playtime with lisa, brannon, and logan

we want to thank lisa, brannon, and logan for coming all the way down to san diego to hang out with us for these fun shots. lisa and brannon will be tying the knot soon at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in Long Beach California. We can’t wait. It is going to be an absolutely beautiful wedding.


Unreal guys!!!

Thanks for continuing to giving me a new level of awesomeness to strive for!


Great color. But the best part are the facial expressions. You always make stuff look so easy. Cool Beans.

So simple, but so great!!! Love the location and your ways to use it – gorgeous work as always!

Love all the flare!!

You guys are beyond creative! The first 5 shots are awesome! I agree the eyes on the boy are insane! Gorgeous family!


Cute family! Rockin pics guys!

What great shots! I love how you work the light!

I love them! Your flare is awesome. Though, if you use Google Chrome, the white background doesn’t show up so you cannot read the text very well. Might be Chrome needs a few bug fixes. But just to let you know.

These ROCK!!!

I love the fun you captured with this family and the creativity of this shoot!

Flare Master! Absolutely sic! Love it, love it, love it!!!!! Have I said how much I L O V E all the flare!!!!

You so rocked the sunflare on this one! I am having sunflare envy right now. LOL. The eyes in the 5th photo are out of this world amazing! Fabulous work dude!

You’re the shiz, brother. You are the shiz.

You made a playground look so sexy! Rock it out!

Rockin the playground!!! You always get the fun and good looking families! So jealous. 4,7 and 10 are my favs. All of these are so edgy though!

WOW! You guys rocked this session! And those EYES! AMAZING!!! I love the entire feel of this session and what a beautiful family. AMAZING work as always… You guys are in my prayers… ~ Courtney

you guys are AMAZING!!! these are BEAUTIFUL!!!

You are in my prayers! if there is anything I can do, even all the way up in OC, please please please let me know! I can edit, or whatever you need! God Bless….

Just Brilliant..what a fun session..

Love these! So fun, creative and full of variety and personality!! Seriously awesome work.

Amazing session. Great lighting and color!

whoa!#3! i love the moodiness and the high contrast! wowee! and all the flare shots – so fantastic!

Love all the song flare shots. Such a happy family.

OOH! I love them all! I love it when people want to do totally different and fun locations!

True to form, you blew that link fence up! love the flare images too!

SO effin edgy! Looks like the perfect family for it! Wow guys!! Always blow the top off!

the sun flare just kills me. you guys rocked it again.

Very nice! I love how much you use that big, beautiful sun in so many of your photos.

love the sun flare shots. it just adds a whole of personality to the photo.

you guys rock! :)

These photos make me smile! I want pictures like these of my family too!

These are awesome! I love the sparkly sunlight – you always capture it so well!

Flare-o-rama! You guys never cease to amaze me! :)

You guys are awesome!! Love the flare shots!

i just love LOVE the way you guys always conquer the light! absolutely breathtaking.

What a rockin fam session!!! I never get sick of your work! These are like cd cover shots! And oh the flare!

looks like it was a fun play date you had with them. super amazing shots!

Really cool stuff! I love the sunflair.

Hi I’m a long time stalker first time commenter. I guess I’ve always been chicken to comment, but felt complelled to on this post. WOW! So many to chose I can’t pick a favorite. They are all so unique and fun! When I grow up I want to be you guys :*] Thanks for all your inspiration! Keep up the awesome work!

Oh my these are sooooo much fun!! Love your use of angles, lighting and creative composition. Awesome work, kick-butt location and gorgeous photos!!!

Love the shot of Logan with the turquoise that match his eyes!

Hey! I wrote an article about my favorite wedding photography blogs and yours was on the list so I thought I'd share the link with ya in case you were interested! :)

WOW how you made every shoot so cool!!! Great job man….

I absolutely love the lens flare in this set!!!

Looks like a fun couple! As always, your use of flare is incredible!!

Gina Leigh

These are super edgy and funky!

I love everything about these, what fun family images!

I feel like I haven’t had time to check out anyone’s work lately. So, it was such a treat to go to your blog this morning and see all of your wonderful work! I love this session. Great use of color and you did a lot of fun things with them!

Yummy flare everywhere!! That second to last shot is money.

WOW! I’m speechless…