ryan and zandra’s wedding at quail botanical gardens

we already knew ryan and zandra were fun, but on this day, in normally mild mannered quail botanical gardens, they kicked it up about 12 notches and rocked the house. this was one of the most wild and fun weddings we have been to all year. (infinite cases of booze may have played a role.) whatever the reason, it was awesome, right down to their parents walking into the reception, all pimped out, to the song slow motion. it was pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty awesome. the gardens looked amazing. a more perfect venue for ryan and zandra there could not have been. they both love the place (even when they’re not getting married in it).

zandra made sure everything was perfect, even her mom. they both looked gorgeous.

one last bit of makeup and…

tadaaaa! the most beautiful bride in california appeared. simply stunning.

while zandra was on lockdown waiting for the ceremony, her super hot bridesmaids made sure ryan didn’t sneak a peek of her before she walked down the aisle. your handsome looks and uber charm are no good here ryan. :)

the girls sent ryan packing back to man-land where we met up with his bros. one of ryan’s brothers actually officiated the wedding. how cool is that?

almost as cool as what ryan and the boys marched out to their marks in front of the guests to…THE BEST BACKGROUND MUSIC EVER PLAYED AT A WEDDING. we love star wars! are we dorks? yes we are.

i’ve recently been reading about old traditions that are making their way back into modern day weddings. i came across some very cool facts that i shared with zandra. she instantly loved a couple of them and implemented them into her day.
fact 1: on the day of her wedding, if a bride waits at the bottom of a well for her father to come rescue her and walk her down the aisle her wedding will be blessed.
fact 2: for every minute the bride remains at the bottom of the well she will be granted one year of wedded bliss.
fact 3: i just made this up. :)

ok, she wasn’t actually in a well, but her father did come get her out of the waiting room and walk her down the aisle, AND her wedding was blessed.
well or no well, we hope ryan and zandra share many many years of wedded bliss.

zandra was absolutely beaming when she looked down the aisle and saw ryan.

it’s official…ryan and zandra are the cutest couple ever!

love for sale…

yummy appetizing love for sale.

the food was like mr pibb and red vines…crazy delicious.

here’s some of those drinks i was talking about. some.

just when i thought we were getting serious, zandra and her family would do something like this and we’d all be laughing hysterically. we love this ohana!

this is how cool ryan and zandra are. at their very own wedding they set aside time to wish the beautiful misty a happy birthday.
easter also gave a special shout out to the photographers. hey wait, that’s us! we felt so honored. we’re just happy to have been mentioned. :)
thank you ryan and zandra. you two are the awesomest!

now that’s a good mix.

don’t forget the limes!

congratulations ryan and zandra! we had so much fun at your wedding (as seen in the ohana-booth slideshow below. you, your ohana, and all your guests helped make this one of our favorite weddings of the year. hope you had an awesome time in our dream vacation place bora bora!! mahalo!
thanks also to our pal alyssa for coming along. f is for friends that do stuff together, u is for you and me, n is for anywhere and any time at all, well you get the picture. it’s always fun when you’re there!

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I love the dramatic lighting! Your images are so stellar!

As always your ring shots are fan-bloody-tastic! You would have loved this wedding, it reminds me of Hawaii! Beautiful work :)

Hey Kimmi and David!
I love the photobooth. Is it an actual booth? I would like to know how to set one up. I like the white background. Hope to hear from you.
Michelle Peek

I love the Darth Vader bit. :D We’re freaks, too. I mean..not freaks, but wow, do we love that guy, Darth! :D Anyway, back to the weddings.. Beautiful work. I have so much to learn from you. :D

wow!!! gorgeous work! you just keep getting better and better even when there can’t be better!
and that shot at the bottom of a well is stunning!

love your take on the well shot!! gorgeous! beautiful as usual!!

insanely-magnificently-awesome should be a new word in the dictionary to describe the Baxters (yes there would be a picture of you both… taken by either one of you)… You guys!!… come on… save some talent for us! Geesh!… haha.. mucho love for ya… //enoch-a-licious!

Whoa man, her dress rocks! And I love the bold red color theme. Star Wars?! AWESOME!!!! LOL

These are great!! I love the detail shots and the shadow shot!

These are fantastic images.. wow.. they are so going to love these.

Whoa! Awesome lighting on that bridal portrait!!! Always love visiting your blog you guys! :)

I think that was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen! My absolute favorite picture is the “well” picture!!! Zandra is gorgeous! Another favorite is Ryan and Zandra surrounded by the ferns! Simply beautiful! Congratulations to the stunning couple!

Ok, the SNL video was hysterical! Love it!

Love the shot of the food and the drinks. The lime ring shot is cool too.
From one star wars dork to another…awesome job! :)

Fabulous as always!

