on this day

Darlington House wedding in San Diego

the year was 19 something and a little room at sharp memorial hospital was filled to capacity with big emotions.

pain, fear, frustration, exhaustion, empathy, courage, determination, triumph, love, pride, ultimate joy.

while many breaths were being held, one was being taken, for the first time.

in one moment, screams turned to silence, silence turned to cries, and cries turned to smiles.

in that room, two regular people became parents and one tiny life, suddenly became the meaning of theirs.

in that room, a couple became a family.

in that room, on this day, in that year, kim was born.

it has been a special day ever since.

every year that we have known each other i have been able to celebrate kim’s birthday and thank her parents for bringing her into this world, until now. sadly, this is her first birthday that we will not be able to celebrate with her father. as many of you know, pops passed away in june. he is dearly missed. not a day goes by that we don’t think of him, especially days like today. without him, there would be no kim… no us.

today i thank kim’s mom, who is still with us, and with tear-filled eyes i look to the heavens to also thank God and pops for giving us this precious gift they named kim.

kim, i love you so much. way more than i could ever write, copy, and paste in a blog. we all do. i am forever grateful to have you in my life. i love your family, and the one we have created together. i’ve never found a bag of money that fell out of an armored car, a winning lottery ticket, or one-eyed-willy‘s riches, but i found you, and that makes me the luckiest man alive.


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family portrait photographers in San Diego

family portrait session in San Diego by Ohana Photographers

vintage family photo at Yosemite

classic vintage retro family photo

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fun San Diego wedding photography by Ohana

i don’t know if the following images make much sense, but they made me laugh at 4am, so i threw em in. need sleep. must party on.

fun family portrait photographer in Hawaii

Disneyland family portrait session by Ohana Photographers

Disneyland family portrait session by Ohana Photographers

Disneyland family portrait session by Ohana Photographers

Disneyland family portrait session by Ohana Photographers

San Diego family portrait session by Ohana Photographers

Disneyland Marvel comics family portrait session by Ohana Photographers

fun Disneyland family portrait session by Ohana Photographers

and this will probably be kim’s reaction when she sees this post.

San Diego wedding and family portrait session by Ohana Photographers



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Happy Birthday to the most beautfiul, wonderful, amazing woman!!!!! Stop working & go enjoy your birthday!!!! I love you!! :) ♥

Three words for you Kimi Baxter…Treat Yo Self! Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Kim!

Every once in a while you meet someone who makes your life better just by knowing them. You have such an amazing spirit! I’m blessed to know you another year. ♥ Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Those pictures? Seriously??? Happy birthday moooooooooooom!! Love you!!

happy birthday beautiful kimmi, you are amazing!!!! David you are the sweetest =)

Happy birthday! What a lovely post!

Wow, David, what a beautiful BLOG, with beautiful pictures. Just know, and I know I am not speaking for just myself, but you are SO inspiring…the LOVE that you have for your wife, Kim, and your beautiful kids, and the LOVE you have for Photography. It truly shows. Thank you for sharing it all with the world.

Happy birthday Kim. Wish you many more great years to come. You are a blessing to your fam and to others with your inspirational work!

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend! Miss you!