Salton Sea Trash the Dress – Part 1

here’s a few shots from our latest TTD session at Salton Sea. I’ll be posting more soon, so be sure to check back.

before i go, i have to give props to melissa for surviving the trip with us (sitting next to rain the whole way) :)


You really continue to amaze me! Those pictures are beautiful!!! The first one is my favorite. It’s powerful, sexy, gorgeous!!! I’ll definitely check back for more! :)

Oh my gosh- I am so in love with these photos especially number 1. Awesome job guys!

That first one is gorgeous. I’m so bummed that I had to miss out on this trip, it looked amazing! I can’t wait to see more!

Great job! Where was I?? I didn’t see these poses at all!!! It was great to meet you, even if briefly. Next time I’m in San Diego, we’ll have to meet up. Your girls are a lot of fun and your oldest is a great photographer – better watch out!!! ;)

Holy Moly! That first image, INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! I also love the 3rd her smile is great, and I’m drawn to the second one not sure why. Nice work!

Beautiful images….

Denise Neufeld

You always have such stunning photographs!!! These are just beautiful!!!!!

Beautiful!! Especially the first! But I think the last is awful… you totally can’t tell that chick is balancing on one leg on a crumbling rock ;-) I guess that must be a testament to what awesome photogs you are! (or maybe what an awesome professional model I was, haha)
Also, it was nice meeting you and your lovely family. I’d really like to get together (lunch maybe?) sometime!
Oh, and the ‘funny man’ is my husband. He’s always good for a (sometimes inappropriate) laugh!

LOVE the beautifully saturated blue on the last shot. Great composition. Nicely done, Dude.

Hey, it was nice TALKING to you dudes. ;) Good stuff here chief. I have a really funny picture of you balancing on tiny rocks and it looks like you’re walking on water. hahahaha

David Baxter-master of photography and bodies of water!

WOW!!!! These are truly stunning!!!! Great job with these!! #1 is my favorite!!!

Stellar images! I wish I could have gone to join everyone.

wow! you are a rocking good photographer.

Oh my! These are amazing!
Keep me posted if you ever do this again.

incredibly stunning, friends!! The air in my lungs literally feels cleaner after viewing these.

Yer the man, Mr. Baxter. These are great! And yes, you can totally steal my image and use it as your own. : )

Ummm excuse me that first image is mine. Photo stealer!! Whatever!
These are freaking awesome! Did Rain take these or did you? :)
No props needed, Rain is my buddy. She loves me and thinks I’m funny. She’s a keeper!

Sonic ice and bathroom…enough said.

Hey man Rain thinks I’M funny too. lol

Anyways..go look at my blog, I posted those pictures. heh

OMG…these are AWESOME!!!! Dude – kick ass job!!!

Wow. Your camera has magic powers.

i’ve gotta say that first one is my favorite, and LOOK, I FINALLY UPDATED MY BLOG. STOP BADGERING ME.

great job on the images! especially love the image of the bride laying on the organ. it was great meeting you and the other photographers at the trash bash!

I was so glad I got to hang-out a bit with you guys again! Kimi, you never fail to make me laugh! Let’s go watch a funny movie together! ha!

Awesome set of images! That first one is perfectly timed! Gorgeous! may want to check your sharpening settings. these look a little oversharpened on my monitor.

Thanks for forgiving me :)…I think
Rain made out hanging out with super cool Melissa. Can’t wait to see her photos. You didn’t do to bad yourself. These aren’t bad…

HAHA! Okay,#1 is AMAZING! Wish I was there, but we enjoyed some good birthday meals.

Now off to check out April’s blog (finally!) :)

nely girl I am there! name the funny movie! HAHAHA!!!! i warn you in funny movies i laugh at everything and sometimes hyper ventilate!! it’s embarrassing for everyone around me.
yah, we just figured out that our monitor is wacked out and what we see is WAY different than everyone else. when king david gets back we’ll reupload the images and fix the settings on the monitor. xoxoxo

Amazing!!! What awesome shots! You guys…seriously. You nail it! EVERY TIME!!! You should be charging, like, ‘1 Million dollars!’ or something!
I love the one with the girl on that broken down bus thingy….so amazing…I LOVE contrast-y photos like that! That place looks so cool for a shoot…I wanna go! =)
Great job!

Ugh…I know. I know! I should have totally gone! I had a zoo date with my baby and hubby…NEXT time though. For sure! I can’t wait.
Yeah….it’ll be nice to meet you guys in person! Ha ha!

Hey There – I have to say that second image, may be the best I have seen on here yet! I love the color, mood, and composition. Great Job, keep it up.

– Jason

Once again dude you rocked it I love the last one. What do you use to sharping your images?

I love that last shot. She looks so beautiful and like she’s on top of the world. Great stuff guys!

These are awesome!!! Love them all!!!

Yeah, Missi was telling me about it. I can’t make it on Thursday either…but Friday is good! =)

These are so great! LOVE the first one. And the blue sky in the last one…so fresh and clean:)

I am all over this first image…made my jaw hit the floor and my mouth water. I LOVE it
Great images here
-Melissa E Earle

Great job guys for these amazing pictures!!! Favorite picture #1.

Wow, wow,and wow!! The colors are amazing in these shots. It was cool to see the whole Ohana together shooting and I would have liked to have gone to the other side with you all but we had to go bye-bye, maybe next time.
Beautiful work!!

I really like that second picture. It’s really moody. I’ve been checking out the other photographers on this post for other pictures. Some very cool pics. I think they’re all really cool, all the pictures are so different yet the same. Can’t wait to see more!

THAT FIRST IMAGE IS DA BOMB!!! I really like the second and like the sky in the last.

okay, im conviced i have to visit salton sea now – especially if it attracts such a dizzying array of talented and fun photogs ;o)

wow. seriously. woW!

Wow! Awesome images! That first one is beautiful!

BEAUTIFUL! Especially that last one :)

This is Sofie & Paul here! Paul doesn’t normally comment on anyone’s work unless he really likes what he sees & he’s impressed! He’s asked me to tell you that he loves what you’ve shot at Salton Sea. Paul loves the second shot in the Part 2 post and I love the the first shot in this post – in fact it was my favorite of all the ones posted on OSP :) Awesome work! And can’t wait to meet you in Vegas!!!

sophie & paul ~ thank you SO much for your very kind and humbling words. seriously this comment coming from you both is like a dream (dorky i know) your work is phenomenal and i can only dream to be a fraction of how good you both are. i can’t wait to stalk err ummm…talk with you in vegas :)thank you so much again. grazie, efcharisto and thank you!

These shots are absolutely gorgeous! I love the location too. Looks like you all had so much fun on this session.

#1 and #2 are favorites! Just beautiful!

marqui said…
Hi, it’s MARQU, MUA from the Salton Sea shoot. You are so talented and caught so many wonderful images. I have put your work up in my 3 places, website, myspace and model mayhem. I just wanted to say thank you and I would jump at an opportunity to do something with you again. Jessie feels the same way. We’d do another shoot with you in a heart beat.

I really like the shots that show the makeup. I will be loading another of yours soon. I will also put a link to your website from mine if you’d like-your site is so fun to visit. Love that song, by Bono??? I need to get that song!
Thank you again!

ExQuisite MakeUp Design

Thanks for leaveing me some love on my blog! I did actually come
over to you and say hi towards the end of the day, but I think that
everyone was tired and starving at that point. You got some amazing
shots as well! I love that first one on your blog.

Take care :)

-Kadie Pangburn
Pangburn Photography

wowza … you guys are very talented … we will put you on our list of “must check” blogs!

Beautiful work even back then.