san diego wedding photographers take over downtown!

if there were a headline, that’s what it would say. headline or not, kim and i, along with a bunch of our san diego wedding photographer friends, braved arctic sixty five degree winds to do a fun portrait session with the smokin hot helena, erik, and lauren in downtown san diego. we have to give our models huge props for being out there in dresses (don’t worry erik, we won’t post any of those :) some of us were out there in parka’s, uggs, and earmuffs. kim, as usual, was in shorts. she’s wired all wrong. sadly, april was not able to make it out because she had the black lung that day. anyway, here’s what kim and i came up with.
this first one is of lauren doing what she does… making cool look hot.

here’s helena staring down the sun and showing it who’s hotter.

lauren at last light

helena on wheels (sorry, i had to do it.)

lauren gets the gamer of the day award. that water was about 50 degrees, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at lauren. she jumped right in and made it look like a hot tub in phoenix in july.

helena and lauren teamed up and stopped traffic (and random guy) :)

helena’s smile is warm like sunshine.

here’s helena with her man erik, heatin’ the streets.

lauren’s eyes are amazing. there’s a lotta fierceness in there.

thank you helena and erik for walking all over downtown and for being down with all of our photo requests. you both look amazing.

in between poses, lauren and helena spiced things up a bit. :)

after wading in ice cubes for a while lauren was stoked to be out and wrapped in a blanket. thank you for braving the cold lauren. you gave us some amazing images.


Holy Crap, these are insanely good!!!!!! Next time you play trash the dress please tell us!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh did you say artic 65 degrees???? cause its like currently 18 degrees with a windchill taking it to sub zero temps… they have all kinds of dont go outside advisories so you know body parts dont freeze off… 65 would be a heatwave we’d be getting the shorts out and opening all the windows and doors.. and as a side note.. Seriously freakin cool session love them all cant even pick a favorite love them all that much.. stay warm..

Great work as always my friends. It floors me that you only posted this a few hours ago and you already have 26 feedback comments.

Oh, wow!! How fun! These shots are amazing! I LOVE the lighting you have captured!

You guys rock! AMAZING shots!

“Hotter than a hot tub in Phoenix in July” You’re absolutely right! As always, my jaw has to be picked up off the floor. You guys are the bomb! (Do people still say that?)

Twit-Twew!! (That’s my virtual whistle :D) These are some seriously fantastic photos! I love them!

i almost made milk come out of my nose with the comment you left me on my blog, PLUS the little animated images o the two chicks grinding on each other. too funny. these are great. have an awesome christmas!

I LOVE all of these, they are so hot, but OMG those ones in the water are un-freaking-believable! I can not begin to tell you how fabulous those photos are. As for you Mr, I really really hope that you will be in Vegas for WPPI since I’m flying thousands and thousands of miles to come and meet with my fabulous photog friends :) I can’t wait to meet you and Kimi :)

Did you say artic 65 degree weather? Gimme a break man, try 7 degrees!

Love these! Beautiful as always. You guys always take it to another level. I sincerely enjoy viewing your images.

I’m officially inviting you guys to come out to the east coast to enjoy our wonderful winter. Let me know when your coming :)

“Arctic 65 degree weather”! Funny. These are really gorgeous. Have a Merry Christmas!

Oh yeah, workin' the magic. Fantastic photos. Love the B&W shot of Lauren in the water holding the wooden pole. There's a beautiful sexiness to the entire photo. Great stuff!

Hey David,
Thanks for the greet man. I wish I could have gone with you guys on this one. #5’s expression is just priceless and the little ray of light on #17 is a nice find. =)

Merry christmas to you and your family. Thanks for being an inspiration


Holy Smokes! These are AMAZING! One after another–just gorgeous. The models are beautiful, obviously, but the shots, the locations, the poses–everything came together. Perfect!

i think you guys just rocked the hotodometer off the charts! wayyyyy too many top faves — but something about that second to last one is my top, top favorite. absolutely awesome work! have a warm, merry, toasty holiday you guys! :D

Wow you guys, these are some amazing shots! LOVE the shots of Lauren in the water. Suh-mokin!

