san diego fashion show sneak peek

hello. my name is david and i’ve been an addict for a few months. it was earlier this year when i started. tempted and intrigued, i thought i’d just try it. “the first one’s free” i was told. what i wasn’t told is that “the first one” is all it takes to leave you helplessly craving more.
today i admit to everyone that i am a fashion photography junkie. it’s siren call has lured me away from wedding photography yet again. resistance is futile. it’s too late for me now, i’m hooked, and i will not be stopping any time soon.
once again i had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and world famous irmina ragauskaite.

kaeli and liz were both looking very avant garde

i was also lucky enough to work with the lovely lauren.

k and b made this chilly san diego water look like a pool in palm springs back in the day with their super rad vintage swimwear.

yes, we had this much fun. a HUGE thanks to all the models for helping make every one of these sessions awesome.

although she is not pictured in this post, i would love to thank the uber talented laura latour for once again being the creative director / stylist / coolest person to work with.
i also have to give props to the fashion design students at the Art Institute of San Diego for making all the cool outfits, except mine :)

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Amazing. I love them all but my faves are the vintage swimwear ones. So hot.

Damn Irmina sold me on every single head piece she is wearing. Hauteness! David the pictures are totally fabulous… fashion photography is definitely one of your calling as you are just as fab doing weddings :).

absolutely brilliant series! :-)

Wow! Just wow… Always brining it up another notch.

AMAZING!!! I would love to go on one of these shoots with you, this looks like so much fun! Who were these shoots for?


Love them all…and wow, that model has amazing blue eyes. The ones of her in the all black….her eyes just jump out at you. Pure awesomeness.

stop taking such hot pics. you are making the rest of us look bad, dontcha know?

I love all of them but the pool shot of her floating in the water!!! Are you kidding? Stop this! :)

David, david, david!!!! These are absolutely sic!!! I think my fave is the 2nd to the last tho, they look like manequins, love it!

Dude these are so unique and stylish. Great stuff bro!!!!



dude you freakin rock-Aaron

Wow, great shots. Unique is the wright word!!!!!

This is fashion and photography at it’s best. :D Lovely photos! And look at those shoes in the last photo! Sweeeet!

OHANA Photographhy: Still rocking the Casbah.

Soooooo fun! Take me along! :)


It takes a lot to leave me speechless..mmmmmmmm. done.
LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!

FASHION. I KNEW IT. I’ve been sayin it in every one that i’ve commented on – you have an eye for that fashion style… Beautiful – As usual.. You guys are easily on the top of my charts… I never hesitate to show folks your site if they want to see what absolute FIRE in photography looks like.. keep doin it!!!

Stunning work David! Love them all

Very Cool David – I love the first set of images the best. I think it’s the hair pieces. Keep up the great work bro – let’s catch up and talk shop one of these days (I’m finding myself in the same boat :).

You are such thee fashion shooter. I was thinking this anyhow as I click on your blog that I have categorized under fashion and then I come up on this. Amazing work as always!

ON FIRE!!!! HOT HOT HOT I do say! You are SMOKIN’ as always. I would have to say this is an ADDICTION you should NOT give up. You are giving me the fever for some of this…ha.ha. This is Art…this is fashion…THIS IS AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!

WOW!!! These are amazing!! What great style! what a dream set! Fantastic job!

What a fun session! Please send us some sunshine here in Ohio!!!! I would like to start working again-wink! Hope you all are well! :-) Jennifer

Amazing! Love all the different styles, and of course your always insanely edgy and creative photos!! I must say I’m happy to hear this is an addiction – can’t wait to see more!

GREAT JOB MAN! These are some of the best I have seen!

that’s HOT!

I am digging the clothes. Very avant garde.

so cool! one of my favorites of yours for sure.

I couldn’t think of a better addiction!! Love your images and processing as always! The pool retro look is sizzling!!! More, more, more!!

Simply divine! Seriously awesome obsession.

gorgeous! I love the vintage vibe!!

Radically awesome’ness – I love everything about them. Great job as usual. //enoch

Love every one of these! Geez you guys are awesome!

OMG! Are you kidding me? These have got to be some of the most interesting and beautiful images I have seen in quite some time…and that’s saying a lot cause there are some seriously great images floating around out there right now!

Really great job on these! Looking forward to seeing more from you like this!

David David David….you did it again. You capture hotness, its just what you do.

not kidding – too much heat in one sitting for me… i need rehab now :) Awesome as always Ohana – much aloha!

Very cool! Those are some wild outfits! Loved the pool shots!

I love your fashion photography! Simply awesome. Cannot wait to see more!

Lovin’ the first set of images! The space age stuff is insane!

These are gorgeous! Love those pool shots!!

without a doubt this is your true calling….amazing!

wow! just wow! they’re awesome! love the vintage look! you seriously rock!

holy smokes!! i loveLOVE every single image — pure awesomeness. wow.

holy crap, these are amazing, love love love them!!!!

did i mention i love them? wow!

OMG this looks like it was such a fun shoot! My favorites are 1 and 6. Gorgeousness!

the pool shots are so freaking awesome! YOu guys bust out so much solid amazing good work-it’s crazy!

These are freaking fabulous!