playtime at balboa park with the zack family

when katie contacted us to take some candid shots of her two boys at the park we were thrilled. these are the shoots we love the most, the opportunity to capture children running and playing, being silly or serious, and just being themselves. children grow up so fast and we tend to forget what they were like as children. it’s great to be able to get snapshots of their personalities.

without further ado, may i present to you the beautiful zack family. meet chris, katie, ethan, and owen.

ethan was down to earth, very sweet and informative, explaining the play structures and the finer points of firefighting.

owen was a total daredevil, exploring every inch of the play structures high and low.

here ethan wanted a picture with an ant. april obliged. these kids are too cute!

i absolutely love this sequence. you could see the love owen and ethan have for their grandpa peter as they ran up to give him hug after hug. if you’d met him you’d know that he is an awesome grandad, sweet, funny, and not to mention full of energy.

thank you katie, chris, peter, owen, and ethan! we thouroughly enjoyed spending time with your ohana and we wish you guys many blessings!


These are my favorite types of shoot’s too! I love shooting kids in their own environment!! these are awesome!!

There is a lot of joy in these photographs. I love going to the park for shoots too, there is just something about the look of a kiddo’s face as they are flying across a playground.

I love the interactions you captured with the dad helping his son across the monkey bars and the Grampa set is priceless!
I really love the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th pics of the boys too!

So much fun! I love photographing children in their element. Great work!

You guys really are rockstars with the families!
{and the weddings, and the couples, and the ….okay you get it.)

I envy the fact that you say you get thrilled when people contact you to capture their children running around.

I, on the other-hand, fear for my life.

I had a 4 yr old bite my arm so hard during christmas season last year cause i wouldn’t give him my camera. He almost got beat by the photographer.

I love these because they are so natural. No set ups, no poses. Just kids being kids. Awesome!

I love that one with the water fountain. So cute!

love the one with the ant! you totally captured their little personalities. oh and the shots with gramps, precious.

Gotta love hangin’ at the park! So fun to see kids in their natural habitat. You done good! :)

I love how all your family sessions are so relaxed! You can totally see the different personalities in the boys from the pictures. The first 5 pics are awesome! The Poppop sequence is great!

Yowzers the light in this session is amazing! In love with the family shots!

Loving the grandpa love!

These are so fun! Love the one going down the slide! Oh and the drinking fountain one is super cool too!!! Awesome stuff!

Water fountain—- Love it!!

I want to go over there… seems so nice, sunny and warm :(

Love the water fountain, the smooshy face,and the series with grandpa! So fun and a true capture of childhood.

So cute and fun!! I love them all, and the last one you ended with is awesome!!!

As always, you guys rocked it!! This is an awesome session! Love the face smooshed in between the slide (? I think?) :) They Zack family will be so happy!!! :) XOXO

looks like a fun session! i love the smooshed face, too!

I think parks can be hard but you dialed it in! Very fun and playful. The hugging set is so stinking sweet. That laughter is priceless!

Absolutely love the shots of boys playing with their grandpa. This is the stuff you want to remember forever and they will always have it now. I wish my folks had done that for me. Great pictures.

Super, amazing, fantastic, awesome,
Great~ Etc….etc….!!
Rockin’ family shoot!

AW! The water fountain shot is to die for!!

So….when can I hire you to take my family photos!? HOW FUN THAT WOULD BE! I love the last photo..and the granddad..everyone needs a pop like that. :D

The boys with their grandpa is PRICELESS!!!!!!!! Another great session, but what’s new?! ;)

I can’t get over this session! THe boys are just so adorable and so full of life! MY favs are the slide and the smooshie face! Perfect capture of this family guys!!

Thanks so much! My friends and family have checked out your blog to see them and everyone is amazed. you guys are awesome and SO VERY PATIENT! I can’r wait to see more. So thrilled…thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh my goodness I love this family session! What a wonderful way to capture youth! Love em! I really love the first 5 pictures!

aw, these are so fun! love all of them, esp the one of the kid at the water fountain!

your backlighting is da bomb ba bomb bomb bomb!!!

I’m in love with this family!! So much personality and love is evident here!! These make me smile!

These shots are awesome! Love the lighting!

You guys did an awesome job! These kids had such a blast with you…it totally shows in these images. I’d looove to know how you get kids to relax so well with you. : )

I love all these. Those kids are adorable. What creative and fun shots! Loving the light in the last ones.

I adore your family sessions! They are always so full of life and full of real moments! They must be so thrilled with these! You rock family sessions like no other! You are rockstars in my book Ohana!

I love Balboa Park (at least from what I saw the one time I was there)…and once again, I’m jealous of your golden sunlight!

I love a good family shoot! The peek-a-boo shots are a blast… and the sequence with grandpa is worth the price of admission alone. They love the images no doubt!

Ohhh I just shot a a playground yesterday! So much fun! They look like an outgoing family and what a cool grandpa!

I love the sun in all of these shots! And how you just captured them being kids! Awesome!

My favorite family shoot! Hands down! I love to capture children in their true form! You guys did it again! Love the slide and the smooshie face one! The Grandpa series! I wished I had a shot like that with my Grandparents before they passed.
Beautiful session guys!

Ok, I want Ethan’s eyelashes and Owen’s smile! What beautiful kids!!! They look like they had a great time at the park! Especially love the shot of Ethan at the water fountain! You have a beautiful family!

This family is too cute! Gorgeous shots as usual!

ahhh these are so great!! what a great treasure for the family to have!!

What a great family!! Those boys are just way TOO MUCH! I love it, especially because I have two boys of my own. Great shoot, as always I love your use of light!

So sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile…it’s been crazy busy! Hope ya’ll are doing well.

Gina Leigh

um, yep. pretty much the cutest family EVER!!!

Oooh, these are too cute, so candid. kids being kids

LOVE that drinking fountain one! Aren’t kids a blast?!

I am always in love with your family sessions! They are so real to life and the children are captured the way children should be unposed!! Fabulous guys as always!

These are sooo fun! Love them!!! Great personality captures! I love love love love the water fountain shot.

I love your family pics! They really show how much love and fun these families have together.

Amazing images! This family will cherish these memories you’ve captured in this moment in time for years to come! Perfect!