Hope you guys have a great holiday!

AWESOME! Love the one of Lauren that is kind of green with the poles (in the water). Sooooo good!! All of them!

good…. grrrrrief!!!!! ohana does it again… and again… and AGAIN… love!

Hi, just found your blog off Jasmine Star! Your work is gorgeous and so high-fashion! I love the one of her standing in the water next to the poles! Are you guys in Hawaii? We hopefully will be moving back next year. It’s just too cold and dry for us here in SLC.

I am in love w/ that first image! Once again, making me sad I left SD.

SIZZLE! These are great! Can we say, Jealous. Love em.

holy hell where have i been? What fantastic work guys and so h h h h h h h h h h oooootttttttt shots!!! and the new sig keeping it real with the older one. Love it guys

LOVE this post!!! You guys are so amazing- I am always blown away! :) Personal favorites are 3, 4 and 6!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!
Happy Holidays!!

absolutely amazing shots!! I love all of them, no surprise here :)

GORGEOUS!! i love everything about these images. beautiful people, beautiful light, beautiful settings!

thanks for stopping by my blog! :) keep up the awesome work.

I love the one where she is in the water – TIGHT. What a fun shoot.

Incredible shoot – what fun!!! Gorgeous models and awesome outcome! Love the water shots – stunning!! Amazing as always!
Merry Christmas my friends!

These are AWESOME! It ws so nice to finally meet you guys last week!

Yall took downtown over and rocked it I love these!!!

Dude, these are smokin’! Love that location and love even more what you guys did with it. Stunning! I missed you at KISS, so I gots to meet you in 2009! Happy holidays, man!

Fabulous! Gorgeous! Wow-eee….
I could stare at the pictures all day long!

I want to get in one of your southern cal photo shoots damn it.
You still doing the one in AZ in Feb?

It is impossible for these shots to be anymore awesome! Looks like such a cool location too. I’m really in love with all of these, but #11 and #13 really caught my eye – they’re amazing :) Maybe in 2009 I can make it down to SD to join you guys on one of your awesome shoots!

Wow! You guys did an AMAZING job on this! Love them all, esp #4!!! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas! See you in Jan hopefully!! ~ C

ALL of the photos are AWESOMEEEE. It seems great locations. Great job guys!!!!!

Wow great pictures but the 4th one is just amazing keep up the good work

Wow-lots of fun happening down south. Love the spunk in these! The action shots are pretty SWEET!!!

Dang, it always takes me a year and a half to go through your posts! So many great images here.

I love these images. I LOVE your work!!!
Hope you had a great Christmas!
Have a Happy New Year :)))

Best wishes…

I am seriously SPEECHLESS!! HOT or maybe I should say HAUT! These are amazing…breathtaking. As usual YOUR CREATIVITY is most inspiring. Thanks for sharing…

you guys WIN. this is serious heat. lovin the shots you got in that cool pool… man.. i swear it. i am suuuper sad i missed it, i was so ready to be there, but some last minute stuff came up.. looks like ya’ll had some major fun… and the brides were both rockin’.

and again.. your “model/fashionist” eye sooo shows.. ya’ll got IT. i am a FAN of OHANA!

Dang, you tortured these girls (and guy), but who cares the images are awesome.

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that your work is awesome! I love how you think out of the box. Just wish it didn’t take 20+ minutes for your blog to load all the pictures on DSL. :-( Do you know any way I could get it to load faster?

Holey Cow! These are awesome! I can’t choose, I love them ALL!!!

ok, some words…
fab fab fab work!
love them all….

There are so many great images it’s hard to pick a favorite! I love the one in the water though!

boy oh boy, i love checking out your blog. every entry is so much fun! love, love, love your work. happy 2009!

Wow… I love them all, especially the ones with the blue… and the skateboard!

great bridal shoot, amazing work!

Ahhhmazing!!! I love them all!

You San Diego Wedding Photographers have all the fun! I need you to take family portraits of our family!

I’m always blown away by your style and unique photographs.

Beautiful photographs, wedding or other =)