San Diego Fair 2008

this year the fair seemed to creep in and out like a ninja. it went by so fast. as in years past we got the ohana together for a full day-o-fun.

everyone was starving so we kicked off the day by going to souplantation for brunch…


jake was hungry too.

cherry cobbler. yummo!

desserts! desserts!

then bang we hit the fair baby, dead on! For a little drinks, a little night-life, dancing.

pretty lights.

best thing about the fair is carnie food. just MAKE SURE YOU LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE EATING IT.

cheesy fries

caramel apple in a cup (oddly, NOT on a stick.)

and a little cool whip to top it off.

after all the food and sweets our heads started spinning.


things were so bright and spinning that i thought i saw saint april.
it turned out to be regular april just posing as a saint.
trixy hobbitses.

a quick rest to sleep off our carnie-food comas and we were off to see some fireworks.

what are the odds that kim would take a picture at the exact moment all of us blinked?

impossible. we all faked it!
on a side note, noah was sooo 1 finger away from losing his summer.



i absolutely laughed out loud…literally…at the very last photo. So close!

Hey you two, those were so awesome and fun. Where was your Hulk man when you shot the bus, lol. I really enjoyed these.

ok. so I am always the last posting on your previous blogs and I hate to scroll down for so long, you guys are amazing. See you next post….

I’ll be the 1st one :)…….

I hope.

YEAH!!! it is finally here i can’t wait to go!!!!! freaking call us next time you are in town!!!!

I love the Del Mar Fair :) These are so fun!

And ummm…is it cherry month at Souplantation and nobody told me?!?!?!?!

So much fun!!!! And I loves me some Souplantation! Never been for breakafast though!

The Del Mar Fair is awesome!!! I’m so bummed I missed it this year ! Great ride shots!!!


So much fun!!! Love that blinking pic – how funny is that??

Awesome shots, looks like you guys had a blast…and I can’t believe Kelley was up at 1:26 leaving comments. That girl goes to bed at 9 or 10 almost every night:)

Looks like sooo much fun!
Love all the shots~ Even makes me (kindof) want to go to the Utah State Fair in September :)

you guys make me laugh so hard. so funny. and I see we have the Incredible Hulk again, I love that shot too. so funny. thanks for making me hungry with those desserts…ohhhhh. yummy. ok have a great day, I am glad you guys got to take a short break.

These pictures are sooo cool. I love the way you photographed the rides.

Hahahaha!!! Love that “look both ways before you it” it link!!! I am ROTFLMAO!!!! Great post!

So much fun… loving the afro’s of light… yeah thats what they are “lightfros” if you will. Also, thanks for the Andy Samberg goodness… Jovi Punched! yes… PS: don’t tell Brad but I’m going to marry Andy… ;D

Oh friggin crap that skit was hilarious! It made my day!! I always love coming back here to see what madness the OHANA is up to. Love all the shots. Yah that last shot of Noah, whoa pushin it!

wow! nice pics!
and i cracked up when i saw the last one of noah!


Fun times!!

Fun pics, I felt like I went with you guys…woohoo!

Love all the expressions! Again, where’s the Kimster? Next time I see you girlpren I’m attacking you with many snaps!

bada** fair images. Did you all scare everyone out of souplantation, looks like you had some screamers!
Fun FUn stuff, shoot I want to go to the fair and get lots of food now, mm, cotton candy, turkey legs, funnel cakes of course, nuts, corn dogs…just to photograph of course!

We are SO planning a trip to the OC Fair…any day! I doubt we’ll get as crazy as your little clan, but I will try:)

Yummmmm…Souplantation!!! We don’t have those out here. :( I know, I know Kim!!! :) I miss the fair! We have that out here, but it’s not the same. Miss and love you guys!!!

That last one almost made me pee my pants, VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

Okay…the “Regular April” comment gave me such a good laugh tonight, so thanks! I hope to one day meet you guys because you seem like my kind of people!

Cat and I laughed endlessly looking at these. Thanks so much for the happiness pill! :)