Rain’s shots from the Salton Sea TTD

when i sat down to think about what to call our company it took me a while. like most things that i do right, i think and think and sometimes overthink about them. that’s the virgo in me (for those that are in to that stuff). several crumpled pieces of paper later it came to me. the light turned on. what was the most important thing to me? what did i want this company to represent? who would this company be? my family. my ohana. ohana photography is not just a name. it’s us. ALL of us.
we’ve been taking rain with us on as many shoots as possible for about 2 years now. last summer, when we went to do the ttd session in orange county, rain asked if she could get in on the act. we said sure and let her use a canon digital rebel, showed her the basics of how to use it, and told her to take whatever pictures she wanted. that was her first ttd session. fast forward to the salton sea ttd in january 2008. rain, a salty photographer at the ripe old age of 8 at the time, again joined us. since she already knows how to work the basics on the camera we gave her no instruction this time.
these shots are all hers (except the first one).
i helped her on the post processing only. i did not crop any of them. rain did all the composition in-camera.

nice white sand beach right?

take a closer look. it’s not sand at all. it’s made up of fish bones. it was definitely strange walking around this “beach.”

fish jerky anyone? yummo!

this shot was taken at an old mobile home park that had been destroyed years ago. rain said she took this shot because it told the story of this couple being sad about the destruction. it kind of blew me away that she would even think of something like that.

here’s a little behind the scenes stuff.
auntie nely was helping make the light pretty.

as eddie‘s shirt said…here’s the crew.

here’s how we got the light to look so nice for those shots on top of the organ.

muchas gracias mr. christensen.

our extended ohana was well represented. from the left: melissa, jeanette, alyssa, the hottest woman i know, rowena, and b-pril.


Are you KIDDING me?! These shots are AMAZING!!!! Way to go, Rain! UNREAL! I am soooo impressed!!!!! Watch out, David and Kimi. When someone calls to book “Ohana Photography”, they might be calling for Rain. ;)

You mean Rain is not only a drummer-phenom but a fantastic photographer, too?

Awesome shots, Rain! So when are you going to start shooting weddings? Let me know when I can second-shoot for you! For reals!:)

IMPRESSIVE!!! I actually had to read the post over again to make sure I understood that Rain took these… I see the talent runs in the family!

Ha-Ha! That “bones” clip from The Burbs was hilarious. I LOVE that movie. Way to go Rain!! Can’t wait to see more of your great photos!

holy Cow!! Way to go Rain! These shots are amazing and you have a fantastic eye! Keep it up!! :-)

We are not surprised by Rains talent.
Maybe jealous…but not surprised!;)
She needed to be in the last photo with all those super star photographers! You rocked it Rain!

Man, I think you all may have a photo prodigy on your hands :) Nice shots!!!

You have GOT to be kidding me! Dang she is GOOD!

Wowzers! Rain, you rock! How much do you charge??? =)

These are GREAT! Awesome work :)

Before I read this post I was just showing the images to my partner commenting on how beautiful they are. Then I read Rain took them — WOW! What talent!

How the heck is it possible for one family to possess so much talent?! Way to go rain!!

How awesome is this post?! I wish i had that much talent when I was a kid… Rain you’re going to be a superstar!

hahaha look at Kim hiding her hotness behind me. Silly lady! ;)

Rain RULES…her shots are better than mine. lol


Wow, pretty amazing.

Ok, are you done posting about this now, because I am officially bummed I didn’t go!

Un-freakin-believeable! Rain, you rock!

Rain is unbelievably talented! Her images rock! Of course she gets her talent from her very talented parents :)

child prodigy on the loose in so cal… watch out! go rain!! rock on!!!

Fantastic images, Rain! The future is going to be all yours.


Amazing for a 9 year old? How much? :]

Way to go Rain!! Were you shooting in manual :=)hehe. Hey when I was that age I was cutting heads off :)

….cutting the heads off when I my parents gave me the camera that is. phew that sounded psycho huh? hehe :)


Awesome job Rain! We’re so proud of you :)

Rain, those are just so great! Love the last few with flare:)

GO girl!!!!

Wow! Looks like you’ve got another talented photographer in the family!!! Way to go Rain! And thanks Rain, finally another picture with your mom in it! :)

nothing short of simply AMAZING!!! These shots are GOREGOUS I’ll be looking for you Rain on my wedding day =)

Amzing talent for sure.

Great job Rainbow!!! These are great shots. Looks like you’re a pro in the biz. Love ya!

Umh, umh, umh, scoot over y’all!

Rain….These are amazing shots that you took! You really have a natural talent for this. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday too. I know that we missed it and have not seen you guys because of work and family stuff but know that we love you tons and we will come down from L.A. soon to bring your gift! Great job! Love you. Yuki and Alex

Wow, what an incredible job Rain! David, you’re whole family has such a great eye!

Are you kidding me?! She is stink’n awesome! I cant even imagine the images she will be able to capture later on in life because of how good she is already. Absolutely amazing! You go girl!

Wow…totally impressive!! She looks so cute with the camera slung around her neck :)

what the heck! rain, you freakin rock!!!!

Rain, such an amazing talent for your age! I seem to remember someone named Tiger Woods who started young at his sport and continued to hone his skills…skills that have made him who he is today. Shoot for the stars Rain!

THis is AWESOME!!! I don’t know her and I’m so darn proud of her. SOme great compositions here ( I love the second one) love the shells shot and the one of the bride at an angle with all the birds in the air.

Sow hat camera is she using? I ask cause my son 5 loves to take pictures I haven’t quite just handed over my dslr still point and shoot for him. If she is using dslr what mode do you use for her. I only ask cause she’s doing great and trying to figure out what speed to go with my little man. TFS time for her to get her own blog :)
I love that you took her with you, you rock! You’ll have to make her a book of her images.

leah ~ the camera rain was using was our digital rebel xt. rain says she uses it cuz she’s a loner a digital rebel. sorry, she’s got a goofy sense of humor, fueled by pee wee hermans big adventure.

WOW! Rain! I love it! I wish I could have taken work like that at her age! Gosh!
Great to see the behind scenes here too!
-Melissa E Earle

All i can say is AMAZING!!!! Ok one more thing you ROCK Rain…

Rain has more talent than half the people calling themselves photographers! I hope she continues in the arts because she definitely has the eye for it….awesome job Rain!

Well Fark ME! That is unbelievable! Rain has more talent than a lot of people I know who have photography businesses, she just puts them to shame. So glad I was bored tonight and decided to go through your archives, you guys must be so so so proud of your little girls :)