LOVE the light and shadow shot even if she wasn’t really in a well, lol. The detail shots are YUMM-O! Everything is so spetacular! Ohana knows how to rock a wedding!


wow yummi sushi, and great photos, whats next? Pizza and awesome photos. LOL you guys ROCK!

-tiffany izatt

Can’t begin to tell you how beautiful these are! The “well” shot is amazing, love the shot of the couple in the ferns and her walkin down the isle! The slideshow was way fun and now has me movin it :)

Wow and double wow on the details and that awesome shot of the bride looking up! Very nice!

boom baby;-) u nailed all of these dude! crazy awesome fotogs so many moments in time. these pics speak, listen to them ssshhhuuuu, can you hear them????? i want to grow up to be just like you;-} “JUST CALL YOU BUTTER, CAUSE YOU ARE ON A ROOL” AMOMENTINTIME

I’d watch Robert Duvall read the phone book; I’d watch you guys photograph one! There’s magic in your touch. Awesome images, especially love the bride against the black background!

thanks for your sweet comments. i wanted to be sure to stop by and say i love your work btw. :) i will be sure to visit often.

So when are you gonna publish that ring shot book?

P.S. You rock.

WHOA!!! These are FABLICIOUS! LOVE her shoes.

haha! Love the “well” shot (and every other shot for that matter)!

Heehee your commentary always leaves me in stitches! I love the shot of her putting make up on her mom, the shot of her by the window is beautiful,love the love for sale and the sepia vintagy one. They look so in love! The slideshow is just hilarious!

I LOOOOVE the darth vadar theme! Oh my gosh, I’m the biggest Star Wars nerd (I even have Star Wars checks in my check book!). Love this wedding! These totally rock and I love the one of the groomsmen peeking around the corner! :-)

What a gorgeous couple! The shot of her by the window is beautiful and how nice to celebrate their friends birthday at their wedding. Pure class! The slideshow rocked my socks guys!

You sooo flippin rock you two!!!

Wow she is stunning in that “well” shot! Stunning in all of them but that one especially!
That love for sale shot is so cute and the shot of the guys peeking out is awesome! Great job guys!

Oh stunning as usual!! Gosh – simply gorgeous! And I love that little SNL clip of ‘Lazy Sunday’ – one of my many favs. Gorgeous work as always!!!

Wow–55 comments already.. wish I can get the same traffic in my blog! Hah! Anyway–you rock those detail shots!! Great job!!! Of course, you already know that since about 55 other people told you so ;-) LOL

Keep rockin!

Beautiful detail shots! You guys rock!

wow wow wow wow!!!

Ooohhhh those sushis..I want them! Beautiful wedding. I like the groomsmen shot!! So much fun.

Amazing images as always. Love the ring shots!

too many wonderful shots but loving the details and the one with the bride surrounded by lots of darkness with light hitting her face, ohhh man sweet. Or should I say crazy delicious! Love that clip of SNL!!!

And you guys just keep amazing me! I love the “well” shot and the ring with the limes!

Awesome shots! The “well” shot is my favorite but there are lots more I love. The bride putting on her make-up in the mirror is another. The details are crazy–and I want me some sushi!!

Looks like an exceptionally fun couple. What a day!

Love these! Beautiful, I like the one where the bride is looking up in the dark. Also the ring shot is awesome!
Plumerias….Hibiscus…SUSHI! Made me hungry! You are too awesome!

FABULOUS!!!!!!! i love, love, love it. especially that first shot of her groovy jewelry. and, if i could go back to my wedding day and have SUSHI…..mmmmm, i totally would……

WOW! WOW! WOW! These are amazing I love them.

“In the Well” is such a fantastic shot. I love the exposure, the soft processing, the corner composition and the perfect lighting. Whew! What a mind bender these shots are, all of them.

The world is a better place with your photos, never stop shooting and sharing your skills.

Stay happy and healthy,

Gorgeous! But 67 people beat me to saying that. You guys rock.


gorgeous & lush! LOVE the bridal portrait!

wow.. I really really need to learn from you guys… 70 comments??!!!

rocking pictures, and dude, they had some awesome liquor going on at that wedding, what fun!

love those ring shots. super cleaver!

10 14 are gorgeous! The funny family faces is just awesome and the last shot of the couple is beautiful! The slideshow is rad!

david, every time i look at these pictures i relive each moment. there are those who are very talented with the camera, but you, sir, are truly gifted! you and kim are an amazing team, and i gotta give a special shout out to my girl, APRIL!!!! thank you all for celebrating ry’s and my special day and really “capturing” the time for us to experience again and again. your photo booth rocked!!!!
…wanna trash the dress?!?!

You just referenced Lazy Saturday in a wedding post! Yeah, once my husband and I meet you guys, we’re totally going to be friends! :)

These shots rock as usual. I love the single light shot with the bride.