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ah it’s friday friday! super busy friday, but before getting locked into work we kicked the day off with good friends at the first showing of captain america. what can we say? we love movies, especially ones with super heroes throwing a beat down on some goons! getting back to work though, we seriously have a crazy busy schedule coming up. client meetings, engagement sessions, heading out to new york for jason + thu’s awesome wedding. while in new york we’ll be doing two quick sessions for talented photographers jenn + ben, and jaymie and his rad family. hopefully new york cools like 30 degrees by the time we get there. fingers crossed!

now on to our insanely fun and equally hot couple grace + jared.

grace comes from a long line of gorgeous and fun girls who, coincidentally, happen to work together and happen to be our beautiful brides. thanks to the nice words of one of our favorite brides of all time, karmina, grace joins tiffany, eunice, and joann (you haven’t met her yet, but you will). all of these girls are photogenic beyond words and some of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

speaking of sweet, we started grace and jared’s engagement session in mission hills then found a sweet spot in point loma. you know you have a rad couple when you start to ask them if there is anything they won’t do for a picture and before you finish the question they say no. with that said, they were climbing on tractors, wrapping themselves in chains, snake charming dirty hoses and climbing dead trees. while shooting the last 10 minutes or so grace said, “i really have to pee, but i’ll tough it out for pictures.” we offered to stop and she said “i went.” ha ha ha, she had us rolling. insert scene from dumb and dumber when harry and lloyd are riding the mini bike through the rockys. “just go man” came to mind.

grace + jared thanks for being so awesome! we can’t wait to see you in hawaii in november (another session perhaps?) and of course at your wedding at scripps seaside forum next year!

so, haaaaave you met grace + jared?

San Diego wedding photography

Scripps Seaside Forum wedding

engagement session in San Diego


engagement session in Point Loma California

fun engagement photo session in San Diego

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San Diego wedding photographers

engagement session in San Diego


San Diego wedding photography

Scripps Seaside Forum wedding photography


fun engagement session in Point Loma

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Grace and Jared engagement photos in San Diego

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sunset engagement session in San Diego

Scripps Seaside Forum wedding photography in San Diego

San Diego wedding photographers

engagement session in Point Loma

Scripps Seaside Forum wedding photography

sunset engagement session in San Diego

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San Diego wedding photographer

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These are so much fun! I really love that your couples are so beautiful and silly! They will look back and these and really feel how much they loved each other.

I just stumbled on you and spent over an hour on your site this morning! I adore the fun in your pictures. You all have a lot of beautiful couples and equally beautiful pictues!
I’m in love with the chain series and the tractor, incredibly fun and unique! I think I’d make that tractor shot a big canvas, it’s just so beautiful, for having a tractor in it (= The sun light in the last few is amazing!

Gaaahhhh!!! I love this session! The black and white pics are gorgeous!

OMG these are so freaking cute!!!

The 2nd image I think is my favorite. I adore the squishy face ones too! Super cute couple, and yes you pretty much get the hottest couples.

These are incredible!! The ones with the chains are ridiculously fun. Great stuff, as always. ;)

She is beautiful! The chains remind me of the Tears for Fears song Woman in Chains. Ha! I love this whole set!

Yah they’re pretty much hot stuff! Love all the laughing series shots. You really can feel their love in these pics! (=

How is it possible to be so dang cute AND hot at the same time!?! Love this session!

That is one hot couple for sure! I love how happy they look! The last few pix are gorgeous!

Man…love the chain shots. I honestly have never seen anything like that. But wait i’ve not really seen most of the stuff from you Love it.

In awe of the awesomeness that is this session! Love literally every single one =)

Are you kidding with how cute these two are!? So jealous of your hot fun couples and your incredibly awesome creativity and talent! Always stop by for some inspiration!

one more thing- I’m basically planning on having the pictures of us you put here (which we loved by the way!) all over our house. well, if its possible to do that and not appear to be a complete narcissist.

[…] seriously though,it was awesome, but we pretty much knew it was going to be after doing their engagement session. […]