san diego style party at la casa de valle

there are some things that neither time nor distance affect. things that we hold dear. things that have a special vip room in our heart reserved for them. i am talking about friendships. the kind of friendships that are forged in youth and tempered through commonality. by enduring the same trials and reaching a shared goal we become bonded in a way that life, with it’s many twists and turns, cannot undo. my closest friends from childhood no longer live on my street. we don’t ride our bikes together every morning or meet up for lunch every afternoon, yet i think of them every day. the times we share today, rare and fleeting as they may be, are special to me.
elizabeth, jeff, and all their friends must feel the same way because every year they put everything aside and meet at la casa de valle for an amazing party. it’s one of those rare times when everyone gets to catch up and have a little fun, or a lot :)
every time i walk into their home i feel like i am stepping into a platinum wedding reception. this party was no exception. last year’s party was awesome, but elizabeth and jeff outdid themselves this time. it was so nice that one of elizabeth and jeff’s friends came up to me and said the decorations were nicer than some weddings she has been to. another friend told kim that, since the home looked so nice and we were there with our cameras, he wanted to bring his daughter and her fiance’ to have their reception there.
to sum it up, this party RULES ALL PARTIES!
i’ll let jeff and elizabeth show you around :)

this party was made even more special when they brought out a surprise birthday cake for elizabeth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

a party wouldn’t be a party without a super sweet candy bar. these are always a big hit every time we see them at a party. for more ideas on setting up a candy station of your own check out some of the work by amy atlas events. (she didn’t do this party, but she does some beautiful work.)

tangerine mango blow pops… check :)

mini sirloin burgers :)

literally every person at the party was beautiful except for one, but i was hiding behind a camera :) seriously, everyone looked sooooo good.

how do you know when your party is a success?
everyone is smiling at the end of the night :)
thank you for having us over again elizabeth and jeff. we had more fun than a dancing queen :) can’t wait for your next party!
also, i have to send a huge mahalo to Justin at Authentic Flavors Catering for putting everything together so beautifully, making delicious food all night long, and giving us so many incredible details to shoot.
fyi potential clients, everything Justin touches turns to AWESOME. if you ever need an event to be perfect give him a call.
now that you’ve seen the beautiful details, make sure you watch the slideshow below to see the beautiful people.


Wow now THAT'S a party full of hotties! Holy smokes how can I get in that click ;] Beautiful detail pictures, and that set up is to die for. Kudos to her and her caterers for such an incredible job decorating!
Oh and Happy Birthday to the lovely lady!

oh. my. gah. they got it goin onnnnnn… and ya'll ain't so bad yourselves!! the inflatable um… den is way awesome!!!!!

Dang, people actually have parties like this, I gotta get crashing. LOL! Platinum weddings move OVA! Love that candy station, the food and the decorations are divine. Elegant party for sure and how'd they get so many incredibly good looking people in one venue :)

Seriously. Awesome. I've never seen a bottle of Jack look so pretty. ;p

Inflatable furniture!!! We used to have an inflatable couch until a large friend popped it. :( These are awesome!!!

O.M.G!!! Beautiful people indeed! What are those chocolate covered lollipop thingees? I must know where to find them! I love all the exquisite details!

SERIOUSLY?! I need some new friends…LOL
Great shots, beautiful colors!!

What an awesome party! You guys ROCK at catching the details :)

Firstly, you're too fucking kind!!
Secondly, you managed to make me green with envy AGAIN… bitches.
Thirdly, I have caught myself up to your posts and you guys have such a way of capturing details and moments like NO OTHER!

Wish I was you! Happy Humping and F.M.L. (fuck my life)

Hello Kitty! Looked like a super fun party! Awesome details!

This is my kind of party!!! Beautiful details.

Wow, these images made me feel like I missed out big time! (even though I was never invited.) =)

that party looked AMAZING! amazing details, I'm hungry as all get out now because of the food and wow – the party – wow! Saucy all over! great job guys!!

Hello awesomeness!! :)

I think I need to come to the next one as well. Can you make sure that I get an invite?? :-)

I want to be Laura when I grow up! I love their sense of style and their love for life. If you throw parties like this, you must love to live life to the fullest! Gorgeous details and captures!

oh man that candy bar looked amazzzing!!! food can be hard to photograph and you guys kicked butt!!

Your pics of the details and the dancing are incredible! I love how much fun everyone looks like they're having. You guys really captured some unforgettable moments! I also agree with above that elizabeth has an impeccable sense of style! The decorations and the food look amazing! Brava guys!
Now how can I get invited to one of her soiree's ;)

I LOVE the photos and the slideshow. As usual, you and Kim did an amazing job of capturing all of the details from our party. I would never hire another photographer for any of my events – you guys are the absolute BEST in town! Thank you for helping to make it another perfect evening!

What an Uh-Mazing party! You are right – everyone and everything is gorgeous. What attention to detail by the host and hostess!

Oh Man, I'm in detail shot heaven! What a fantastic party, you are lucky to be able to go! I am drooling all over my keyboard!

So beautiful… and yeah… you're not good looking… Pshhhhhh…. ;-)

Those mini burgers…. Mmmmmmmm… Om nom nom nom….

OMG I wanna go to that party!!! The colors, the decorations, the fun!!!!! I love it all! I knew it was a party for me when I saw Elizabeth's birthday cake!…Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much! That's my saying…it's tattooed on my body! All I can really say about that party is WOW! It truly looked like an amazing time. Next time, don't forget to invite me! :)

beautiful details and the food looks so yum!

AYKM with the inflatable furniture?!?!?!?!?!

Stunning details and equally stunning people! Those burgers look delish and those strawberries ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! I want to go to a wedding where they have those!

wow fun! loving all the details! the inflatable furniture is pretty cool!

Those detail shots are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! So many of them looked like they could be printed in a food magazine or event styling magazine. Beautiful work! I miss seeing your posts.. so now I am going to have to be your blog stalker. Love these shots!!

I agree with the previous post, these detail shots are amazing! So crisp and perfectly documents the decor of this incredible event! If I saw these in magazines I'd most definitely try this vendor and the photographer that shot it! Amazing work!

Wow gorgeous details! Love all the bright colors. Hope the Baxters are doing well. :-)

Damn, these folks know how to throw a bash with style… my trips to Party City are downright embarrassing. LOL. And, need I say, they have awesome taste in photography, too. Best detail spread Ever!

OH EM GEE! These detail shots are UH-MAZING! This girl really knows how to throw a party!
Loved Loved Looooved that slideshow! That's a lot of gorgeous people in one place!
Love your guys work, just plain love it!