photoshoot for three, on a beach!

now who should i take?

janell aaaaaand….

t-pain (aka r.j.)

oh snap!
get your towels ready, it’s about to go down.

this dolphins splashing,
getting everybody all wet,
but this ain’t sea world,
this is real as it gets.

this post brought to you by kim, and her flippy floppys.

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this photo rocks!!!! lol!

Hahahahaha! Love the photo, love the post, love bein' "on a boat."

AWESOME! "you at kinko's makin copies!"

HILARIOUS!! (and now I'll be rapping all day in my head) :)

That is rad.. how did you guys go that??!! :)

I'm thinking a very large bucket was involved! :-)


Pure awesomeness!

what an awesome shot flippy floppy kimmy… well done you

Oh my goodness….this ROCKS! You and your flippy floppies, Kim! :)

lol…this picture makes me smile and big smile!

Haha. Love this photo! So much fun!!

oooooohhhh….can't wait to see the rest!

I cannot say it enough, but you guys get the most hot, fun and crazy couples ever, and mixed with your awesome ideas it's awesome extraordinaire!
I can't wait to see what is in store for their wedding photos!

OOOOOOH How I love this SHOT!!!!

WOW! Love everything about this photo!! Amazing!!!!!

Love it! Now I can go to sleep happy…that skit always makes me smile. :)

This shot is a corker! I LOVE it! Perhaps an award winner, what do we think stalkers???

how fun! i feel energetic just looking at it!

This is a laff out loud photo… I love it…

This just made my day, wowza!

That is flippin awesome!!


FANTABULOUS! Seriously awesome!

Awesome!! Fantabulous is right :)

Laugh Out Loud Funny. OMG! (the picture is rocking too, but I can't get past the T-Pain and the flippy floppies!) Only you could get away with that!

UUUUHHHHmazing shot! I would make this my wall paper!

thank you for the comment love!!
AND this picture is amazing

Awww you guys… I've always wanted to do the bubble gum shot!
I love the beach ones… they are so good that I stopped and started WOWZERS!!

awesome shot!!

Brilliant! LOVE the gum alley. I will have to go check it out sometime!

The water shots are awesome. What a fun couple!

What a fun session! This may be one of my favorites from you David! LOVE them all!


This could be the most creative photo I’ve ever seen!