Sandra & Michael’s Wedding at the Catamaran Resort

drum roll please. (insert recorded drum roll sound here or make your own.) the first wedding posted on our brand spankin new blog is…sandra and michael!! congrats you two. aren’t you glad you waited this late in the year to get married? sandra and michael got married at the Catamaran Resort by the beach here in San Diego. if you need a quick refresher on these two go check out their engagement session we did earlier this year on our old blog. all caught up? sweet! let’s check out the wedding.

sandra was having some fun rockin the veil

sandra looked absolutely amazing

some of the locals

sandra’s 1st peek at michael. such an awesome moment.

not sure if this was a simple hand shake or if this guy was tipping michael for getting him a front row seat. sly move my man.

candy corn anyone?

don’t even think about questioning their fanhood.

sandra and michael are big time Chargers fans, so we had to throw in some bolts with the rings. hmm…bolts, rings. what if…

mike grabbed a mic and caught us all off guard when he broke into song for his lovely new bride. would i lose “man points” if i said it was sweet?

michael wasn’t the only entertainment at this party. since they were newlyweds now, sandra and michael decided to “auction” their season tickets for the next San Diego Chargers home game at Qualcomm Stadium and stay home from their usual sunday outing. no, this wasn’t a cash auction. it was a dance off and the competition was fierce. here’s a look at the superfan that won the prized seats.

i especially liked the footwork. very nice.

i want to thank these two beautiful ladies for being the life of the dance floor and showing everyone how it’s done. they got the party started and kept it going all night. guess which song they were dancing to here. was it A) YMCA, B) The Chicken Dance, C) Walk Like an Egyptian, D) Macarena, E) Whoomp, There It Is.

i loves me some bubbles

thanks also to sandra and michael for being such a fun couple and inviting us to share some major moments in your life. congratulations to you both. we wish you a lifetime of health and happiness together. God Bless.

always and…

we also want to thank our good friend nely for coming along. she’s part of our extended ohana & we absolutely love working with her. click here to check out some of her work.


Love it, man! The new blog these images…wow. Stoked for you!

I LOVE THEM!!! Those veil shots are amazing! She looks absolutely gorgeous! That Chargers Super Fan is awesome. I also love that under the veil blue sky shot! Beautiful work as always guys!

WOW! This couple looks like they were so fun to photograph. I love your shots of the rings, especially the floating ring shot. Although I am partial to the helmet one :) That view is incredible, makes me miss San Diego even more. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous couple.

This is all you could come up with, a new blog and some wedding pics?…JK
WOWIE KAZOOWIE! I love the new look, especially the bamboo. You guys rocked these wedding pics. My fav is all the Charger pics. Too Cool!
Many blessings to you guys!

Oh yeah, so glad you have the larger pictures. Gives you more to love! :)

eddie ~ thanks a lot!

dawn ~ you crack me up, if we ever get a break we should try to shoot out at venice sometime.

Beautiful work David! I think you must have given the pom-pom guy some dance lessons! :)

These are awesome. Love the Chargers cake.
My fav is the ring shot. LOVE it!

My fav is the bubbles! That shot just epitomizes happy to me. I do love the alter shot, has a nice vintage feel to me.

The peaking out of the veil walking down the isle is priceless. You captured the emotion of this couple bee-u-tifully! How sweet he sang to her,I want that! No man points lost :)

Ahhhh so gorgeous! I’m sooooo loving the huge images. But I tolja that already :)

These are fabulous!!! I love them- And I love the new blog!!! It rocks!! The awesome background texture adds a great vibe to your blog!

Sweet Detail! Your ring shots are rockin!

What a fun wedding! The bride looks beautiful and the pictures are awesome. Love the new and improved size. Oh yeah, GO CHARGERS!

awesome! the big pics make such a huge difference!

the ring shots are killer! wowza! april and i were wondering what was taking you guys so long outside…that shot was worth it!

Once again, I am loving the new blog! The images are beyond gorgeous! You guys did an awesome job!

These look great David – am loving dancing guy!! Made me laugh! New blog looks great – congrats.

Sweet!!! Love the new blog. And wonderful job with this wedding. Love the ring shots.

These pictures are beautiful!!!!You guys are awesome! Everyone looks amazing, and love dancing guy.

Yeah!!! We had such fun looking at the pictures. I knew you would do such an awsome job.

thanks again for being the easiest and best part of the wedding. Im sharing you with everyone.
sandra & Mike

WOW! I love your blog, and the images are all super duper! Can’t wait to see more of these huge images…great job!

Loving the new blog it is SUPER ridiculously cool! I need to get me something neato like this. :) I love how you captured just how fun this couple and their wedding was….beautiful ring shots!

Great shots! Love the shoes in the foreground & b/g in the background shot! Great new blog too :)

These shots are killer!! So hard to pick a favorite- but the bubbles one is awesome – you are incredibly unique, and we love seeing that!!!
The dance off guy scares me a little bit, though.

i LOVE the new blog! The large pics look beautiful. I especially love the ring pic and the veiled bride. Very sweet.

That shoe shot rocks! You rock as always! :)

Sweet blog! Rudy did a great job. Awesome rings shots too!

Hi David & Kim,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

Your Catamaran wedding is absolutely gorgeous. There are too many favorites to choose from. All you images are truly stunning!

Yay awesome new blog!!!

Love love love the bubbles shot, so sexy and fun at the same time! You guys rock (as usual!)


These are lovely! The detail shots especially blow me away!

Hey guys! Awesome! All of your images have so much movement- I love them!

These are such great shots from Sandra and Mike’s wedding. I knew you would do a great job for them. I also love the quotes on the blog.

I need to see if we can schedule time with you guys for our Christmas pictures.


Gaylene Xanthopoulos

love the ring shot with the helmet in the background! Your detail shots are killer!

What a great looking wedding! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier bride! Beautiful pictures!!! Congrats!

Okay, did the groom REALLY have a Charger lightning bolt as an earring???
That’s freakin’ AWESOME! =)

Oh yeah, and your shots David…are Amazing as usual. I love the detail shots! Excellent work!

cory ~ the dancing guy did awesome all by himself. if he took lessons from me he’d have cake thrown at him.

nely~ thank you again for being there with us you rock! i’ll admit kim & i got a little carried away with the ring shots. as you know we LOVE the Cha-gahs!

tana~ if the pictures of dancing man made you laugh you shoulda been there! i think he was dancing to beat it by MJ

christine ~ thanks! it was sooo easy to capture this couples energy and fun. they are a riot!

sophie ~ i can’t take credit for the shoes/foreground shot. that was kim :)

ashley $ jeremy ~ we love the bubbles one too. thanks for the unique comment. we try REALLY hard.

tanya ~ no YOU rock!

louis ~ rudy is awesome louis, no question.

melissa ~ totally agree on the bubbles shot that’s EXACTLY what kim said about it.

amber dawn ~ yah he did! michael gave us a run for our money as the biggest chargers fans.

thank you everyone for coming by we are blessed with all these awesome kick @ photogs, friends & family and mostly our clients our new found extended ohana! we appreciate all your kind words immensely! you guys make us feel warm and fuzzy! mmmm…warm and fuzzy. *homer voice*

All great shots, you guys!
The last of the pom-pom series made me LOL.

David and family –

I wanted to tell you that I love the new blog. The header rocks, and the bigger pictures do a good job really showing your work. Plus I wanted to say that you have really done a good job at keeping each wedding fun and fresh. I’ve been really impressed. Keep up the great work and look forward to talking to you hopefully soon!

P.S. Thanks for the nice comments regarding Ian, its’ been a handful, but we couldn’t be happier.

– Jason