Rock Band Special Edition – Starring Love Lamp


we salute you!

ok, so we had to see what all the hub bub is with the game Rock Band. we invited some friends over to our “school of rock” to shek it out mang. no one in our ohana had ever seen this game before (let alone played it). Rain jumped on the drum set and starting rockin.

she was locked in. it was crazy. rain totally did awesome keeping time with the beat. she was like a female version of a young NEIL PEART.

there was a rare aaron sighting so we snapped this PHOTOGRAPH to prove he still exists. we discovered very quickly that whenever aaron isn’t blogging (quite often) he’s playing in rock band tournaments. he pretty much destroyed us all on the drums.

aaron and his better half samantha both rocked. the beautiful and talented samantha is a HOT TEACHER by day and a lead vocalist for “love lamp” by night. that’s right, rain made up a band named “love lamp.”

here’s a little “fun fact” you may not know about our super fun friend alyssa. she is an awesome substitute high hat. :)

she also has the cutest smile of any adult we know, AND she wails on guitar. her 7+ minute long face-melting guitar ERUPTION solos totally almost melted our faces. she was our resident “goddess of the axe”.

nely challenged alyssa for best smile. she’s always so happy and fun to be around. we heart nely.

julia and brandon dropped some knowledge on us between sets. julia is an attorney and brandon is an accountant. it reminded me of this.

who the h – e – double hockey sticks is this guy?

oh yeah. ken and patti stopped by and provided a little entertainment (as usual). they’ve been married almost 11 years and they still act like they’re dating.
on a side note, ken is canadian & patti is german/spanish. patti said, in germanish, this means i love you. i’m not buying it. she’s not FOOLIN’ anyone.

now, back to the show.
here’s april… about to melt some faces. check out that overbite. intense.

the night wasn’t completely harmonious. somewhere around 2:45 am there was a struggle for creative control of the band. my band mates nearly split, leaving me HIGH N DRY, but after a brief cool-out session, we were reunited and pressed “on through the night.”

with me as band leader (and crushing the skins i might add) we mounted a whirlwind tour that had fans begging for more and roadies clamoring to haul our gear.

noah’s seen a million faces, and rocked em all.

that’s not p.m. it was 3 a.m. and the rock was still rollin’. that’s noah’s reflection in the glass.

it was too bad everyone left between 1 and 2 a.m., because shortly after 3 a.m. a few guys showed up and asked to join our band. this is paul trying out on vocals. I told him he might want to think about using a stage name. he said he’ll think about it.

here’s paul and larry trying to share our little drum set. frankly, i don’t think they’re “love lamp” material.

this guy was pretty good. we let him play ONE song. i’m sure he’ll do great in some band. this band just isn’t big enough for two daves. we’ll call you…”the edge.” best of luck to you dave. :)

we were completely NUMB from jamming all night, so after those guys bailed we called it a night. we got to bed about 2 hours before sunrise. just another night at la casa del ohana. THAT’S HOW WE ROLL.


I LOVE that you stayed up until 3 am jamming with your kids! That cracks me up AND it’s adorable!

Looks like fun times! Can’t wait to see you guys again when we go sailing!

You are the freaking coolest!!! The best my daughter got was 4 hours of singing “High School Musical Karoake” until 1:00 am New Years Eve…yeah…THAT WAS FUN!!!

Love your posts and your storytelling is so enjoyable…thanks for sharing it!!!

I absolutely LOVE all the fun links to all the random words in your VERY enjoyable read! I love the Wayne’s World one, but my favorite is the Anchorman one at the end. I can never get enough of that movie! Love your images and you guys seem to be such incredibly supportive friends to your peers. Very commendable, kudos to your OHANA!!

You guys Rocked Out! The new generation of rock stars has been born! I’m going to buy PS3 just so I can play, or is it XBOX? I don’t even know, I just wanna play! Looks like you had a blast, when does the tour start????

Oh this was a fun post! Super fun pics!! One of my clients is buying me a PS2 next month (wow!) and I’m gonna get Guitar Hero… AND ROCK BAND!

