san diego chargers fans family session

we absolutely love it when we get to catch up with our couples. we shot sandra and michael’s super-charged dance-off wedding last october and when michael called us again recently we jumped at the chance to get some updated family shots for them. daryl and lisa (bro and sis) also brought their ohana to join in the fun. what better place to take pictures of san diego families than on a san diego beach, la jolla to be exact. the day was perfect. the surf was warm. the families were awesome. southern california goodness follows.

these guys couldn’t be contained for long…

we got a few serious shots and then…

resumed our normal fun. the beat-down angle was going good until a crab crawled on my arm. not cool.

are these some good looking kids or what?

smiles me likey.

this is how fun mike and sandra are. sandra thought mike was a little too dry :)

not quite sure what to call this… oh yeah, it’s FUN!

is laughing allowed in tai chi? it is if we’re doing it.

fun with kelp.

this was the warm-up round…

and here’s the final round.

muscles, muscles, and more mussels.

paper, snow, a ghost!

actually, it was just a crab.

beautiful ohana

jack johnson has bubble toes. we have mussel toes.

on the rocks with a splash of salt.

it’s a walk off! lisa won.

i absolutely loved spending time with these families. their smiles were definitely catchy.

we just fed off their laughter and had a super fun family shoot. thank you sandra, mike, lisa, daryl, and your wonderful ohanas for having us out. you really gave us some family time to treasure.

they weren’t part of the family, but kim got this cool shot anyway.


What great, candid shots!!! What a fun family!!! I can see why you jumped at the opportunity to photograph them again!

I second Angel’s comment. They seem happy together!

Seriously love this shoot!

Nice set! Fun shots of a fun family. Kim, Love the surfer shot. Way to be at the right place at the right time, lol!

SO fun! It looks like a fun family! I like the different expressions you captured!
Way to go Kimi for capturing the last shot :)

So I was keeping track of my fav’s then I lost count. They are all awesome I especially like the girl looking out to the horizon sitting on the rock with the wave splashing against it. What a fun family. Awesome work :-)

I love this family session! They looked like a fun family for sure! Love all the big family shots and all the emotion captured in between!

The tug of war is hilarious! What a crazy fun bunch! The first few family shots are fantastic!
The last family shot 4th from the bottom is awesome! Love that warm light!

wow, these pic’s are amazing, like what else would you expect. you guys just get better and better don’t you. great family pics!!

Great stuff. I love that looking up at the sky shot!

Gorgeous! I LOVE the 5th and 24th shots! Your photos are always so fun and beautiful. :o)

So fun! Love the black and white family shot, a lot! Definitely looks like a fun family to shoot! Took a peak at their wedding photos and WOWWWEEE gorgeous!

so much fun!! I love the one with the girl on the rock but the ocean, that one is awesome! Great job. I just love it!

Awesome set!! Love the on the rocks with salt pic. :)

You know my fav! ;) I am still laughing about the crab! Rocked another one!

I sure wish I was in a place to get crabs (hey, get your mind out of the gutter)…instead, I get ticks and mosquito bites!

Awesome stuff!

Now that is one good looking family! The one on the rocks is awesome! Love all the family shots! Great guys!

way too much fun! love love love all the love that is captured in this session. you guys are the bomb diggity!!!

thanks for torturing those of us who don’t have a beach anywhere in sight. grrrr….we heart so cal so much!!
fun shots, friends!

Always love your stuff! Love the shot of the son checkin out the surf and of course the walk off! How silly are they? Hahaha! Walk off. Gorgeous family!

You can see the connection you made with this family. I really like the first straight face ones. It’s a nice modern spin on the white shirt blue jeans thing. Oh, the surfer shots are really nice as well.

Looks like you all had a blast on this shoot! You’ve captured their love and enjoyment wonderfully ;)

Looks like you all had a great time. You have some fun shots in here. I love the last 2!!!!

What a cute family! I like how much fun they are all having!

gorgeous as always! love those rocks! what a great location.

Wow! Love these, and I love what you did with the serious shots! :) Too fun!

The family shots are great!! Must agree with everyone else here, by saying these are awesome pics and what an incredibly awesome family to photograph! I wish all our families were this fun! Great work guys!

All I have to say is WOW!!!! You are amazing!

what a fun family…how wonderful they look together…so happy and you guys captured it all. the silliness, the seriousness…everything. again, I am loving the toning on the last shots…sweeeet!!!

First off..thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it, and love ‘meeting’ new photo friends. :D Secondly..AMAZING work!! I was looking at your stuff and it blows me away! Your blog is so fun! I love it. :D Can’t wait to check out more. :D

I just love this family! Their personalities totally shine through in your pictures and they seem so fun! Love the tug of war and the girl on the rock.

those are sooo fun! such a lovely family :)

The serious family shots are great!!! I love not seeing the usual posed icky blue jean/white shirt family shoots, but this one is so unique and so full of emotion. These are real and I just love how you captured them interacting with each other like they would without cameras pointed at them. Bravo on this shoot, bravo!

All around fun shots – what a great looking family!

Your family shoots are always just so fun!! Love all the “posing” shots of the girls ;) That warm light family shot on the rocks is AWESOME!! I would Love a shot like that for over my mantle, especially since I live where there is NO beach :/ GRRRR….

You always capture the best in family pictures, making them look fun and playful.

As for the very last image of the surfer dudes: very nice. YOu gave me an idea: when i come to SD, I want to hit the beach with Kim so we can photograph surfers all day for your blog entries Dave.

Help you out a little. ;)

What a fun shoot! Love the photos!

FUN ….

Super cool shots!

How fun…great shoot! They have enough pictures to frame and fill their house with!

Loving all the sun!

Oh Dear Lord! Love the first sets of family photos!
I so love how they’re not the usual boring traditional shots! Love them!

awesome family session guys… love the kelp-o-war. You really seemed to capture all their personalities. Way to go Team Baxter!

Love these! Amazing as always! I love the last one!

What a beautiful family! Love how fun they are and I just love red heads!!! I may be a bit biased tho :] I love the weed o war and the last family shot! So great! How I envy your weather and beaches!

Love Love LOVE the 1st set of family shots! So awesome! This family is just so cute! Love the shot of the girl on the rock and the kicking seaweed one, that is hilarious!! Love your captures!

I can’t see these pictures :(