San Diego Power Surge Softball

and we’re baaaaaack!!!
a lot has happened since our last post. more on that soon.
today i’d like to introduce everyone to the best 12 and under girls fast pitch softball team in the entire california republic.
i’m talking about san diego’s very own POWER SURGE!
they just squared off against, and soundly destroyed, the only teams in cali that had any chance of challenging them for the title. we were lucky enough to be there to capture a sampling of what they do. after the games, we lined em up told them to look fierce. i think they nailed it. i wouldn’t want to face this bunch.
from left to right they are…
Coach Fred, Sara, Alicia, Kourtney, Kailey, Ahnalin, Carlee, Erin, Coach Scott, Shelby, Amber, Kaylie, Katie, Katie, Tiana, Rebecca, and Coach Vince
now let’s see what they do!

the dust off the glove is just a hint that these girls aren’t afraid to get dirty. keep scrolling.

power surge runners on base were a familiar sight.

in fact, this time-out, while waiting for the other team to bring in a relief pitcher, was the only time i saw these girls standing around. the rest of the time they were running…

and running…

scoring runs.
that’s all they do. they’re like a machine. hey, THAT’S IT!!!
maybe they’re softball terminators!
how can i prove it?
i can’t.

these girls love dirt…

and being safe at 2nd and third.

wanna see more? check out the slideshow below.
yo. turn up my headphones.

we also want to send a huge THANK YOU out to mike.
mike who?
lauren’s dad.
who’s lauren?
we’re getting to it.
sheesh. what is this, 20 questions? :)
ok ok. the 3 degrees of rain are…
rain was on the sharks with lauren.
lauren is rebecca’s sister (and rain’s favorite team mate).
lauren and rebecca are mike’s daughters.
rebecca is a san diego power surge player.
are we all good? sweet.
being back on the field brought back awesome memories of spring 2008.
some of you might remember these next slideshows of rain’s softball team, the sharks, from earlier this year. we had a load of fun documenting rain’s first venture into organized sports. along with the shots of rain, we took shots of all the girls and hooked the parents up with disks at the end of the season. we had a ton of images. if you’d like to see the others CLICK HERE.
thanks again for your support everyone. we really do appreciate it, now more than ever.
enjoy the shows!


What a bitchin’ team shot!

And, turn my headphones up!!!!

these are great you guys. have a wonderful thanksgiving with your ohana!

Awesome Images!!!

SOOOOO ROCKIN’!! That team shot is FANTASTIC!! They are all FANTASTIC!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

These are AWESOME! I especially LOVE the first wiiide one of the team–SO COOL!!!

Dang, this is an awesome set, what a one-of-a-kind gift these girls will cherish forever. LOVE that opening team shot, and the slideshows were full of so many great moments!! Home run! :) Hope all is well with you, and best wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving!

Awesome action and detail shots…plus that 1st image? Yeah, they do look fierce…would NOT mess with them. Congrats to them all!

Thanks for your Thanksgiving wishes on my blog yo! :o)Hope you and your ohana have a blessed day together too!!

That team shot is rockin! They got that don’t mess with us look down! Love the sliding sequence! So cool! Awesome what you did for the kids and parents with the videos too. Those were awesome!

David I was going to pick some favs but man all of these ROCK! Like the dust coming off the glove and that dive to the base, way cool.

I hope every single person on that team orders a HUGE print of that team pic – because as you’ve already been told 18 times, IT FREAKING ROCKS.

have a great thanksgiving! :)

Wow, do they look fierce! In that first picture they look much older than 12 and under. Awesome shots!!

What a great team show. That is just perfect!

That is such a cool team shot… Hope you guys have an awesome thanksgiving. From our Ohana to yours!

-Jaymie, Audrey, Addison and the rest of the J Castro team

Way to pull off some of the most awesome action shots ever!

Oh my gosh these are fricken awesome! After watching the first rockin video and being all pumped up the second videos made me cry! It’s a rollercoaster of emotion on your blog! I love it! Rocked all once again Baxters!

A.MAZ.ING! I wish you guys would post, like 3 or 4 times a day, cuz i can ‘t get enough of your images! These are wonderful! I lovvvvve that first team shot!

Awesome action shots! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Great pics David….I get teary eyed everytime I see the pics from our spring season. You do such a great job capturing emotion in your shots.

More softball photos!! I am such a sucker for those. They all look great! The sliding shots….AWESOME!!

Awesome pix BAAAAAAAAAXXXXXTTTTTTEEEEEEERRRRRR! :) I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

HO-LEE CRAP! How creative is that team pic! Awesome!

god, these are awesome!! I love them all :)

Love that badass team shot!!! Another satisfied group of people for team Ohana. =)

You do amazing photography in everything, but I have missed your sports shots. So glad to see some more!

Happy Thanksgiving guys!!! Hope it’s a blessed one!!

Oh my, I’m scaaared of that! They are a tough looking bunch, one you would refrain from messin’ with! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day, hugs to the fam!

love love girls softball! these shots and slideshows are totally rockin awesome!
that team wide angle shot! wow, they must LOVE that so much…

the dust from the catcher glove is great…

great action shots..
thanks for sharing…

Love the group shot! The action shots are great too. Thanks for sharing! Have a great Thanksgiving guys!

See now you are making me miss basebal.. here we have like 2 or 3 feet of snow.. no hope of baseball til spring.. sigh.. so I will enjoy it through your vision.

That team shot simply ROCKS!!!!

Love the backlit first image to start the series. Makes everything flow and have some grit. Awesome job!

All-Star team anyone?

GREAT pics!!!

Happy thanksgiving, guys!

that second shot…SWEET!Hope you guys had a fabulous holiday!!

Love the wide angle with the coach in the middle!

Awesome sport pictures! I love the one with the helmet the best!! :)

I love the action shots! That first one is the very best team shot I think I’ve ever seen!! Great work David and Kimi!!

The dust coming out of the catcher’s glove is so cool! Love the action in these, you always seem to be in the right spot. Have an awesome weekend and hope to see you again soon!

That first shot with the shadows and the poses is perfect!! Loving all of the action shots too!

Those girls do look fierce! I’m scared! I never played softball, but I know from looking at those pics that I wouldn’t want to go up against them! Bet it brought back some memories Kim! :)

You totally ROCK the sports shots. Love em’.

You guys can shoot anything. WOW. You continue to amaze me and blow me away with your talent. Loving these. detail shots are phenomenal! the dust off the glove, the ump mask and many more…
Love your style man, it’s so natural and im diggin it.

take care ya’ll! =)

p.s. one of these days I’ll hit that jackpot and be the first to comment..just u

That team picture is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! OW OW!

You guys rocked this one as well.. You actually did a softball (I think) session a while ago and LOVED that one too.. I love sports in general – it’s actually something I wanna shoot in the future too!! N-e Ways – that team shot is waaaay killer.. MEAN!

Wow! these softball pictures are killer! That team pic is seriously amazing!

Oh my. I don’t know these girls, but these videos made me tear up. What amazing memories to cherish. Well done.

Thank you ….the pictures of Lauren and Rain are precious. Also seeing the 2008 power surge team brings back such memories, especially with Becca heading out to college. Again, thank you and your wonderful family.

Stumbled on this post via PInterest. What an amazing video remembrance of this little team. Brought tears to my eyes.

Phenomenal team photo! Really moving videos as well!