Salton Sea Trash the Dress Part 2

we have to let everyone know about Marqui. she did an amazing job keeping the brides, like Jessie here, looking their best while we were at the salton sea. check out some more of her makeup artistry on her site at Marqui Artistry.


HOLY SMOKIN HOT PICS BATMAN!!! Dang dude, seriously rocked this one.

More beautiful pictures!!!! Wow! Can I be in some of your pictures so I can look that beautiful?!

Wowwee Kazowie! So beautiful. I like #8 it looks like she’s on the edge of the universe. I also really like the pics of the girl with the black hair. So steamy!

Bravo! Glad to see you busted out the piano thing. hahaha I so should’ve stayed.

Wow great color dude! Nice..very very nice… !!! Now this is the real killer images.

micah ~ thanks man!

angel ~ i don’t have to take your picture to make you look beautiful!

michaela~ cool observation, i never would of looked at it that way. thanks!

alyssa ~ i wasn’t sure bringing that piano thing would be good, but it seems like everyone got some really good images using it. maybe i should hang up the camera and be prop guy!

alex & barnas ~ thank you so much after looking at your work, this compliment is humbling.

You are more and more amazing.
I want to go on a group photo trip-how inspiring!

Holy Cow D! I LOVE ‘EM ALL!

So many awesome images i don’t know what to say! Bravo!

I just love how you capture light and colors. Your work is always stunning.

Man! Those are RAD!
I LOVE the reflection photo (it’s nice to see that you got a nice image after that awkward ‘squatting’ position! Ha!)
I also love the last one…..ooooh, I love them all!!!
That place looks just amazing…photographer’s paradise?

Sick, Sick, Sick!! You and Kim are rockin’ it! Weren’t these Brides just sooo gorgeous, and easy to work with? Beautiful work guys!

Beautifully done. I love your artistic retouches on these- for a second, you made me want to go jumping into the beautiful water…. oh wait!!! hahaha

I love the perisol pictures and the reflection. Great job as always!

OhMY Goodness! These photos are exquisite! What lovely girls, you captured some great photos here. I can’t even choose a favorite. If I had to I’d say the last one, those smoldering eyes. WOW. You guys did it again!
I went to April’s blog, she has some really cool photos. Magazine like. Keep her in this field.

Oh my! They are all gorgeous images, but #7 took my breath away! It’s AMAZING!!! I wish I could have been there :(

These look great, dude. I like the PP on this one much more than in part one. Their skin looks really good too! Keep ’em coming (I’ll hopefully have a full batch up soon).

seriously, can your images get any cooler…

Very nice work guys!

look out, everyone – the baxters just proved that they are ready and able to take over this entire business and blow us all away – SERIOUSLY! Really, Really ridiculously good looking shots here! – and yes, we definitely should have been there. (you’ve gotta email us about this stuff)

Wow! These are amazing! Love the reflection picture. It needs to be blown up on a huge canvas. I also really like the one of the bride on the piano pulling the groom with the tie…very HOT!

Baxters! Awesome set! It was really cool shooting with you all, we need to do it again soon. Take care!

Looks like an awful lot of fun to me!

Yes-definitely let me know next time u guys go! I would love to join you guys!! Or even if you don’t go to Salton Sea and have another photo/model session, hit us up for sure :) You guys are so inspiring!

Did you guys bust out some off camera lighting on some of these?

Baxters, you so crazy! Thanks for the funniest comment ever!!!

These Images Are So Fashion. Love Your Great Style!

Blech! They’re okay. heee heee. You rocked it as usual. I just can’t pick a fave, it hurts my head they are all so good. As usual it was a fun time and great shooting the breeze with you Kim!

Great PP on this set……love the third image….the Bride with the red sash….that is absolutely amazing….It could go on the cover of some Wedding Magazine….
Great job David and Kim!!!! Your an amazing pair….

That shot with the graffiti wall rocks! The eyes really draw you in and the wall adds some funk. Once again, great job.