OH MY GOSH, SHUT UP (said in valley girl accent) – you’re comment rocked our world, and let it be known to all who shall read THIS blog comment that we are SOOOOOOOOOO lucky to have these people as our *ahem* FRIENDS!! Booyakasha! You guys are the best and we are SOOOOOOO bustin’ rock band out when we come visit this summer!!

What a fun night! I can’t believe the kids stayed up that late. I think I know what Rain needs for her b-day…a real set of drums. She’s a natural.

How cool to party with other photogs and your kids! How cool are you guys?!?!? I wanna play! When’s your next jam session :)

awww shucks, thanks dudes. :) That was bunches o’ fun! I think I’m going to “borrow” some of these for my blog if ya don’t mind. You guys ruuuuuuuule ;)



The links were awesome and I loved all the photos! Too funny about the other friends that showed up later! That was hilarious! :)

This one time, at band camp…
No really I used to play the drums. I wanna be in Love Lamp. Neil was my hero. Come on Rain pleeessse.
How fun!
Diggin’ that guy Paul.

Ok so we just got this game last week and we were up until 4am!!!! I can see why people are hooked….if you need a drummer let me know *lol*. :)

i was just thinking “when are carlie and i gonna get the chance at hanging out with the ohana’s ohana?” so i stopped by the blog… i don’t know if i am more excited, or frightened in angst, at crossing paths. no matter what, i at least know the interaction will most likely rock my socks off…

I cannot believe how late you all stayed up – I was passed out 30 seconds after we got home! Thank you so much for inviting and hosting us – we had a fabulous time!

It looked like you guys had so much fun! I wish I would have just stopped by, I thought it was too late. Ha!!!

So much fun. I am never surprised at how good I look on camera…I should have been an underwear model.

You guys are too funny! Looks like a lot of fun! Ummmm…Kim? I didn’t see you anywhere in there. Hello!!!!!

I think those cute slippers Rain was wearing really helped the drumming. They should be a staple in any rock band! Great, fun pics. loved ’em.

Having your fellow photographers over and networking is so generous and supportive. God will certainly shower your Ohana with many blessings! Good on ya!
I love the photo of your friend Alyssa, what a cute face she made!!

You guys put the rock in rock stars! :)

thanks for the invite! you guys are too fun!

It looks like so much fun!!! You guys need to teach me how to play!

No fair…you guys are two hours away. You Baxter’s know how to network. Glad to see everyone having a good time, and the U2 camio was a pleasant surprise!

Aaron’s comment just made me spit water out of my mouth! :)

HAHAH! I am hoarse today from singing so late the last 2 nights. This game is a blast!!

looks like you guys had a total blast… how fun! I’m so behind the times… I only have a wii :)

Looks like SO much fun! How do you do it?? I can barely stay up past 10am…I have littler ones though. We have been thinking about getting this for our sons 5th. This or Wii (if I can find one!). Rock On!!

Hey!! to so many familiar faces! I really wish I coulda’ been there when Paul showed up. He really looks like he knows what he’s doing but I never realized he was so into Rock and Roll! ; /

Hilarious! You guys are awesome, looks like you had a blast! :) -kimberlee

How COOL are you guys!!??!! Love it! I wanna be your friend :)

dude we need to see a video of this. Rock on man!!!!

So fun! I love the peak into life away from work =)

Ok.,.I now officially want that set up :) You guys have a beautiful family, congrats!

Kimi doesn’t like when harry met sally??? WTF???!! Yeah, that’s right -I’m so addicted to you baxters that when you don’t post for 5 days I actually spend time reading your blogger profile. haha. Hope all is well, I am excited to see some of your most recent shoot!!

ash ~ I KNOW!!!! she’s not the sappy one of the house. she’s a laugh your @ off while blowing stuff up for no reason movie type. sometimes i wonder if she wasn’t a boy in another life. HA! i hope she’s not reading this, maybe i should check under my car for C-4 before i turn the key!

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I’ve always wanted to try rock band!

Looks like a ton of fun!

Rain definately needs to ditch the slippers to be considered a cool rock star. Who is the Neil Peart fan?

Man, you guys rock! That looks awesome!