Puerto Nuevo Mexico – Bonus Footage

while we were in Puerto Nuevo Mexico for carla and todd’s wedding at the Grand Baja Resort we had some free time so we decided to check out the local scenery. come along with us on our walkabout, south of the border. fyi- most of these shots are by kim (except the ones of rain in the restaurant. kim was laughing too hard. you’ll see why later.)

we were so blessed to have jesus watching over us (and those tiny people on the bottom right)

window(less) shopping in the open air markets of mexico is always fun. the people, the colors, the luchador masks (nacho libre!!!) and…

toys toys toys. lots of colorful toys as far as the eye can see.

this one looked kinda questionable though. we found it on a roadside fence post.

here’s one of the friendly locals

and here’s noah taking a siesta. seriously, when are we bringing siestas north of the border? who’s with me?

we couldn’t pass this up. it’s our ode to jessica claire. she’s doing a lock project and has tons of interesting shots of random locks from all over the globe. did you notice this lock has a big SD on it. coincidence?

mas musica!

with noah awake from his siesta we were off to get some grub.

tempting, but no.

puerto nuevo is known for it’s langostino lobster and we were about to sample the goods.

we walked through a whole village filled with high pressure streetside salesmen trying to get us into their establishment by offering all sorts of stuff. did i mention they “got beer?” there were also several locations where the margaritas flowed like wine. figuring the best deal awaited us at the end of the LONG line of would-be carnival barkers, we pressed on. eventually we were lured in to a place that offered an entire family meal deal. margaritas included. they even brought one of these bad boys out to the street to show us and scared the crud out of kim. at first, kim wanted to grab the tray and run down to the sea and set them all free, but then she just ordered one.

the place had a choice view of la mar and the pico de gallo was, and i am not EVEN kidding the least bit here, the best i have ever had anywhere on the face of the earth. i could have eaten it with a spoon like cereal. actually, i did eat it with a spoon like cereal. what can i say? i liked the way it was put together.

rain, on the other hand, made the very unfortunate mistake of thinking the greenish-brown accoutrement next to the pico de gallo was some sort of chili. she grabbed a caballero sized spoonful and gulped it down. it was only after the stinging heat of a thousand white hot suns was relayed from her tongue to her brain that she realized it was not chili, but some sort of sadistic hot sauce (and/or industrial cleaner) reserved for only the hairiest of hairy chested men. we, being the awesome parents that we are, belayed grabbing her a relieving cup of milk and instead opted to grab our cameras so we could share our delight in her errant ways with everyone not lucky enough to witness the event in-person. watch along with us as the hilarity ensues.
her first reaction…it’s not so bad.

it’s more tingly than it is hot.

dear God in heaven why have you forsaken me!? yes, those are tears. it was that hot. after we stopped crying (from laughing so hard) we got her all the milk she wanted. i don’t think she’ll be making that mistake again.

after the great salsa fiasco of 07 we got back to our sweet lobster, ocean view, and…


patti liked her free squishee. it was gone in less than 60 seconds. (so sayeth the time stamp on my canon.)

after the meal it was time for a dip in the local pool.

swimsuits? we don’t need no stinking swimsuits.

i’m not sure what was in the spa to make it all foamy, but the kids were lovin it.


viva la tollbooth! hahaha! sorry you had to see that side of david, ro. normally he’s a mild mannered, witty, long winded and sweet guy, i don’t know what happened.
i totally would of freed those little langonistos if i thought for one second all those soon to be carnival barkers wouldn’t of tackled me. (holy cow has anyone been down there to hear these guys? they literally barrage you with auction-like speed sales pitches) i didn’t understand one word they were saying. i should have taken a picture or video taped it. i forgot how fun mexico was. i hadn’t been to mexico in years on a surfing get away from life road trip when my idiot brother and his friends said i could drive my car back from ensenada with the oil light lit blazing red. they were wrong. i laugh about it now, but it was a nightmare at the time. we had to wait on the side of the road at midnight until they came back with my dad who towed us out. a new engine later, i learned my lesson.
maintenance people. maintenance.

