Shannon and Tony at Torrey Pines State Reserve

if you are looking for a great place to go spend a day in san diego try this place on for size. Shannon and Tony invited us up to Torrey Pines State Reserve to hit the trails for a unique engagement photo session.


by the beard of zeus! the view from the trails atop the cliffs was awesome, not that these two would have known though. we could see right from the start that they are very much in love and the view in each others eyes is all the awesome they’ll ever need.



moving on


Shannon and Tony found a sweet front row seat to the Pacific Ocean while walking along the trails.


cliff top seat…check. cool ocean breeze…check. the one you love…check. nothing better to do…check.


shannon and tony were on top of the world! or to be more specific, they were on top of the rock, but it was still a cool place to be.


by now you should know what shannon and tony look like. in case you were wondering what a torrey pine looks like, here ya go. :)
thank you so much for choosing this location shannon and tony. we absolutely love it up there and plan on taking the ohana back up there lots in the upcoming year. speaking of the upcoming year, your wedding seems so far away right now, but june will be here before you know it. we can’t wait! see you soon.



That first shot’s very cool… very spiky :)
What a cool location for an engagement session… and well done indeed!

I love them! What a hot location and an equally hot couple! That view is incredible. My favorite is the shots up on the cliff ;)Okay I love all of them. Okay, okay the last 3 are my favorites.

I wish I had hired you for my wedding. Your pictures are amazing!

Great looking couple! I love the colors….the brown trails and blue blue ocean. Beautiful location. They look so in love. Can’t wait to see their wedding pixs!

These are great! I have always wanted to go there. My husband and I took a day trip to SD and drove to a bunch of different spots. We tried to go to Torrey Pines but got a little lost. Is this the same beach that has a cave or something?

katy ~ i know. the sad thing is i’ve lived here all my life, surf at the beach regularly and never been up there! so sad.

marta ~ thank you! they are a fun couple and hot! the best kind :)

amy ~ thanks! the cave is actually at la jolla cove.

These are so cool! I just love the picture of them against the post and he is looking down at her. They look soooo happy in that picture. You really captured some great emotion in these. That cactus shot is really cool.Congrats to the beautiful couple!

What a gorgeous location!!! I forgot how breath-taking it is there. The pictures are beautiful. I love the antique looking one and the one of them walking away on the trail over-looking the ocean. Absolutely beautiful shots!!!

WOW!!! These are gorgeous. Very romantic. You did a great job caputuring the emotion. Love the effects you put on the one to look old.

Beautiful couple, I am sure they are going to have an amazing wedding. Great location, wish it was closer to me.
And yes, I will see you and your ohana with my ohana in the ghostown!
Can’t wait!

Nice looking couple! She has such nice looking skin,she looks like Barbies sister Tiffany. Congratulations to the couple. I love that they look so happy. Ah young love :=)

Amazing job man..But thats everytime I come to your blog and your amazing website all ways amazing.
Is that you and your wife in the profile picture?

Can you please show us some SO SO pictures so we can be sure you’re for real? You guys are absolutely getting sicker by each shoot!!!

Snow (hahaha)

I like that these aren’t at the usual locations beach, park ect.
I love the shots on the rock looking up at them, such an awesome angle.
I really like the last one.
It looks like it’s out in the desert or something. Nice work guys!

You ate the whole wheel of cheese? I’m not even mad, I’m impressed. I am also impressed with these shots!
If only I could be you guys! :)
Awesome shots, seriously!!!

Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish…haha, just keeping the Anchorman movie lingo going from above…seriously, these pictures are awesome. Very romantic and the ocean behind them looks gorgeous. A great looking couple. They’ll have these pictures to go back to forever. Great job!

ahhh thanks you guys!!! we can’t take the credit.
we give all the credit to shannon & tony looking so ridiculously good looking and fun in these!
melissa ~ you KILL us!!
micah ~ thanks! we were thrilled when they wanted to go somewhere other than the “norm”
ricki ~ thanks! that is my wifey
ro ~ now why would we dare show so so shots! never!!!! :)
patti ~ que paso? i do speak spanish :)

hahahaha! I prefer in the outtakes when he goes, “By the hammer of Thor!”

Oh yeah, and your pictures are pretty great too. Love the color on 6. :)

These are awesome!!!

They are too cute! Looooove that first shot.

Wow, what beautiful pictures. Great choice of scenery and the two of you look so much in love. I am looking forward to the wedding. Love, Aunt Patti

awesome! i love that texture overlay. great job, guys (as always!) :)

Look at you go with the great shots – and TWENTY TWO comments. Who’s kidding who? : )

by the beard of zuess, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring shots here!!! I can’t believe you guys live so close to that incredible beauty, and I can’t believe I finally get to see it in less than a week – one day shootshop, here i come!! (were you this excited when it was coming up or am I the biggest of all dorks??

I love the pictures as usual. The scenery is awesome and what a cute couple. Good job.

baahaahahahahahahaha….not secret man crush! so honest…we think we remember you from somewhere, does this sound familiar…”how the f does nate do that?” We come on dec 4th, we leave on the 6th – YAHOOOOOO!!!!

What a great couple! They look so happy and in love. And the location is amazing!!! The ocean and cliffs are the perfect background. Nailed it!

That last shot is PHENOMENAL! PERFECT framing… and nice location find!


These are great, I really like that first one! I have never been to the Torrey Pines State Reserve…drove past it many of times, but never stopped. I’ll have to do that on my next visit.

Hi Friends,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new avatar picture that comes up next to your comment.
So great and SO funny. I must see more. Do share, and soon.

How do you find time to keep up. I’m so jealous. I also have to say
thank you very much for all your warm comments. It means a lot and
helps keep me going.

It doesn’t look good for me to make lunch on the 13th. I’m going out
of town and we may be leaving that day. If not, I’ll be there. If not,
hopefully Donna will be able to make it this time and she can fill me
in on all that I missed out on. Man I hope I don’t miss out.

If you guys ever need any help with a session or a wedding, I’d love
to do. No money, just the chance to see you guys work. I LOVE the
finished images, and I so get your humor. I’d love to see you with
customers someday. Just in case, I thought I’d put it out there.

I hope you have a great night and I do hope to see you soon. Maybe
even that photographer’s lunch.

Take care,

You did it again…more killer shots! love it!

Awesome location and awesome couple!! Sweet work guys!

I thought I had already left a comment for these images! They are awesome, gorgeous, bright…overall, awesome!

These are amazing!!!! I know I just started following your awesome blog, but I should of scrolled back further to see the all that is awesome and so much more! Love 2, 5, and 8!