rob and kim, the ninja family

we are always stoked when other wedding photographers ask us to do portraits of them. how stoked do you think we were when rob and kim ninja asked us to do their portraits in coronado recently? it’s not everyday that you get to shoot real life ninjas, let alone one that’s also a delaware wedding photographer.
true story.

we simply had to get a shot of rob and kim in the great pit of carkoon, aka home of the sarlacc. not to many people know that it’s right here in san diego.

rob recalled the time when kim leg-swept him off his feet. it was love at first fight. aren’t my puns awesome?!

rob showing off some of his ninja prowess.

kim is sorta like rob’s shoulder angel. a shoulder angel in black leather that will totally karaticize you if you don’t do the right thing. :)

trust me when i say that you do not want to be on the business end of kim’s stiletto. she will destroy you, with a smile. :)

rob has some skills of his own.
while standing, i witnessed him jump in the air about 15 feet, do a flip, and then…

launch the most insane flying kick i’ve seen since chun-li defeated dhalsim in the world master’s tournament of ’02.

you just gotta love a san diego sunset, especially when they’re not covered up by a crazy thick marine layer.

we want to thank you rob and kim for flying all the way out from delaware just to see us (and maybe do some other stuff too). we feel very honored that out of all the photographers in san diego you chose us to do your portraits. we had so much fun watching you run, jump, and kick your way around coronado. for those of you still reading, i will let you in on a little secret. although rob and kim are awesome like ninjas, their last name is not actually ninja (don’t tell their neighbors). try not to freeze back in delaware rob and kim (and everyone else living there). if it gets too cold just remember that our san diego sunshine is just a hop, kick, and a punch away.
on a side note, glad to see you’ll be keeping the west coast connection alive through the b school. did i mention that i soundly defeated the becker in a no holds barred indoor go kart race at k1 speed in irvine? :) lucky for me it wasn’t a no holds barred poker tournament.


You guys are so fabulous!! Can I go to the school of Ohana- seriously!! :) You two rock!!
#2 down is soooooo amazing- one of my absolute favorites!

Oh, and yes, the postcard I got with my Shootsac does showcase your hairy leg and fabulous doc marten boot. :)

woooo that last photo is AWESOME! plus they have an awesome surname too.. what a great shoot guys!!!

WOW guys this session rocks!! My favorite is the 2nd from the top! And I love the new image logo… super clean!

2 , 4 , 5 and the last pic are the bomb! Always love visiting your blog for inspiration and artistic surprises.
Keep rockin Ohana!

these are amazing.. each and everyone.. guys so rock

that last one totally pops out of the page..nice use of OCF

talk about bad a$$!!! I LOVE the sky!!!

Those freakin’ rock dude!! I love the photos!

I know I’ve said this like a million times, but here it goes again! You guys are freakin’ amazing! That last image is out this world beautiful! Ta’ll rock!

All I can say is WOW!!! What gorgeous pictures! Levi should buy the second picture for advertising! I have to say that my favorite picture is the second to last picture! What an amazing sunset!!! As I was looking and reading I was planning to comment on Rob’s acrobatics, but Kim has some talents of her own! Great couple! How fun!

These are quite possibly the most amazing sunset shots ever!! Love all the kicking/jumping/flipping shots too! So much awesomeness in one little blog post.

you did it again! beautiful work! you are an inspiration fo sho!

Way to use some ninja skills to catch these two in action! Sweet stuff!

These are HOT!!!

Those last shots are amazing!

These so make me smile! It looks like they had such a fun time. I want to be there! :)

These are so frickin cool and just scream “Ohana”! Awesome job, as always!!!

They all rock, but I love the second image and the sky in the last couple.

Amazing photos! love it!

With a last name like Ninja, how can you not take kick ass photos!??!

Great work guys =) Have a killer 09!

WOW! These pictures are stunning! i loved so many i can’t pick a favorite!

Great job! I have missed checking your blog.. I will be back often :)

This is exactly what I needed to snap me outta my holiday coma. Holy smokes, man. These rule. Those sunset shots are insanely sweet and look like TV spots. CSI:Ohana!

Holy amazing photos batman! These are absolutely stunning! Your lighting is dead on, which is a tricky thing to do! I’m so jealous that the sun sets over the ocen on your side of the country. We get sunrises here, which people aren’t so eager to get up for! ;-) Amazing work!

This is what I call a totally rad fresh to death shoot. I love all the dramatic lighting towards the end. O and Happy New Year to you guys!

Dude, these seriously rock!!!! I love the second light used with that killer sky!!!

Love your shots! You are amazing with your flash. I envy you! What a great couple.

Don’t want to mess with THIS couple! holy smokes!

Last pic is the fave!!


Ok you guys are totally rocking this shoot. i love all the crouching tiger hidden dragon inspired moves. :)

What the %$#%&^&^^%%% these are freaking amazing. Man everyone of them is amazing. Awesome lighting david you kicked butt

Um…please get on a plane and come take pictures on Nate and me asap. K? Thanks. ;)

These are gorgeous. And that flying kick is pretty remarkable!

#2 is my favorite! Love the strobe on the last couple of photos. Amazing job as always!

These are just so fresh. I love they sky in the background. Its so dramatic.

You guys are amazing! Love the blog, love your crazy skills! Thanks for the comment on my blog…seriously, it is so encouraging to me. I am close to officially starting my little photog biz (which is super scary), and your comment is crazy encouraging to me. Thanks! Oh, and you are now officially listed and linked on my blog under my Favorite Photogarphers Blog list!
See you around the blogging world!

holey crap! these are amazing! love the sunset shots, and the one of Rob being ‘swept off his feet’, the karate moves, and the 2nd photo, and…ahh dang each one of them are amazing!!!!

Oh my gosh, those are sooo much fun. I love all the fun, flying ninja moves!

Those last three shots are awesome, I really like them; but the whole session looked like a great time.

these are so rad. like always.

Wow, these are great. Love the last one!

WOOOWWWWW!!!!! insane i love it!! the new logo rocks as well. i love it!

the last few with the sunset are the nicest “lover” pictures in Sunset I’ve ever seen!!!!!

These are HOT!!!!

I love the second and last photos!

The sunset shots are unreal! Plus I love the one where he has a little sun flare behind his head! Nice work as usual!!!

This makes me SO excited for my engagement shoot with you!
P.S. I tagged you for an award on my blog… blame Miss Glitter from WeddingBee :)

GOR-GEOUS! These photos freeeekin rock! The last few with the sunset, WOW!! Hot couple, Hot poses, Hot photographers behind the camera………. you can’t go wrong!

These photos are orgasmic!!! Each and every one is a thing of art and beauty bitches!!! You guys rock!! Take a deep breath, close your eyes, think of me and send some of that great ass creativity MY way!!!!

Love you, love yo shit!!!

Love these shots! Amazing sunset photos… and the ones of him on the railing are hilarious! Well done!!

Looks like some dangerous moves happening on that pier! Ha! Amazing photos!