DAVID are you kidding me! These are fantastic! you are ridiculous!

hi david! i met you when we both helped out james christianson for jason & tereza’s wedding in manhattan beach, ca. since then, i’ve stalked your blog and really admire your work! hoping to learn a thing or two from you and your wife! thanks! ~kim le

David, found you off of my blog.
My first time here and let me say I am in love with your work!! Gorgeous would be an understatement.

Seriously you make me ill. ;)

I’ll be stalking you more often now.

TOTALLY RAD!! These are beautifully amazing images bro!! Seriously!!! Great use of light, comp and your processing is superb!

Oh..that last shot on my blog….no tilt shift. Lensbabie.
I bought on a year ago used it twice. That was the second time! :)

Just beautifuly amazing!! Seriously! Your tones are so smooth, great comp, use of light, and the processing is very cool! You inspire!

Oh..the last shot on my blog is not tilt shift…is a Lensbabie! Purchased one a year ago. Used it twice. That was the second time! :)

WOW! Beautiful images! You guys are Rockin it! I think we are going to go with Aislinn, I think it’s very unique!

I know others have said the same thing, but that’s what I just keep saying as I go through these.
You can pick up more prop guy jobs, but NEVER put down the camera.
When is the next trip? I so want to go next time.

what can i say…but wish i was there.

I don’t know how to tell you this…but, YOU’RE kind of a BIG deal!!!!
**Holy WOW!!!! How do you sleep at night with such talent floating around your head?
Awesome shots!!!
I think we need to plan a photo outing. That would be fun!
Oh, Kim!! When are we going to the movies girl? A funny movie perhaps?:) You name the place and time and I will be there (if it fits my schedule) :)
Big hugs!

Hi, it’s MARQU, MUA from the Salton Sea shoot. You are so talented and caught so many wonderful images. I have put your work up in my 3 places, website, myspace and model mayhem. I just wanted to say thank you and I would jump at an opportunity to do something with you again. Jessie feels the same way. We’d do another shoot with you in a heart beat.

I really like the shots that show the makeup. I will be loading another of yours soon. I will also put a link to your website from mine if you’d like-your site is so fun to visit. Love that song, by Bono??? I need to get that song!
Thank you again!

ExQuisite MakeUp Design

Man these images should be on a mondo canvas! I especially like that second shot. WOW!

David, these images are amazing!! You did an awesome, awesome job!!!

These are so magazine worthy!! Love that second image and the last image is just HAWT!!!!

It’s funny. I *almost* commented on this the other night and was just lazy because it was late. Then I saw the comment you left me and I was like, “Dangit, why didn’t you comment?!” So now you are making me add to my list what my husband always tells me “Do or say things when you think about them.” He knows I regret not doing one or the other too many times. So anyway, some of these images are just INSANE!!!! Just gorgeous! I tried counting to tell you which ones are favorites, but there seriously are too many!

And p.s. – thanks for inspiring me to *take the time* to say how I feel at the time. Thanks for the comment you left. :)

I *almost* left a comment on this entry the other night and was too tired because it was late and just didn’t do it. When I saw that you left a comment on my “list” entry, I was like “Dangit, why didn’t you just take the time to leave the comment?!” My husband says I always regret not saying or doing things and the time I think about them and he is right. :/

So….what I wanted to tell you if I wasn’t such a lazy bum the other night…these images are INSANE!!!! I wanted to count the ones that were my favorite and tell you which ones, but there are so many that just rock that I couldn’t! They’re just GORGEOUS!!

Anyway, thank you for the comment and thank you for the newest item I’m adding to my list tonight. :) Oh, and I LOVE the Bono goal! :)

These are GORGEOUS!

desiree ~ that is such a cute avatar!

thanks to everyone else for all your awesome bloggie doggie doo love! we had an awesome time with a ton of really talented artists!

Love these shots, especially the first one! It was great to meet you guys there, hope we can do it again soon!


Amazing creative and spectacular work!!!! I love visiting your blog!