Who knew Mexico could be so much fun! Beautiful ocean, great food, family and oh yeah, the margaritas…and there were many. Via Mexico!!

Rain makes an excellent foam monster! That hot tub was awesome.

Looks like you all had a fabulous time! I have to admit,that doll is creepy. Poor baby with the hot sauce that is funny though I hate to admit it.

Man these are awesome. Really cool shots here But I knew you would Rock it out.

Sounds like a blast! I know exactly what you mean about the Pico de Gallo. We went to Mexico last summer and I could have sat there and ate it all day. there is no comparison!

Wow! It looks like you guys had tons of fun! That margarita shot looks awesome!

Art said your photos make him want to take a trip down there!

Who is the narrator here? I am laughing so hard at these!
The tears had my eyes watering just looking at her :)
Great shots. Looks like you all had fun!!

Looks like you guys had a great time!!!! Way to go on the 60 second Margarita Patti!!! :) Poor Rain! I’ve been there! :) Miss you guys! You’re awesome…and you take some good pictures too! :)

Tears???? Seriously????? And you are laughing and taking pics and meanwhile TEARS!!!??? Your family cracks us up – we love it!

HAHA fun times to be remembered forever! You have such a great family – I can totally see how awesome parents you are. The pictures look amazing – I’m so craving deep fried lobster…


Love the big blog!
Looks great and it looks like you’ve been having fun!

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hahahahahaha I’ve been laughing for a good 10 minutes about this entry. You guys are crazy :)

dude, those shots of rain and the pepper are pee your pants hilarious!



These are awesome!! Looks like a blast!


nate (aka photoshop jedi)!!~ xoxo. i don’t know how david or i got any shots off while that was going on. we all were laughing so hard i couldn’t even see.

alyssa ~ the funny thing was she was even bragging to all of us how she had food and we all didn’t. karma?

jeremy & ashley ~ you HAD to be there it was so funny we were ALL crying :)

nataly ~ you should take art out there, it was so fun!

marta ~ that doll shot was inspired by a shot nate from the image if found. his doll shot was really creepy and awesome!

melissa ~ david is the narrator, he’s the writer. if you’ve ever read anything i’ve written you’d know. usually it’ll start out..errr..ummmm. yah.:)

ricki, greg, laura & mary ~ thank you guys so much for your kind words. you guys are awesome!

oh my gosh. poor rain! has she tried wasabi, yet? ;) lol

and i vote for siesta!

I loooved these! Made me feel like I was there with you guys. My beautiful Mexico! :)

Oh my gosh, poor Rain. Those pics are hilarious!

Hey, I signed up for the onelight. You are too right? Monday or Tuesday? I’m in for the Tuesday date. Can’t wait!

nely ~ funny thing is rain likes wasabi on her sushi and likes some salsas, but salsa from good ole mexico is like no other from here.

jaime ~ bummer, i signed up for monday. maybe i’ll see you at the mixer.

oh bummer. I tried for Monday but it filled up first and filled up fast! Yep, I will definately see you at the mixer then.

You are making me home sick! I miss going Puerto Nueevo for Lobster … Mexican food is not a specialty of Missouri :)

I absolutely love your photography, you guys do some
amazing work.
They are all very very good!

Thanks again and aloha,
Heather Brown

These are amazing, as always! Can’t pick of fav. You guys rock!

Oh my gosh…these shots are soooo awesome!!! I love them all but that one with the drink and lime wedge is fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys!

Viva la Tollbooth! Seriously was the funnest shoot I’ve done this year. The unforgettable tollbooth incident, missing the shot of Jesus a couple of times, the lobster pushers, and can’t forget finding out about a certain trip, a certain someone took to Mexico all by a certain self a loooooong time ago. Has the recollection come back or are we still pleading innocence? hee hee hee.

Hi Rowena! (from above) Glad we got to meet you on the trip…it was crazy and fun. Let’s do it again :)


This new blog you got goin rocks. The photos are ultra huge and gorgeous.

You’re right… Vegas equals warmth… and by the time March comes around, winter has overstayed its welcome here in MN (Wouldn’t mind it if it were only here for a month). I think I’m goin to Vegas! Everyone has helped convince me too:)