Ronnie’s Ohana

as many of you know, we are HUGE supporters of our military, so when i received a call from one of my fellow servicemembers asking if i could take some family photos before he shipped out for a deployment, i was more than happy to acquiesce his request. as it turned out, we actually knew some of the same people in the military. it’s a small world after all.
on with the post!
meet ronnie, giji, rinnah, and… i can’t quite see that other kid. he’s running as fast as dash. maybe his name is dash…

or was it spiderman? no, that’s not it either.

almost there. give me a minute. his name will come to me.

it’s JONAH!
this little guy was just a ball of energy and so so fun to take pictures of. he kept shooting webs at kim and i. do you have any idea how difficult it is to get spidey webs out of your hair? i don’t know how i was able to keep my lens clear.

ronnie and giji have a super fun ohana. they all have the most amazing smiles. they may not have seen it, but i was smiling behind my camera every time i pointed it their way.

we tried flexing their face-making muscles in several ways.
here’s ronnie’s duck face, as requested by giji.

this was jonah’s you-seriously-want-me-to-be-in-these-pictures face.

and the super g-force face.
check the big-wheel shirt. i miss my big-wheel.

rinnah’s hat was so cute. jonah thought it would look great on his mom. i agree.

if you spend a couple minutes with these two you’ll see how warm their hearts are.
that’s not sun flare you’re seeing. it’s the glow of love. they’re soaking in it.

such a beautiful ohana.

these flowers look hideous…
next to giji.
she has such natural beauty. i couldn’t take a bad picture of her if i tried.

i love giji’s smile here. it just feels so warm and full of love.

these guys were such a pleasure to work with. every moment was filled with happiness.

eventually the sun set on our time together. as much as i love san diego sunsets, this one felt kind of sad. i really enjoyed spending time with this wonderful ohana.

just as we were wrapping up the most insane thing happened.
true story.
moments after this shot was taken, the ground started shaking and…

the fountain erupted in a fiery shower of lava!

ok, not really, but you could imagine if it did.
it would be pretty hot in balboa park.
right now ronnie is still over there in harm’s way, so please join me, his family, and his friends in praying for ronnie’s safe return.
thank you so much for your service ronnie. i’ve been there before myself, and i know how hard it is to be apart from your family for so long. God Bless you, and the thousands of other servicemembers over there with you.
i hope these images help home seem a little less far away.


Awww…what a beautiful family :) I love these…especially the image where they’re all kinda stacked on one another. They’re going to cherish these for a long time.

David, Kim, and April…Thank you so much for these beautiful images…I’m excited to see the rest of them…it’s awesome that I can sit here in Iraq and view these wonderful pictures of my family…Although I miss them so much seeing them in these pictures reminds me of how grateful I am to have a loving family…And thank you to everyone else for the thoughts and prayers…I will come home safe…much Aloha from my Ohana to yours…

These are absolutely, fantastically, well done. Beautiful family for sure. Love them all but especially the first one lol. Good capture!

What an amazingly beautiful family! I love your images of them. You really see their love in these fabulous pics! My favorite is the arrow! That is so fun!! Great work as usual guys!

Great Ohana session D&K! What a beautiful family and what a little ham of a boy… awesome session!

Dude every time I come to your blog you bring out the WOW factor. Everyone of these rock.
Great job man!!

Hi There!
Greetings from Minneapolis from Brooke’s Grandma Kaye!!
What a beautiful website you have of your photography work…Wendy emailed to me so I could see the awesomes photos of the “Sharks”

I am interested in seeing any photos you may have taken of Brooke that I might purchase from you. Also, Sat, April 4th when I met you at the game, you were so kind to take a few photos of my 3 grandchildren and I was in tears when that roll of film did not auto rewind properly and all the photos I had taken of the kids and those you took for me (that would have been so adorable!) were ruined!!
I do remember someone else was taking photos behind you of Brooke, Boston, and Brody too…Do you happen to have any of that day of the kids???

I thought I would take a chance and ask you, Kim…

Thank you very much and it was nice to meet you that Sharks gameday!
Kaye Merila

I cannot even begin to count how many times I have been to Balboa and have never seen some of those spots- good eye, David! And many blessings and thanks to Ronnie’s Ohana- your family is beauitful! May God richly bless yOU!

I always love your commentary! That’s why I always return to see what’s new. Once again not disappointed! I love every single picture of this gorgeous family! I adore the family photos and my favorite is the one of momma and daddy snuggling and the ones of them on the beach. I’m sending tons of love and prayers to this wonderful family and to all who serve our country. God Bless!!

love these!! totally makes me want to meet this family and swing through the air with their kids( building to building… branch to branch!) :) Great job!! they will be a perfect reminder of what joy he had to come home to!! :)

Aloha Baxters,
We are back in Kailua and missing daddy, however we look at these photos and feel daddy near. He’s in our hearts & see him in our smiles… thanks for doing a fabulous job on our portraits and capturing our love & Jonah’s excitement in the flicks. They are a true joy to see/have. I appreciate you suggesting we take another shoot. When you and your Ohana make it to our neck of the islands, holla. I have some amazing spots for that wonderful eye of yours. Mahalo nui loa for the good thoughts and prayers. love & hugs ~gg

wow, what a lovely family that has now such amazing images to treasure!

Thanks so much for stoppin by my blog and your waaaaaay sweet comments ;o) you made my day!! blessings!

First time commenting. Long time at home mom stalker :]Gosh how fun is this family! THey look like a blast! Beautiful images, I agree with everyone these pictures do portray their love and joy for one another. I love the cute hat on mama Giji! That is too cute. God Bless you Ronnie and all who are out there in harms way. You are a blessing and courageous man!

I love the family pic that is the monkey pile! Too sweet! They look so happy!

