samantha & nathan’s wedding

every day when i wake up i thank God that i live in such a beautiful place. the weather is awesome, the surf is ok, and there are lots and lots of beautiful people getting married. enter nathan and samantha. they just tied their collective knot at the Chanteclaire Country Manor.

this was the first time i had ever shot at the manor. correction, first time we ever shot there. of course i brought kim and april along…and alyssa joined the ohana for good measure. needless to say, we had the place surrounded. Chanteclair is such a perfect little place for a wedding. be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a venue.

pret-ty flowers.

nathan and the guys had the coolest dude room i have ever seen. it had every ammenity a guy could ask for (this side of vegas).

chuck norris is my homeboy

girls go crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man. that’s right. i busted out the zz top lyrics.

while i was hanging with the guys, april and alyssa were over in the brides suite with samantha. kim loves these two shots of samantha getting into her dress.

she’s so happy

it was a perfect fit. a beautiful dress for a beautiful bride.

samantha was absolutely gorgeous.

samantha and her dad made their way down the path to kick off the show.

samantha and nathan asked the super cool Reverend Powers to be their officiate. (Reverend Powers also did the ministering at our wedding back in the day.) he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. give him a call!

with the ceremony complete, it was time to pop the bubbly…

and the margarita machine. how sweet is that?!

what happens if you mix all the flavors into one margarita?

this part always gets me. the father daughter dance.

everyone looked so good. even the glassware was dressed up.

kim was feeling jeshy.

our time with samantha and nathan flew by. did you see it?

of course i had alterior motives when i set this shot up.
samantha and nathan had no idea that it would totally tie-in their…

ring shot.

stealth cam. while i was sneaking up on samantha and nathan i had an idea for…

ring shot numero dos.

with all the shots shot and the stretch car idling, we bid samantha and nathan adieu. thank you both for choosing our ohana to share your day.


The orange ring shot is so cool! You guys did an awesome job again!

What a beautiful couple!
Mmmm… there is some yummy light in these too! The shot of them head to head is so warm and glowy! I love it! The ring shots are fantastice, the orange one is so creative!!

I can’t get over how AWESOME that first picture looks. Seriously cools. :) Keep it up!!

love that first one! Way Cool!
Your color and angles are so very good. Great Job!

these are just beautiful! & what a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous venue!! i particularly heart the ring shot, her getting ready series & the “jeshy” image. :D fantastic, as always!

What a beautiful ceremony site, looked like a fun day of shooting! Lovin the ring shot. Are you using a macro lens for your ring shots? Just curious.


I was trying to choose a favorite but I don’t have one… because they ALL rock! Nice colors and post work!

Beautiful wedding, I just loved the sense of the images – like from an old movie. The flowers and the rings are absolutely amazing!

DUDES the ring shots came out awesome. Totally worth doing over and over. lol

Thank you for bringing me along! You guys RUUUULLLLLE ;)

WOW!! These are so great! I love the moody old time feel of some of them, very cool!

Such a cool looking location and beautiful couple! Love that orange pop ring shot, Ohana! Way to nail this shoot!

Amaszing wedding, I love the images, and the running commentary was fun!

Wow! What an incredible backdrop. That location is just gorgeous! You got some really awesome moments – I love the emotion in these. I especially love the pics of her getting into her dress – there’s something about them that’s just so anticipatory and celebratory – I love them!

You are soo good with details. I love the picture of the ring on the oranges!!! Awesome!! Oh and I cant wait till one of my weddings has a margarita machine!!

luv that cake shot, luv the ring shots, luv the “jeshy” pic, luv all the textures!!! :)

That ring shot is awesome! Really like the couple in front of the orange tree and the groomsmen shot in the poolhall.
How does that little guy know how to handle a stog. Love that shot!

Holy Crap Dave & Kimmi are you kidding????? these are AWESOME!!!!! I can’t even pick a favorite. The ring shots ROCK, the Jesh inspired photos…. yum! The father/daughter dance…. heartwarming. The pic of the drinks being poured…… timeless. Um yeah, I could go on and on, these ROCK!!!!

wow… just, WOW.

they all (esp. the second photo) look so dreeeaaamy!!! :)

Beautiful location! You guys did an awesome job, like always!

