so happy for you both. have a wonderful life together.

shannon and tony might possibly be the luckiest.
watch the slideshow below and see for yourself.

and thanks for our best friend in the whole wide world (no not patrick, or the big peanut guy) alyssa for coming out and shooting with us!


Holy cow! These are the happiest photos I’ve ever seen! The last photo is beyond gorgeous, and the balls picture is AWESOME! haha :-)

LOVE that texture photo. So flippin gerrrrgeous!!

Sooo yeah and thanks for the encouragement my friends! I will most definitely tomorrow night :D

#4 + #22 = Big Ass Canvases!!! What can I say you guys did it again with the ring shots!

Stunning…as always! Nice ring shot…haha, it made me blush a little.

Awesome awesome shots… especially that last one! “Luckily we had our backpacks with us because shannon took us to school.” Haha, love it!!

They look so cute in that first shot!! The fourth shot, I’m just speechless on how stunning she looks in it! Now for that ring shot, OMG!!!!!!!!AWESOME! So unique! Way to go Kimi!!

goodness, gracious, great balls…and rings! oy! david’s rubbed off on me with his song lyrics! kimi, your ideas kill me! you rock! these rock!

I cannot believe how you always capture such sincere and true emotion in your photos.

These are incredibley lovely, I love how happy she looked getting her dress on in the slideshow, which made me tear up heavily btw :)

Congrats and blessings to the lovely couple.

Holy Macaroni.. I had my top 3 pics picked out but then i kept scrolling down and lost count… The church shot is the one that sticks in my head along with the bubble shot. Oh and the ball shot. who does’nt love a good set of balls??? perfecto my friend

ummmmm. that one of them at the alter made me almost cry.

the one of her dancing the Roboto… made me almost piddle my knickers.

and the one of the balls… well, um… yeah… i had to get up and go tinkle…

Hahaha…love the balls. You guys are HILARIOUS!

But my absolute fave is the 4th one(?) of just the bride in b&w. You guys rocked it!

Another great and fun wedding! You guys got kinda creative on this one! ;) I love the ones of the bride and the veil….

Gorgeous couple! Amazing pictures! I absolutely LOVE your work!! Keep it up- it’s a true inspiration!! :)

Wow these kick @55! I was looking at them OOOOOOOOing and Awwwwing, then I get to the ring shots and could not stop laughing. Good call Kimi, LMAO. I haven’t seen anything that creative for ring shots, lol.


Where’s the re-write of War & Peace that usually precedes all of the pictures?? :)

Spectacular ring shots!

one word! WOW.

Love that first black and white bride shot… Killer!

These images made me actually smile while scrolling down – that’s how much fun you captured in those images! It looked like an awesome time!!

That slideshow is moving!! You captured some gorgeous images with gorgeous people! What an awesome job guys!! Oh and that ring shot, is kicked my @$$ awesome! You always pump out unique and fun stuff!! Rippin good!!

Awesome job you guys! These shots were great! I particularly like number four and the last one. Love the compositions and the grain…

Take care and keep the sweet work coming!

– Jason

Waaaah! What a fun wedding!!!! >.< That place setting is totally crazy-cool. :) What lucky people to have you guys taking care of their day!

Mr Roboto Link. Too funny!! Love the individual cake idea!!! Love the bubbles, love the shoes, but that b&w grainy veil shot of her is ridic!!!! Amazingly gorgeous!! Way to rock it guys!!

Great shots! I really really love number 4 and the grooms shot. Fabulous job!

Bwahahaha that ring shot! You guys are awesome do you know that?? Amazing job and what a lucky couple!

My own caption…

“Little Bunny Foo Foo, Hopping Through the Forest”

Great stuff!

Absolutely Stunning! #4 is incrdible. What a fantastic wedding!

creative ring shots :) like the #4 a lot.

LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the ring shots! Looked like an awesome wedding… you guys did fabulous. What a cool idea with the cakes. Sort of made me hungry just looking at them! I should keep a constant supply of wedding cake on hand for occasions like this.

As always pure perfection sampled with a heavy dose of kick ass creativity!!

What a church! Really gorgeous. Can I meet you guys one day?? Maybe your mojo will rub off. They are very lucky to have had you!

another great wedding! I’m loving the antique processing!

They look so happy! I’m sure they look just as happy when they look at their wedding photos on here :)

Ok really, could your work be any more awesome!? Love every photo…especially that ring shot. :)

Hahaha…those ring shots make me laugh every time I look at them…lol. Seriously though…really awesome job. Something about that ceremony shot of them kneeling that makes me stop to look at it longer.

Nice balls ;) I love the bridesmaids all together like that!

Last shot, canvas!! That is soooo romantic, I can feel that kiss from here! Is that weird? Haha :) Great shot! Congratulations to the hot couple!

It’s always a treat to read your blog posts, and this is just another example why! Lots of great shots here, awesome work!

I love the dress shot…and the first bride shot! And…well, all of them, really… =)
Great work guys!

Beeee-u-t-ful! I love the expressions, the tones and such a good time!!! I enjoyed them. Thanks for posting!! Groovy shizit!

Sooo fun!! OMG, that ball shot cracks me up! That is right up my alley. ;) HAHAHAHAHA Looks like a blast and way to go for capturing the joy of their day!

what a fun wedding guys… Definitely LOVE THEM… the ring shot is pretty COOL :) Great job as always .. ~erwin

W.O.W — too many amazingriffic moments captured here!!! absolutel LOVE the feeling & texture used throughout in the post processing!!!

Well thanks a lot I’m crying now! That slideshow is amazing! The moments of love and fun you captured here, is incredible. What a gorgeous and fun couple! I love the ones with the colored lights and her come hither face is awesome!

Ok that beautiful bride doing the robot has got to be the best wedding picture I’ve ever seen! I love it! Great capture to remember forever! Can you say beautiful people at this wedding?!Great work on this wedding! Love #4 and the last shot! Mmmm…so dreamy!

I love shots #4 & #7. But the ball shot is hilarious and another favorite of mine. The last pic looks like a magazine ad. You guys ROCK!!!

Love the first image and the dress in the window shot- a great new way to take the standards. Love that!

I never get enough of your unique and not the “norm” (cheesy boring) pictures! You always come up with different shots and none of your weddings look the same! ALways a treat! Seriously rocked this badboy! Of course they are gorgeous, that is always a bonus.

Hi David!

Tony and I are back from our honeymoon (but still struggling to adjust to the 15 hr time difference). We absolutely love the pictures — seriously, they are amazing. We had so much fun at our wedding that it’s hard to remember the smaller moments, but then we look at your pics and think, oh yeah, I remember that! My girlfriends and I have replayed the slide show a few times too many, but still love it. We were happy that you guys decided to stay until the end and catch us in our sweaty, blue-table ribbon glory! I hope you had fun too!


I love your unique and different style! These are amazing! Is she gorgeous or what?! Love every image, especially that last one!! WOW!