playing with light, and kimberly and wesley

we recently headed out with some of our good photographer friends dexter, marissa, and phil, to play with a little light. dexter brought his friends from church, kimberly and wesley, to model for us. they said they’re not professionals. these pictures april took say otherwise.

you’re jokin me right?!?! hot hot hot!!!

insane hotness…

ka-razy hotness
kimberly and wesley, thanks for being gamers and doing whatever we asked! if you haven’t already guessed, this is another awesomely to-the-point post by KIM. i ain’t got time for david’s “jokes” or sap :)
i like my posts like i like my movies… funny, action packed, and filled with bad dialogue :)


Who knew church folk could be so hot? ;)

Cute, How funny is that. I know I am a proud parent too.

I just laughed my butt off at the end of this post!

Those pictures are H-O-T-T.. HOT! LOL

I’m laughing my arse off at that email! How politically incorrect, but FUNNY!

Love the photos, hot hot hot, but then I’ve come to expect no less from you guys :)


That is so funny! Love posts with a sense of humor! Always a treat coming over here! I think one of those was my kiddos drawings hehe :D

Haha….that is great!

Unreal! Great comp,lighting, and perspective. You guys all ALWAYS put out stellar work. I really need to book now before you are outta my reach! Again, amazing work as always Ohana.

I remember seeing that email and laughed so hard! My art looks like that! haha! I think that email was directed at me, lol my own kids draw better than me =)

April is soo good!

Love 7! Them sum beautiful people!

As for the email…I peed my pants…thanks! :)


I love light. I love what you can do with it, I love what you have done with it!

love the first and last one… good impact! Keep up the good work:)

Love the feel of these photos-great in B+W! And the kids’ drawings are one of my favorite forwards of all time!

Holy Joly…they are sensational! The lighting and modeling worked well for you!!! How does one get in on the next outing? ;-)

hotness! i think the first two are my faves. great session!

The lighting is A-A-Amazing! Super talented.

Next time you go out to play with light, let me know!!! Great shots April!

Ah Kim, I love your posts! These are smokin' hot — love all the moody b&w mixed in with the light.

I love how you used light on these great photos. They look really great in black and white! Awesome!

cool cool, freaking cool! I love 4 and 5 – the darkness is so beautiful!

Love this session guys! Its awesome! And your models….I think they are undercover professional :)

a) I wanna “play with light” with the Ohana crew!
b) i now have a sudden urge to recruit models after church on Sunday
c) you make photography FUN, something i want more of this year (when i get to Hawaii ;))
d) that last shot is the money $shot$

Your kids and you all have mad talent! Once again always so creative with the angles and your processing on these is amazing! Rock on Ohana!

Hot damn… sizzling hot. My favorites are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9…..Is that all of them… yep it is :)

Hot Hot Hot!

So hot, as in seriously hot! WOW! HOT…

Just gorgeous! 4 and 6 are my favorites!!

hey baxter great stuff, this is funny too since I was talking to Kimmie at the last meeting and she was telling me about your marathon blogging sessions LOL!

i <3 you guys, seriously, borderline weird love for you guys :) Seriously, awesome post, way to pwn the light – ba-boom!

Hello, Number 3?
I love you.

The end.

These are teh hotness. =)

Wo! I need to fan myself a little after looking at those. It looks like a little office seduction. Very hot!

Yikes!!! These are fresh photos!! Striking and awesome!

Do you guys teach photography? You should! I would love to be able to do what you do… awesome work!

Love the intense light and shadow in these. Like a classic film noir. KIller black & white!!

DUde I love that last shot ALOT!!!! This is so cool guys. JEn and I want to learn more and play more with light. Seriously awesomeness to the MAX!!!

guuuh… these are so gurd!!! good thing i don’t just come here for the jokes or i’d be disappointed!! :D


I love playing with light…Fantastic edgy images!

The first and last photos are something you’d see in a fashion magazine. Like an ad for a cologne or something. So hot!! Excellent work.

These black and whites seriously ROCK!!

Daaaaaaamn… …. … .. these are off the chiiizaan…
Love the b/w one! ;-)

You both always impress… keep rockin… //enoch

#4 is redonkulous

Talk about some sexy light!!!

How is April so awesome? Like, ferrealzies?
This lighting is HOT!!!

Hot hot hot!


Kim, you're so funny!! These images are awesome! They look like a fashion campaign, though most of your work does!! :)

One Word: SMOKING!!!!

Total hottness! I really love #4! Total awesomeness ALWAYS on the Ohana Blog!