cop cars make the best backdrops

mad love.
two words in a long list of english expressions that could have multiple meanings, yet in this context has but one. it is a description of colleen and john’s love for each other. in their eyes and through their acts it is visible to all. every moment shared between them that we witnessed was filled with happiness, smiles, lover’s glances, and long embraces. colleen and john are madly in love with each other…
and we love them for it!
we had perma-grins on our faces the entire time we were doing colleen and john’s engagement session in balboa park. we see people in-love all the time, but colleen and john took it to a whole new level.
we got mad love fo ya colleen and john!

Gangstaaaaaaaaaaas… chicka chicka yah. what’s up guys?

thank you colleen and john for not being afraid of a little pda. you two are smokin hot all on your own, but when you’re together you’re like lava. we can’t wait for your wedding at orfila vineyard!

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O EM GEE! I adore her dress! They look amazing! You guys are always so creative and different. Love the magazine type feel to your pictures, it always makes your couples look fabulous and more importantly hot!

The leaf pic and the last 2 are amazing!

i was scrolling through and I was trying to remember which ones I loved most of all. it started with the leaves…fantastic and then as I started to scroll down more and more I realized that I was finding more and more creative faves. That sculpture they you posed them on was awesome too. I just love how you had them lean on the police car! That gave me a chuckle! Always great work!!!

So creative! Love the ones with the humongous leaf!

fun! hard to pick favorites, they're all awesome! but i think the leaf pics are my faves!

I just adore how your pictures are always so different and fun. With that being said I LOVE THEM ALL! That police car shot is HAWT tho!

I am so in love with this gorgeous color. They are so fun and unique!

Great Work! I especially love the picture of them above the Miller Lite truck or what seems to be a truck! :)

Day-um Gina! That is all! :D

awesome shots w/ the leaves & my fav, making out on jonny's car!!!

Whoa! Hotness! You guys rock!

These are gorgeous! <3 I love the last one! :D :D


MEOW! Can you say hot?!?!? That cop car shot is very steamy! You really pushed the limits on this one, I adore the first leaf shot and the reflection shot. Great work David!

Oooooo LOVE the leafy ones. Holy moly!

cop cars DO make for the best backdrops, and so do huge, awesome green leaves.

Super sexy! Loving the leaf ones as well. Bunch of favorites.

Yummy loving on a cop car…tickets any one…Love it…

Love the tropical rain forest looking shots :). The shot with them on the cop car? Now thats priceless!

3rd one from the bottom ow ow ow! Totally hot couple!

HOT, HOT, HOT!! Man, that last one is STEAMY! I love the leaf one's, the reflection and the police car! U2 came on the radio today, I thought of you guy's!

Dude diggin the hot cop car shot. and I love the shot of them at the top of mT miller. HA HA HA Ohana "taste Greatness" That should be your new slogan. LOVE IT GUYS!!!

i love the leaf shots! and the cop car. they are all so awesome!!!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! That police car is a classic shot!! Great job!

Hot… where are the handcuffs? ;)

Wow, this was worth the wait….btw: yes, where are the handcuffs? Great job!!!

What!? You can't have them on the top of a bus and not explain yourself. Or did I miss that part.
Love this shoot you guys. Awesome work. Uuhgen!

man that last shot is unbelievable! It would make it even better if you didn't get permission first :)

always unique and so so special! Wonderful vibe to these.

As always your pics punched me in the face with awesomeness! That leaf shot is phenomenal and that last shot, well hotness to the max!

loving the leaf shot with only half of their faces. this is def a smokin' session!!

You photograph the most beautiful brides/grooms-to-be. Seriously amazing

OMGosh the leaf one is STUNNING!!!!!!! And the beer one – awesome! Fantastic session!!

erica – lol we totally did not get permission. we saw the cop get out of the car and go into a shop and kim told the couple to run over there and lay on the car. i wish we got permission, then we could of got really crazy!

Steamy hot! That last one is amazing!

That is one hot couple right there! You guys always get the hottest and funnest couples!

Giant Leaf = sweet shot!

hot, Hot, HOTTT!!! Love the creative compositions guys (you guys are always rockin' the cool compositions!) The photo with the big huge leaf…… WOW, GORGEOUS!!!! And the last photo, goes without saying….H. O. double T…. HOTT!!

SO many favs here: the leaf, the water, the shot atop the beer truck. You guys never cease to surprise me with what you come up with next. Keep on being the inspiration that you are :)

Love her dress and the shots with the leaf and the first few next to the corrugated door are my fav! So amazing!

Laughing so hard at that last photo…it IS my FAVORITE!!!!

The last picture is very creative – Passion no matter what or who is around!
I LOVE the ones with the humongous leaf! Defiantly my favorite

Hot HoT Hot couple and seriously hot pics especially those last 3 pics wow, just wow.

Holy crapamaole these are awesome! One of my favorite sessions of yours! I wish I had sexytime pictures of my hubs and me back when we got married or before or after or… I'm lucky to get a sexy touch tmi? :p Anyway, this couple is so lucky to have such awesome pics when they're young and hot! Nice job guys!

seriously amazing! that last one on the cop car is hot =) and that shot of that huge leaf…looks like a commercial or an ad for aveeno or something =) loving it!

Holy HOT couple batman! THese are insane! Wow, I hope this couple loved their pics as much as I do! I can't get over them! The big leaf is UH-FRICKEN-MAZING, the cop car shot ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! I could go on, but I just can't without passing out from awesomeness overload! You.Have.Thee.Raddest.Couples.PERIOD.

I think your couples are all models. These shots are SO hot!

That leaf shot is spectacular!!!

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