san diego fashion shoot for tatiana

after being hired to do the art institute of san diego’s very first fashion show, liquid runway, we were hooked. now, whenever we aren’t shooting weddings we LOVE doing fashion shoots.
we met tatiana at that fashion show and, after wading through massive crowds, had the wonderful opportunity to speak with her. fyi, her designs were selected best in the show. tatiana is an incredible designer that has a passion for designing that is nothing short of inspiring. she lives fashion. after speaking with her i knew she was someone i would love to work with. just as i was thinking that she asked if i would be the photographer for her semester finale. i jumped at the opportunity.
for this project, tatiana had to do it all. from coming up with a concept, to designing, to sewing, to finding a location, to getting a photographer (me), a make-up artist (kristi), and some beautiful models (nadia, alex, riley, and kelly), and finally, putting it all together for a mock magazine ad.
with everything and everyone in place, we set out to bring tatiana’s vision to life.

in case you were wondering, tatiana got an “A” for this project. congratulations tatiana! glad we could help.

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So sweet! Such gorgeous style & images!

Can I just say "Amazing" and leave it at that? Lovely photos, and equally awesome clothing designs. Great combo!

Wow David, these are amazing! I love the 7th shot, it's sensational! But then again, so are the rest :)

The first two are insane! Wowzers!

these images are so well done!The smokey look on the 1st few is very neat.

I am SO lovin these! I am just a little bit obsessed with the feel of these, soooo awesome!

These are AMAZING!! You are so good with light!

Oh my gosh! Number 3 & 4….Oh. my. gosh.
You guys are freakin' amazing! I LOVE it!

These are hot! Love your fashion work!

You are SO rockin' the fashion shoot! These are incredible!! The steam shots rock my socks off. Love it!!

WOW! I must say, your fashion shoots are truly amazing. Struggling for the best words to describe your work… you are true pro's.

Really awesome. I love the colors- and the location! uber cool!

I was going to say "smokin' hot, guys" and then I wasn't, and then I was, and all I can say is WOW. All fab, no surprise she got an A on any counts whatsoever. I think y'all get an A, too.

Hotness, as always. Love the smoke coming out of that pipe.

These are all fantastic.. such great work.

Dude, these are slick! The images with the tubes — the smoke, the light –cha-ching! You guys never settle for just pushing the envelope, you sling it across the room and out the door!!

loving the style! great shots. ;)

so glad i finally got internet access so i can see these in their glory! amazing work, once again, guys! whoa! fashion shoots are your forte, fo' sho! :)

All of your work is awesome we both know that, but this set really high on my list of likes!!!

how great are these!?!

You guys rock – these are awesome! These are amazing, but the 4th shot is my fav :)

WOW! This is an amazing session! I could look at these all night. I'm loving the location and those models rocked this out!


my mouth is just open

Dang, I remember meeting YOU at that Student Fashion Show in SD, downtown. Wow, these shots were amazingly done. You definitely have something for Fashion. I was SO excited to shoot another Fashion Show after that one, which was my FIRST one…

I love the edgy its, the make up, the models everything – fab!!!

Ahhh….I LOVE it when I come to your blog & see these kind of eye candy shots. FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE THIS SHOOT! These rock!… great work as always, you guys!!! The first one is insaaaane!

These are amazing!!

love, love, love these!!! So much fun and so creative! Great job!

As per usual you knock that mess out the park!

Very cool session!!! WOW!! LOVE IT!! High Fashion is sooo fun to shoot and you did awesome!!! This post is like candy for me – I want more!!! :)

Wow, I LOVE 3,4,6,12,13 ahhh, who am I kidding, I LOVE THEM ALL!! =)

Rad shots guys!

sorry i've been MIA…these are SCORCHING HOT HOT HOT…please adopt me and teach me…ha.ha. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Love these pictures…the first one is out of this world…

The 3rd shot is definitely my fave… what a cool shoot!

The smokey shots are just amazing!! Really love the first two, plus #7 and #8. Your fashion work is just like your wedding work – phenomenal! These all have that amazing Ohana edge :) Congrats to Tatiana as well on the success of her project!

oh oh oh ohhhhhh….hana…..

why do you rock so hard? love 'em :)

ohh these are HOT! you rock as usual!!

These shots are amazing. Love the creativity involved in all of them.

Lord, have mercy! I FREAKIN' LOVE your fashion shoots! Every photo is perfect! I love, love, love it!!

hot, HOT, & HOTTTT! what a fab shoot! you guys rock my socks off. ;)

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GORGEOUS! What an awesome shoot!

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you guys should go rock it on American's Next Top Model. You shoots are that fabulous!!!!

HOLY FREAKKKK! these are AMAZING!!! you guys are awesome!!!

Creative and edgy….LOVE IT!!! What a great team. You guys blew it up!!!