What a beautiful place and beautiful couple! That margarita machine is so cool!! I gotta get me one of those for my house ;D
I love the ones of her getting her dress on and the guys in the room chillin. Don’t get me started on those ring shots!

Seriously guys that picture of them in the orange tree should be a wall canvas print! OMG I can’t get over it!! It’s brilliant! That shot of the orange with the ring is rippin!!

Dude…you fippin’ ROCK!! This images are amazing. Love the “jeshy” look on some of these. The first shot is just awesome. Looks like it came out of the 1800’s and that ring shot on the orange….dude….way to improvise and use your surroundings! Gorgious wedding man!



I really did “laugh out loud” at the kid with the cigar–that’s priceless! The rings shots are fantastic, and I don’t know what it is about me and your pics of booze, but I’m crazy about the classic, gangsta-ish feel of the guy pouring the champagne. Very cool and cohesive feel to all of these!

that first shot is perfection…they are all so awesome!! love the vibe!

I love visiting your blog for the awesome shots, but also for the AWESOME COMMENTARY! Always so clever!! (Yay for Chuck Norris.) Love the ring shots and the couple + palm trees against the sky, but the bottom line is that they are all amazing!!

Holy Smokes Dave,
That ring shot is insane
Their all smokin hot!!

Awesome photos!

Goodness Graaaaavy!!! All that post processing goodness!!! I hate you guys with a passion! heee heee

Pretty smokin’ stuff my friend. I dig the kid/cigar shot and the stealth cam. Oh, and pretty much all the other ones too. Well done! And thanks for stopping by the blog; it’s much appreciated.

LOVE your processing on these and the vintage feel too.
That ring shot is sik! I really like that orange tree shot too!

okay, seriously awesome – but this is crazy, this girl looks SO much like one of my women i photographed, who just stopped by my house today. CRAZY WORLD! I’ll have to find that shoot for your on my blog – it’s an old one “marisa.” (not that you are as stoked about it as i am right now, hehe!) beautiful!

I don’t even know where to begin! There are so many unbelievable pictures! I love them all!!! I like how Kim was feeling “jeshy”! Very cool! Really loved all the shots!! You’re right, absolutely gorgeous place for a wedding! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

ooh, i love all the vintage shots with the textures. fits this wedding perfect!

my attempt at a david-baxter-type-comment… ahhem…

holy %$&smokin#@$ wheaties batman!!! give me some more where that came from. can’t get enough…. let me try… yep. nope, don’t have enough!

[seriously though, these rule]

I just pure and simple love these pictures! Beautiful couple. Congratulations!!

Rocked it out, Ohana! :)

Wow! What a location! And the all of these shots are gorgeous!

Gorgeous as always! Love the different textures and I LOVE the upshot of the bride and groom.

dude!! where have you been? are you comming down to the oc? your rocked this shoot!

OMG Killer ring shot!!! Greatness… just greatness.

The first shot of the beautiful couple was kinda eerie looking as if it was an old photograph found in the attic of a southern mansion. You are all so talented. I just love your work.

Love Love Love it dude! you rocked it as you allways do. I really like what you done with the textures.

How incredibly creative you two are! I love the Jesh look, good job Kim. The ring shots, AWESOME! Funny to see local photographers in CT on your blog :-) Oh, what a very small world.

hahahaha.. the picture with the ring barer and the cigar is hilarious!! love the ring shot on the orange. very creative!


Ooo! Cool wedding! Great Jeshy shot Kim! :)

David, every time I visit your blog I am blown away. You have such a great eye for this. Keep it up bro!

sorry I’ve been MIA…but I have so enjoyed catching up tonight. These are simply AWESOME!!! so many creative shots and angles you used. And I love the post-prod toning…WOW…supeeerrr sweeeet! Another FANTASTIC shoot!

Another great wedding! I really like how you incorporate textures on certain pics… where do you get the from?

I really like Kim’s “Jeshy” pic. (Ha:) Love that term… Jesh would be flattered, I’m sure!)
Perfect texture to that pic.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring shot with the orange.