How sweet! The little girls hat is so cute.

Excellent work my friend. As you can see from all the wonderful comments, your images look amazing and you captured some beautiful memories for their family.

I feel like I really know this family now. You captured their love and bond so well. I laughed at the sun flare comment being their ‘glow of love” or something of that sort. Beautiful work. May he come back healthy and safe.

I love happy family moments, nice work! That little boy is a crack up.

What a beautiful family! Like always, you did a beautiful job capturing memories they will treasure always!

i love this series! you can really tell what a joyful and loving family they are. wishing for ronnie’s safe return!

beautiful. blessings to their families. :)

the pictures are fantastic! lovelove L O V E them! You really know how to capture it all. I’m such a fan.

Wow these are some fun shots! Jonah is a ham! Godspeed to Ronnie for a safe tour and speedy return home.

What a gorgeous family!!!!! Jonah is definitely a bundle of energy! Looks like everyone had a super fantastic time! :) Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ronnie! Come home safe! Thank you!!!!

This is my favorite family shoot you have ever done- you rocked it, it’s fantastical.
thanks for my twitter b-day wishes, can’t wait to see you guys!!!!

Dude, I love it, the spider-man shadow, the relaxed family shots, awesome stuff!

Aloha Ronnie! Joe from PSI7 and MLS… Makes me proud to serve our country with you. Keep up the fight and awesome hearing that you may get home early! We’ll keep praying… these shots are priceless! Isn’t it amazing what the Lord gives us daily? Proud to support you from the homefront. Need to meet your wife and family when you get back to Hawaii. Also would like to get photos done at Ohana! These are TRULY FANTASTIC shots! Aloha nui loa for sharing your greatness and God bless you and your wonderful family.

What a be-autiful family! Giji is such a natural beauty and that Jonah how fun is he? Looks like you all had a great time!

God Bless you Ronnie. Thanks to you and all our brave soldiers out there!! THANK YOU!! We cannot thank you all enough for your service and sacrifices you give this country.

~Selena, Vernon, Aiden & Jaden

I didn’t know you served in the military?!?! Service man and women have a special place in my heart. THANK YOU for your service big man.

These are fantastic! The connection caught here is just too cute for words!

hey guys! I wrote you an email about the 17th.. I’m totally in! Let me know the details but i’m planning on it! thanks!! :) and i’m workin on gettin my pics bigger :) I’m not totally gettin it but they;re bigger then they were!! lol! :)

love ’em :)

Woot woot for our boys in blue!!! Thank you for giving back, as men that sacrifice like Ronnie give for me and you. Theses shots are so sick. I love the one against the stick figure bill board. SO GREAT!!

You guys have the biggest hearts! My hubster is a Marine too so when I get calls for clients in the military I jump up at the chance to show my thanks for their service :) And wow, you really captured the LOVE of this family!! My prayers to them, especially the sweet little ones, and for Ronnie’s safe return <3

I love the shot with the tiny hat on the mom :) So cute! What a gorgeous set of images, and what a lucky family to have you capture them!

Oh my goodness–you already have a bajillion comments! :) This little family is beautiful. I can tell that they’re going to miss their hubby/daddy very much. So cool of you to take photos for them–I love the funny ones of Jonah! She’s going to have her hands full!

I totally love these!! The shot of mommy & daddy with the flare, they look sooooo happy together. I love every single family shot. What a beautiful family! These pictures truly show fun and love and are so much better than that say cheese stuff you get elsewhere.

May GOD bless you Ronnie, and ALL our brave servicemen and women.

hey dude, many thanks for peekin’ in on me! Your work is an inspiration to me. I know that there are many good photogs out there, but when i view your work it moves me. RF’s and cassandra’s does too. I know you had a large time with this special family. Thank you all for my FREEDOM. I know our safty is in GREAT HANDS! ThX Ronnie, Giji, Rinnah and Jonah and the whale:) Stay safe and God’s speed and hurry home!

Can I first say how CRAZY it is that you already have 52 comments?! Gheeze! These are fabulous pictures – I love them!!

what fun, special moments you have captured here. especially before such a heartwrenching time. you guys are awesome!!

What a gorgeous family and you captured them so well! Bless your hearts for supporting the military and their families.

Dave & Kim,truly awesome photos!!! You captured such fun and beautiful images, and I just know that the family must love them! Great job you guys!

gorgeous family. Love the one with the arrow and in front of the abstract people

what a fun family and the pictures are so great!! your commentary cracks me up too!

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! Love this series–looks like you truly captured the personality of this family. The shadow of the little boy is great! I also love the image where the mom is looking over her shoulder into the camera while the rest of the family is doing their own thing…for some reason that one is really touching!

Beautiful family!! Your pictures of this family are so fun! I really love the shot of the mommy looking over her shoulder while the rest of the family are doing their own thing my favorite shot is the one of them all on the ground laughing and having fun!!!

God Bless our Boys and bring them back safe!! Bless you Ronnie for your courage and service to all of us!

[…] ohana members. they are among the nicest and most genuine people we know. i’m talking about ronnie, giji, jonah, rinnah, and a few new additions, fanci, chulah, and a baby to be named later. that’s right, one our […]

[…] ohana members. they are among the nicest and most genuine people we know. i’m talking about ronnie, giji, jonah, rinnah, and a few new additions, fanci, chulah, and a baby to be named later. that’s right, one our […]

[…] we love this family! we’ve been shooting them since 2008 and they always make us laugh. not like that’s a hard thing to do but they crack us, so consistently, up. all we need to do is see ronnie’s dance moves and giji’s faces and it’s all over, but i digress. if i were to tell you all about how much we love this family you wouldn’t get out of here until star trek 2 comes out… in 2013! […]

Gorgeous family!!! Super fun and happy photos! I love it!