playtime with angel and paul in santa monica

we are insanely busy this weekend, but i had to post up this teaser for the uber hot angel and paul’s super rad session by the santa monica pier.

we LOVE when couples are willing to do anything we ask. even if it means jumping in the pacific fully clothed for a little sexytime in the surf. thank you angel and paul for trusting us and being the ultimate gamers.
there will be more shots posted soon. promise :)

btw, today is angel’s birthday, so please join us in wishing her the happiest of birthdays! much love to you on your day angel!


Seeing as how I might be the only one up at this hour, I will comment on this hot post! ;) I love that second image-great movement, and Happy B-day to Angel!

oh my hotness!

Once again your creativity rocks my socks! That second shot, ow ow ow!

Second shot rocks!!! Gorgeous couple!


Schweet! Love TTV stuff. Can't wait to see more. Happy birthday Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

The last picture is so awesome lol.

beautiful job…way for this couple to be daring! Well worth everybody's efforts and vision. Happy B Day A!

Ooooo la la! Wow! Happy Birthday Angel!

Super Hot! I love it when couples are willing to get wet!! Cannot wait to see more!

wow awesome shot! I hope your camera is okay and didn't get wet ;)

Awesome! Can't wait to see the rest.

Hot couple! What you gotta do to get that shot, WOW! Love it!
Santa Monica is a perfect spot for these two!
Way to rock the creativity once again Ohana!

gah looooooooove both!!!

Holy hot sauce! You have such the hot and crazy couples! I love it!


I am absolutely in love that you used the word sexytime – you're by far my favourite :)

Amazing shot! I love it!

i love love love this! the water shot is awesome!

Can't wait to see more!!

Wow – hotness. Way to get in there for the shot!!!

Love them both! The crashing surf is such a great moment! You are committed to the shot, man!

There you go again..rocking the photography skills, sheesh. Do you ever stop! ;)

absolutely amazing portrait!!!

these are awesome! i love the ocean. why do i live in utah?

wow, you work is beautiful… i like how you captured the couple with the bike, and the ocean shots… lovely

so FUN…so GOOD!Love that 1st one of them in the water…it SHINES!

Amazing as always! Love them all!!

Love this session starts with fun and balloons and ends with haute ness!

So fun guys!

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!

These are really amazing. I can't believe they jumped in the water- that is SO cool!! Hot stuff!

you guys are so amazing! these rock!

So. much. fun! My favorite shot is the water shot!! So cool!

i lovee the one of them out of focus and the dude in the background… lololol! and the two pix right below is are so cute. i love the balloon idea!! you guys look like you have so much fun with your couples!!

holy freak!!! these are awesome!!! so i started listing my fav's and there are just too many to list. love them all.


these are stunning, amazing . . just when I think you have hit the best, you show me better. You guys rock!

THe picture with the old guy ROCKS!!


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