serina and aldos pre-prom session

what memories come to mind when i say the word “prom?”
good, bad, or indifferent, prom night is a special night that, usually, only happens once in a lifetime.
the way i see it is, if you’re lucky, you get to go to a prom.
if you’re really lucky, you get to go with someone other than your mom.
if you’re extremely lucky, you get to go with someone as beautiful as serina.
aldo is that lucky.
that’s not to say that aldo isn’t a good looking dude. please… if i were a teenage girl i’d have posters of him all over my walls. but i digress. and we’re back on subject in 3, 2, 1…
serina’s parents (ruben y monica) asked us to snap a few shots to remember the big day. the whole ohana was there to send serina and aldo off in style, including serina’s bonita little sister julissa. more on the ohana later. let’s get back to serina and aldo.

fact: serina’s prom dress was made out of sparkle encrusted hotness…


no question, the hottest couple at the prom.

serina’s smile lit up at least half of balboa park that day.





this is what happens when serina turns her smile up to full power.



aldo’s GQ cover shot.







flower time


the non-parental-chaperoned-prom-night suggested minimum safe distance. :)
sorry ruben. it was worth a shot.



no need to vote. here’s your prom king and queen. just walk in and demand they hand over the crowns you two.

serina’s beautiful ohana (including aldo).

your car has arrived.
serina and aldo, we hope your prom was awesome. thank you all for allowing us to capture this special moment.

p.s. if you’d like to see more shots of serina and aldo, head over to april’s blog by clicking here.


These are rockin!!Gorgeous couple too. I really like the shots on the stairs and that sunflare one. I wanna go to prom!

Wowza! You never cease to amaze me, you are just total rockers. I can’t pick a favorite, not even gonna try. I’m feeling ill… back to my hole now.

She IS incredibly gorgeous and looks perfectly pretty for her age. Her dress is crazy too. And look at you busting out with the Spanish!!

These sure beat the snapshots by parents in the living room.

So cute! Lovin your flare!

so awesome, i’m speachless… well, mostly…


I wish I would of had a professional photographer take my prom pictures. waaah. Mine are borrrring. If these two don’t win king and queen, there should be a revolt! Gorgeous couple and great pictures of them!

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Love #3, so storybook. These are all so stylish and fun…everything a prom should be!

love it! seriously, how cute/beautiful are they?! both their smiles are downright infectious!! AWESOME job you guys! they are going to cherish these forever. :D

i totally wish i could’ve had prom pics like these! simply beautiful!

These are so cool! I’d love to have prom pics like these. They are truly a gorgeous couple. She should be a model with that face and smile =) I really love the shots on the steps and the one of him in the background and her laughing and the one of her against the wall.

No question!
Great looking couple who were rather blessed to have a fantastic photographer! Dang! I wish MY prom photos were like that!

Fantastic photos of such a memorable time in their lives! I love the one between the palm trees and the close ups with the out of focus background. Lovely couple!

incredible my man! great images. super stylin’ !!

Wow! Great pictures!!! I wish I had some like that from my prom! Ok, first of all, I think that is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen!!! Serina is a beautiful girl and her smile is absolutely infectious! Aldo, you can definitely hold your own! :) Gorgeous couple! The shots are amazing! The first one really caught my attention. I’m not a photographer, so this may be a stupid question, but how did you do that? Making everything around them move, but they’re standing still? Very cool! I love the black and white photo of them also! I REALLY can’t wait for you to take my picture!!!!

That dress, my goodness, is FABULOUS. And the photos…..goigeous, goigeous, goigeous (she says in her best New Jersey accent). Yeah, you guys rock!

Ok … so this is one of the BEST ideas I have seen in awhile. I don’t know of anyone out here in the midwest who does ‘pre-prom’ photos. What a fantastic idea!
You did an amazing job!

Those look sooooo similar to my senior prom photos. Except mine were done in front of a really awesome pastel background, with air-brushed stars in the sky, and roman pillars surrounding us. And the girl looked bored. And the guy. . . .looked. . . .awwwkward. Besides that, these are pretty much the same.

Where were you when I needed you most in 1998? Incredible shots here, David.


These are so amazing! Make prom look way better than it did when I went!!

Gorgeous! What an adorable couple. Hope your prom was so fab, guys! :)

I love these! Everyone is going to be sad about their own prom photos now that you’ve raised the bar so high. :) This girl has such a great smile.

Wow.. times have changed since I was in high school where your dad took out his camera and shot a few shots of you at the bottom of the stairs! Haha.. and I am not even that old! Great session once again.. I am sure all of her friends are going to be super jealous!

These are so great! What a great memory. I love her dress!! These are much better than the cheesy shots that are taken at prom. So glad you got these for them!

dude these are WAY better than the pics I took of my brother’s prom group. lol

The first one totally rocks my face off!

I wish I would have thought of this back when I went to prom. All I have is the photo they take at prom with the little saying they put at the bottom of the print…All I remember is that it said something cheesy!

Again, just unreal. Gorgeous subjects and gorgeous pictures. What a wonderful keepsake you gave their families!! Just beautiful!!



thanks so much everyone!!

it totally helps when you have an incredibly beautiful & fun couple to shoot.

they were one of the funnest people we’ve shot, always laughing and went along with every stupid thing we asked!

serina & aldo rocked!!

These are just beautiful!!! I wish I had some like this from my prom…..uhmmmm wait no I don’t! haha Maybe if I looked that good at mine then I would have. :)

Just Gawgeous!!! So wished I would of had kick ass images like these for my prom!!

Are you for real?!?! Those are the coolest prom pictures EVER!!!!! AMAZING!!! Who knew prom photos could look so good. These are definately not like the ones I had taken in front of my house and my boyfriends house. LOL Great work!

I’m pretty sure I would have killed my parents had they hired a professional photographer to take prom pictures of my date and me. I was such a nerdy little teenager and so UNComfortable in front of the camera!

Having said that- I believe you did an amazaing job capturing the beginnings of a big night- what fun memories to have for S!

these are THE coolest prom pics I’ve ever seen! ;)

Wow, what a ridiculously good lookin’ young couple! I was definitely in an “awkward phase” at prom time and I certainly don’t have any photos that even approach the level of coolness of these… nice work!

Just adore these photos! Oh how great to have beautiful prom pictures that are unique to all the posey cheesy pictures everyone always gets. What a lucky couple!

AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL…WOW! My prom was certainly not this much fun & the photos were horrible in comparison. what a wonderful & exciting way to capture the memories. These guys are gorgeous and now are probably the envy of everyone. This was so cool!

once again bro! very creative shoots. Great job…

She is stunning! These photos of them are just gorgeous and unique to your usual cheesy prom pics. Great work! Love the ones of her leaning against the wall and the flare ones!

She’s got one powerful smile! LOL :) …great stuff as always.

I want prom pictures like these! I may have to travel from Orange County to San Diego to get some tho =) Totally worth it!

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Gorgeous prom photos!

These prom pictures are absolutely beautiful!

Simply put, stunning. Perfect prom pictures.